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Links to the Information on the Clearplay Online Casino Reward System:

•              Introduction

•              History of Clearplay

•              Game Percentages

o             Table – Traditional Game Percentages

o             Table – Casino Rewards Group Game Percentages

o             Table – Sign-up Reward Rules Summary

•              What to Do If Early Withdrawal Is Permitted

•              What to Do If Early Withdrawal Is NotPermitted

o             Table – Reward Retention During Wagering with Traditional Game Percentages

o             Table – RewardRetention During Wageringwith Casino RewardsPercentages

Clearplay Casino Reward System


When it comes to online casinos, the majority of them implement a bonus system called Clearplay (also known as Flexi bonus system or eZ). What does this system do? It divides your account into two different ones – a reward balance and an individual cash balance. While you gamble at the Internet casino, the reward or bonus balance is transformed into the cash balance in 10 credit amounts. There are no forbidden games, however, they will be measured at various percentages. When it comes to high house advantage games such as slots, they count 100% towards the betting. At the same time, low house edge games such as Video Poker or Blackjack will allow for a significantly smaller contribution. Within a standard setup of the Clearplaybonus program, you can take out your cash balance as well as rewards payouts at any moment, regardless of whether you have finished gambling or not. However, most casinos have a modified form of the reward implemented with a playthrough requirement, which means you will be able to take your winnings only after you complete the full betting. gardenslots

Players in online casinos often disregard the offered bonuses, as they understand they are unlikely to fulfill the playthrough requirement. This is why back in 2006 several online casinos united to develop the Clearplay reward system that was designed to solve this issue. Under this system, players can take out their won amounts at any moment, minus the percentage bonus that they have not yet used. This way players are never left in the disadvantageous position. It is not surprising the system has gained popularity among both Microgaming casinos and players. casino bonuses 2

A great number of casinos provided large sign-up and reload rewards – for instance, 400% rewards of as much as $/€/£200. It was not long before gamers discovered that they may obtain a massive advantage using these rewards by betting their entire account balance (which can be abonus or cash balance) making use of a single bet and afterwards making a withdrawal or finishing betting utilizing Microgamingautoplay. This kind of technique was continuously growing more popular. In order to deal with the situation, a bunch of casinos decided to act upon it. For instance, in March 2007, the Fortune Lounge group proceeded with prohibiting dozen hundreds of players from their casinos. Eventually, the bonus rules underwent modifications in all of the casinos that had initially introduced the Clearplay bonus. grandbay casino

It became widely popular to force gamers using the sign-up reward to fulfill the playthrough requirement before they could take their winnings. Different measures included lowering the percentages for certain games, such as the French roulette. Some casinos allowed the players to use the sign-up reward only once within their whole casino group. Others restrained themselves from offering anything more than 100% in percentages. Thankfully, there are still several casinos left that had not yet introduced any modifications in the bonus rules and still do offer the rewards as they used to. grand bay casino

Game Percentages

Each casino group has its own rules for setting game percentages. If you look at the table below, you will see the weightings for each game that are traditionally used under the Clearplay reward system with a 30xplaythrough requirement in place. By choosing to play only Slots, you will have to have wagered the reward 30 times before you can withdraw your winnings. In case you play only Table Poker games, the requirement would be 60 times – and you will be able to cash out once you satisfy it. For those playing Video Poker, the wagering requirement is at 300, meaning the bonus becomes cashable after you wager it 300 times.

Traditional Game Percentages

Slots, American Roulette and Parlor Games 100%
Table Poker games, Casino War, Sicbo and all Roulettes except American Roulette 50%
Video Poker, Craps, Baccarat and all Blackjacks except Classic Blackjack 10%
Classic Blackjack 2%

These traditional percentages used in games were developed with the goal of making the player lose their reward faster than they can manage to convert it to cash. For instance, most Slots can bring about 4-5% in winnings to the casino. Therefore, a 30xplaythrough requirement at this percentage results in a potential loss of 120% of the reward in the process of betting. The percentage at which the player can gain money during wagering is characteristic of only two games, French roulette and All Aces Video Poker. The latter game cannot be considered practical, as you are required to play with high bets without autoplay. But if we look at French roulette, we can see that winning with it is possible. For this reason, quite a few casinos decided to change the traditional game percentages for this game. Below, you can find an example of the percentages used by the Casino Rewards group. Compare the percentages for French Roulette and All Aces with other games and you will notice how low they are.

