Top 10 UAE Online Casino Sites

If you are in UAE and would like to gamble, the best idea is to avoid this activity whatsoever. Online gambling is strictly forbidden in United Arab Emirates, and the punishment is severe, even for foreigners. There are cases of arrest, of both locals and foreigners, due to their gambling online.

There are numerous websites that actually allow players from UAE, but these websites are definitely located elsewhere. United Arab Emirates online casinos are all banned, while mobile casino in United Arab Emirates is also not available (unless you have a VPN installed before entering the country, but it is all risky still). So please avoid online gambling while you are in UAE. If you would really want to visit UAE casino sites, winning real money in UAE casinos, it is better to visit a legal land based gambling house. And still, be ready that the majority of legal facilities (and there are only eight in UAE) are racing facilities.

We provide the list of online casinos accepting for UAE players, but you have to keep in mind the legal situation. These are the best UAE gambling sites.

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About Top 10 UAE Online Casino Sites with a HUGE bonuses!

You’ve come here, which means that you are actively looking for a legal and decent online casino UAE to play at. However, our dear friend, you should be aware of all the roadblocks that may appear on your way to legal real money gambling. That’s why we are here to help you sort everything out and to take pleasure from internet betting in UAE.

Did you know that Islam prohibits all forms of real money gambling? About this and much more you will learn in our reviews. We will show you the list of all online casinos that accept players from the UAE and have proven to be worth visiting. We will also tell you how we test the top gambling venues and select the best online casinos. Besides, you will find out which payment options are the most suitable for UAE gamblers. And, of course, you will see the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Even though the government regards gambling as an illegal activity, it’s still widely practised throughout the country. Any land-based gambling venues of any kind found to be operating in the UAE will likely be shut down sooner rather than later; even in the tourist friendly places such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai you won’t find any permanent land-based casinos. Therefore, for citizens looking to gamble their options are:

  • travelling abroad to gamble at a land-based casino there
    going online
  • Many prefer online gambling because it’s cheaper, more convenient and more easily accessible.

In 2012, President Sheikh Khalifa issued a decree that increased the number and power of laws to do with various cyber crimes, including online gambling. According to this law, those found to be gambling online can face a rather heavy fine or a lengthy prison sentence. A lot of online casinos have actually been blocked by the UAE authorities. However, the country hasn’t been as efficient as it could have been in blocking casinos – it could have blocked many more.

Even so, some operators decided to pull out of the country or not attempt to enter the country at all. The reason for this was that they knew the government was against online gambling, so they figured they’d be better off focusing on other markets where online gambling is more accepted.

There are quite a few big online casinos and game providers that continue to offer their services to players in the UAE

Despite online gambling technically being illegal, a growing number of people in the UAE regularly enjoy playing casino games on their smartphones. In fact, many people are more likely to gamble on their handheld device while out and about than they are at home on their computer or laptop. In response to this growing trend, pretty much all online casinos available in the country can easily be accessed on mobile devices.

Some people use VPNs to trick their computer into thinking it’s somewhere else. If they access an online casino while using a VPN, their computer won’t remember the casino as being accessed from the UAE. Even though VPNs are used fairly often, they’re illegal and using one can result in prosecution.


Online Casinos available to UAE PlayersAs you can probably imagine, the choice of online casinos is somewhat more limited compared with other countries where that laws to do with online gambling aren’t as strict. Don’t let that put you off though – there are still plenty of worthwhile online casinos with top games available to sign up to.

How We Rate Online Casinos UAE

We ensure that the ratings you read about the UAE online casinos here are all legit and went through a stringent process to ensure that they are as realistic as possible. This ensures that the actual experience you get while you engage in online gambling UAE is akin to what you read in each review. We consider how legit online casinos UAE handle their customer care and support issues. This starts all the way from their registration and in-house rules. We rank them from the basics, such as the casino UAE online game titles available. This gives you the best value for your money when you bet with casino real money UAE. What is the best online casino in UAE? Here are some specific features and ways we rate them when we give them a good test drive.

Banking Options

The banking options available at the online casino should be fast and convenient. We also give preference to casinos that have multiple options for instant wallets and actual bank wires. The more the options, the better it is for gamblers. Most gamers just want a quick way that they can deposit real money when they make up their mind about joining the online casino. This ensures that they can take part in betting immediately. Some casinos have similar deposit and withdrawal methods, but they take extra time to clear the transactions, making them rank lower with online gamers.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly gambling houses are a crowd’s favorite because they make sure that gamers can quickly log in and enjoy their games even when they are not near a computer and alternative are real money casino apps. It is true that lately, the most high-end smartphone can do most of the tasks that traditional computers can do. However, the design of the website’s platform still affects how well gamers can connect to the platform. If the online casino is genuinely mobile-friendly, the platform will be accessible on most mainstream smartphones. They should also be downloadable or should support instant gaming if the gamer has an internet connection on their phone.


It would be a great deal breaker when a casino offers some of the best games you can ever find and host regular tournaments with fantastic prizes but fails where support concerns are withdrawn. Legitimate online casinos UAE need to offer easy channels to reach the customer for help clearly and quickly. In this case, we really rate highly those gambling joints that are quick to respond to customer queries or do not keep on support tickets unaddressed for prolonged periods. Support tickets that are especially to do with deposits and withdrawals need to be quickly followed up to prevent gamers from losing their money.

Top 10 UAE Online Casino Sites Updated: May 25, 2020 Author: Damon


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