Casino Rewards Group Game Percentages

Slots and Parlor Games 100%
Table Poker, Casino War and Sic Bo 50%
Video Poker, all Blackjacks except Classic Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat 10%
Classic Blackjack and all Roulettes 2%
All Aces Video Poker 0%

In the table below, you will find a summary of different game percentages classified by group. Traditional game percentages are in place in Globet, Jackpot Factory, Roxy/Splendido, Palace Group and Intertops. As for other casinos, the percentages they offer are noticeably lower. The last column shows whether a certain casino allows early cashing-out without making the player fulfill the wagering requirement on the sign-up reward. Note that some of the groups prohibiting early withdrawal on the sign-up reward do allow player to cash out on reload rewards.

Sign-up Bonus Rules Summary

Slots Table BJ 
& VP
Belle Rock 100% 0% 10% 0% No
Betway 100% 50% 2% / 10% 10% Yes
CanBet 100% 0% 10% 0% Yes?
Casino Action 100% 50% 10% 2% No
Casino Rewards 100% 50% 10% 2% No*
Fortune Lounge 100% 50% 10% 40% No
Globet 100% 50% 10% 50% No
Golden Star 100% 25% 2% / 5% 25% No
Grand Prive 100% 10% 2% 10% No
Intertops 100% 50% 10% 50% No
Jackpot Factory 100% 50% 10% 50% Yes
MiniVegas 100% 50% 10% 10% No
Palace Group 100% 50% 10% 50% No
PlayShare 100% 25% 5% 25% No
Roxy / Splendido 100% 50% 10% 50% Yes
Trident 100% 0% 10% 0% No
Vegas Partner 100% 25% 2% / 5% 25% No
Villento 100% 10% 10% 2% No

*Withdrawal permitted after 1/2 wagering (15xBonus)

What to Do If Early Withdrawal Is Permitted

If the casino you are playing at allows players to withdraw early (i.e. before fulfilling the playthrough requirement), we suggest you wait till a big win and proceed with withdrawing your winnings right after it happens. If you start playing by betting different amounts, it will allow you to either get a big win or lose your bonus quickly, before you forfeit too much money to the advantage of the casino. You may consider a slot that allows for high-variance betting and can pay large rewards (e.g. Thunderstruck). Another way is betting high on Blackjack or other low-variance games. Carry on until you achieve the targeted amount of gain or lose. What you can also do is to keep on playing the way you are used to: the bonus does not restrain you, as you do not need to complete the wagering requirement before you withdraw your winnings.

In case the reward is taken out of the account before the first ten credits of the reward are converted to cash, then the win / loss ratio on average would be equal to Reward * Chance of Loss – Average Bet * House Edge. Pay attention to the fact thatas the possibility of losing increases, the average winning percentage also grows. Here, the chance of loss reflects the riskiness of the game. And the higher the risk, the bigger the reward you receive.

To give you an example, imagine you have a 100% match reward of up to $100. You may consider betting $200 of your balance on a number in roulette, with withdrawing the winnings right afterward, in case you win. To put it in simple terms, let’s suppose that there are no 0 or 00 on the roulette. Therefore, here the chance of you winning the bet is 1 to 36 while the chance of you losing is 35 to 36. In case you win, your balance will grow to $7,200 and you will be able to cash out $7,000, which is your winnings minus the bonus. However, if you lose, you will forfeit $100 of your deposit.According to the formula, the average winning amounts to $7000*(1/36) – $100*(35/36) = $97.22. If you calculate it for different numbers using a lower chance of losing, the formula will show that the winnings on average grow lower with the fall in the possibility of losing.Please, remember that this is merely an example and we do not recommend implementing the aforementioned strategy. It is possible that betting the whole amount of your balance on just one number in this game will not be allowed due to the limits in place.

What to Do If Early Withdrawal Is Not Permitted

In case there is no possibility of early withdrawal, the reward loses its appeal. In this situation, the reward is an ordinary bonus, similar to the ones offered by other casinos’softwares. The only major characteristic that makes it different fromthe usual cashable is the extraordinary game percentages.

What you can do here is begin with high-variance wagers, similar to the ones we wrote about in the previous section. After that, you can proceed with lower-variance wagers until you manage to reach your goal, so that you decrease the chance of bust while fulfilling the wagering requirement. The percentages for each game will help identify the optimal game. Below you can find a table with the potential reward retention for a bunch of different games. If you decide to play Slots, we suggest going for the lower variance ones.

Reward Retention During Wagering with Traditional Game Percentages

Game Weighting Wager Bonus 
All Aces Video Poker 10% 300xB +0.75xB Very High
French Roulette 50% 60xB +0.19xB Med
Vegas Strip Blackjack 10% 300xB +0.05xB High
Casino War 50% 60xB -0.3xB* Med
Jacks or Better Video Poker 10% 300xB -0.4xB High
Slots 100% 30xB -0.1xB to -0.8xB High

We have already said that in most casinos you will find the percentage for the French roulette decreased to a number well under 50%, which is explained by the potential winning during betting. The Casino Rewards percentages are correlated with the amounts of reward retention that you can find below. It is evident that it is impractical to play All Aces or French Roulette under these circumstances. The same can probably be said about Blackjack, as it involves high bets without autoplay (this is a restriction imposed by the Casino Rewards group). Therefore, you can consider 3-card Poker or Casino war and low-variance slots.

Reward Retention During Wagering with Casino Rewards Percentages

Game Weighting Wager Bonus 
Vegas Strip Blackjack 10% 300xB +0.05xB High
Casino War 50% 60xB -0.3xB* Med
Jacks or Better Video Poker 10% 300xB -0.4xB High
Slots 100% 30xB -0.1xB to 
French Roulette 2% 1500xB -19.25xB Very High
All Aces Video Poker 0% NA NA NA

To calculate the win/loss ratio on average taking into account the playthrough requirement, you can use the following formula: reward – average bet * house edge (for one bet). If you make high-variance wagers at the beginning of your game, you can lower the wagering on average, as you are not expected to fulfill the wagering when you lose. In this case, you can enjoy increased winnings on average. Do you remember the roulette hypothesis we introduced in the last chapter? We said that the possibility of winning $7000 was 1 to 36, whereas the one of forfeiting $100 amounted to 35 to 36. Let’s suppose we chose to play the wagering through with a -0.3xBpotential reward retention on War, it would mean that the winning on average (per bet) goes down to $6970 ($7000 – $100 * 0.3). Let’s proceed with the calculations – the winnings on average would amount to $96.39 ($6970 * (1/36) – $100 * (35/36)). Do not forget that we are contemplatingmerely hypothetical situations. In real casinos, wagering all the money from your balance on just one number in roulette would not be possible because of the limits in place, and even if it were possible, it would not be recommended.

At the same time, you can continue playing the way you normally play, without making any changes. If you are planning to bet 30 times the bonus at any point of playing at the casino, then the bonus will only be of help. It will be even more useful if you decide to bet large amounts of money or play high-variance games.


It is not infrequent that online casinos try to attract players by offering them bonuses – simply speaking, free money – that the player can use as soon as they register with the casino. However, in order not to take too high a risk, casinos tend to enforce a wagering requirement. Let us take a closer look at what it implies. blackdiamond casino

A wagering requirement (also known as a playthrough requirement) is quite often an essential element for a casino’s operations. Of course, from the point of view of a player, this is not the most appealing nuance. This is why the game page is designed in such a way that you might not even notice anything peculiar about the bonus before you try to retrieve it. Essentially, we recommended carefully studying the rules that describe the conditions under which the bonus will be given to you. It is there that you will find the information about the not-so-straightforward wagering requirement. If you cannot find it at first, look for small font on the page or check the page describing the bonus itself and the different promotions offered. uptownaces

Online Casinos: What are Wagering Requirements?

Getting to the gist of wagering requirement

So, what is it in essence? This requirement is a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play though the offered bonus before you are able to withdraw any winnings (in some cases, together with the bonus, the rule might also concern the deposit). Normally, setting the number of playthrough times is part of risk management activities of the company. The greater the amount of the offered ‘free money’, the more probable it is that the number of times to play through will be higher. The number of playthrough times can vary greatly among different casinos – it can start at 15-20 times and reach almost 40, which is proportional to the attractiveness of a bonus. sloto cash casino

Let’s take a look at how it happens. For instance, let’s imagine a playthrough requirement implies playing the bonus through twenty times. The offered amount is equal $50, which is awarded to the player by the online casino as soon as he signs up. Let’s say you use the full amount and your deposit equals $100. In our example, the given requirement will be set as twenty times the sum of the bonus and the deposit together. Very simple calculations will show us that the bets you play through will have to first amount to $2000 (we merely multiplied $100 of the bonus and deposit by 20). When this happens, you will have met the playthrough requirement and will be able to withdraw the winnings.

Does the wagering requirement vary from one game to another?

The system of playthrough requirements is not a simple one. It is not rare for casinos to set different percentages for different games. The corresponding amounts help you eventually meet the playthrough requirement. The percentages are set independently by the casinos and vary largely across the industry. However, there are some evident tendencies – for instance, blackjack, roulette and some other games do not contribute (or contribute very little) to satisfying the requirement, whereas usually it is 100% of slots wagers bet value that counts in. One of the few exceptions in the industry are thought to be casinos using the “Clear Play Bonus System” – they rely on the Microgaming software and are said to have the same standards in place.

In order to demonstrate how this works, let us give you an example. Imagine a casino offers a bonus of $100, imposing a 20-time playthrough requirement for the player to meet. For the sake of illustration, let’s suppose the player decides to bet $30 on Slots and $20 on Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker. In this case, we can calculate the contribution towards the playthrough requirement: 100% x $30 (Slots) + 25% x $20 (Blackjack) + 10% x $20 (Roulette) + 80% of $20 (Video Poker). By adding all of the elements, we arrive at $53 – this is the contribution that has been made towards satisfying the $2000 playthrough requirement. blacklotuscasino

*Please, note that the numbers used in the example are used here only for the sake of demonstration. Before playing, carefully read terms and conditions for the specific bonus offered by a specific casino, as they may vary greatly.


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Unique Casino was established in 2016 and have made quite an impression since their launch. Upon landing on their site you’ll quickly notice the brand has gone for a no frills design aesthetic. Opting for a clean user interface and simple but effective black and gold colour scheme. Overall we have to commend the design and development team over at unique, navigating around their platform is a breeze and creates a great first impression for new visitors. It’s also worth noting that Unique Casino are licensed and regulated by the well known Curacao Gaming Authority. Which makes for a safe and secure environment for online gambling.   

Unique Casino seem to be taking a very inclusive approach with their offering. Their website and many of their games are available in French, German, Swedish, Spanish, Norwegian and of course, English. They’re also fully supporting those that prefer to play whilst on the move. Their website is fully responsive and games work seamlessly on your mobile phones native browser. There’s no dedicated mobile app unfortunately, but in all honesty we really don’t feel it’s necessary.

Unique Casinos Offering

Unique Casino have a substantial collection of games, which is no surprise considering there strong relationships with many of the highest quality software providers in the industry. To date these suppliers include Betsoft, Playson, PlaynGo, Pragmatic Play, Spinomenal, Vivo Gaming, Tom Horn, Booming Games, Lucky Streak, Rival, NetEnt and MicroGaming just to name a few! They seem to be introducing new games extremely frequently, providing players with a never ending cycle of fresh content.

Video Slots

Unique’s primary focus appears to be on their video slot collection that now stands strong with over 1,000 games to choose from. Their library offers variety with genres ranging from horror to anime, from action adventure to romance: they really do have it all! There’s also a handy filtering function in place meaning you can sort games based on preferred suppliers, popularity or most recently added.

Live Casino, Table Games and Jackpots

If video slots aren’t your thing, don’t be disheartened! Uniques partnership with evolution gaming means there are plenty of live games to choose from. With a variety of versions of blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette and much more. Croupiers are friendly and personable and there are even games dedicated for certain languages –  a very nice touch we have to say!

If you’re a fan of table games you’ll be glad to hear that there are 43 to choose from. Again including various adaptations on all of the classics. There’s also a dedicated jackpots section with 39 games to choose from – perfect if progressive gameplay is more your thing!

Bonuses at Unique Casino

New Players

For new players at Unique Casino there’s a great bonus on offer to get you started. Newbies can boost their bankroll with a 100% match bonus (up to 200 EUR). For example, if you sign up and deposit 50 EUR you’ll receive an additional 50 EUR (100% of your initial deposit) as additional playable credit.

Existing Players

Players will frequently be rewarded with deposit match bonuses, these vary dramatically but always seem substantially generous. There’s also a bonus wheel function, players are given the opportunity to spin once a week and find out their deposit bonus for that week. We liked the approach of making the process of obtaining your weekly bonus a minigame. It provides players with a slight more sense of control and offers a more diverse experience (rather than just receiving your deposit bonus straight to your inbox).

unique casino bonus

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at Unique Casino


There are a number of deposit methods available at Unique Casino, and you’ll be glad to hear that processing times are generally instant. The minimum deposit is 10 EUR/GBP/USD etc.  Depositing and withdrawal methods of course will vary from country to county but the primary depositing methods are as follows:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • ecoPayz
  • CASHlib
  • Bitcoin
  • Neo Surf


As with most online casinos the withdrawal methods are slightly less varied with players being able to choose from the following:

  • Skrill
  • Wire Transfer

Customer Support at Unique Casino

We didn’t run into any issues when using Unique Casino’s platform, but to test the water we contacted their support team reporting a minor issue. We spoke with two support representatives both of whom were polite, personable and knowledgeable. Wait times were kept to a minimum and issues appear to be resolved promptly. You can contact their support team using the phone, by dropping them an email or using the live chat function. We personally would recommend utilising the live chat as it’s available 24/7 and you’ll likely find the answers to your questions in a couple of minutes!


unique casino bonus

We have to say we’re really impressed with Unique Casino and their offering. Their game collection is plentiful, filled with a diverse range of genres and gameplay styles. The bonuses are respectable and generous. And their support team seem to back the brand’s professional exterior. There’s always room for improvement and if Unique wish to elevate their brand further they could look at developing a dedicated mobile app, and look at offering some more withdrawal methods. But all-in-all these are just trivial elements that don’t take away from their overall solid offering. If you’re looking for an online casino that’s a great all rounder then Unique Casino is most definitely for you!

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CK Casino is operated by Progress Play and offers a variety of attractions making up a very luxurious gaming experience. Among its features include the VIP Casino House which provides something outside of the box in terms of a program as well as a very unique bonus offer of 100% up to 200 Euro/GBP/USD.

Currently CKCasino offers its software in 2 main relevant languages which include German and English but has plans to expand into several more including Japanese and a few others. There are also plans to obtain a Swedish license which will allow Swedish players to enjoy the great experience at CK Casino

CK Casino is operated by Progress Play and offers a variety of attractions making up a very luxurious gaming experience.

Currently CKCasino offers its software in 2 main relevant languages ..

In terms of current licenses, CK Casino has two which include a UK license as well as a Maltese license. The customers are able to communicate with support in both email as well as online chat.

Below is the format in which the bonus is offered which is a total of 800 Euro/GBP and next to it you can see the wagering requirement which is fifty times the bonus to withdraw their bonus.

In addition to the welcome bonus they also receive 50 free spins. Here is the chart below

1st Deposit Bonus100% Up To £/€200 + 50FS50 X BPlay
2nd Deposit Bonus50% Up To £/€300 + 50FS50 X BPlay
3rd Deposit Bonus100% Up To £/€30050 X B

Among the enjoyable games, CK Casino definitely offers some of the best with its most popular including the Net Entertainment brand games. Among the major slots include Piggy Riches, Lights, Lucky Angier, and various others.

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Casino-X has become one of the most visited and appreciated websites for online gambling in many countries. It proposes 15 language versions and attracts clients in Asia, Australia and Europe. The website operates under the license of Curacao and proposes wonderful fairness in accordance with eCORGA certificate.

Casino-X – It is a #1 Casino on the net!

The casino provides licensed games by Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and dozens of other developers which are famous worldwide. There are more than 950 games to choose from.

Gifts and bonuses for clients

There are different types of bonuses every player can get:

  1. Welcome bonus pack which includes up to 2000 EUR and 200 freespins. Players get money according to their deposits.
  2. Cashback which gives you chance to get back some part of money you lost in gambling during a week.
  3. Lotteries, tournaments and battles are organized regularly and give chance to win more money.
  4. Promo actions gather some tournaments into one big event and propose to win a lot of prizes and money.
  5. Comp-points and achievements also open additional possibilities for getting more pros from every spin.

Website interface and registration procedure

To create an account just fill in a small form with your e-mail address and a solid password. Casino-X creates convenient environment for playing videoslots and creating your own conditions. The design proves to be client-oriented, you won’t spend a lot of time for understanding all the features of the website. The casino is quite big, so every time you log in you find something new and interesting.

Casino-X – Super Online Casino with Mega FREE Bonuses

What about withdrawals?

You may deposit money with dozens of ways. Withdrawals are possible with plastic cards, electronic wallets, Skrill and also BTC. To withdraw funds make sure you don’t have any fresh bonuses to compensate with your stakes. Payouts are processed during 1 day. Usually there is a limit of 100 000 USD per 1 month to withdraw. But all the limits are quite flexible. Make sure you have a scan of your ID if you try to withdraw more than 1000 USD.

Games and slots at Casino-X

The gambling catalog proves that the casino is growing fast. Every month you can find some new slots and even developers and categories with extra options to play. There are such options for players:

  • videoslots with simple or up-to-date 3D graphics;
  • jackpot slots which allow to win big sums of money immediately;
  • card and table games which present hundreds of types and rules;
  • live-dealers with a real banker and webcam connection;
  • sport stakes – betting keeps growing and developing here.

Customer support and reviews

Casino-X provides wonderful support system for customers. There are 24/7 workers in online-chat who will answer any question and help with solving any problem. Customer reviews are quite positive and it’s another prove that the casino provides optimal services. If you are looking for a fair place to play slots and cards, Casino-X will be a good idea. Just create an account quickly and get your first bonus right after depositing money.

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There are lots of possibilities for online gambling. JoyCasino appears to be one of the most dynamic websites in the sphere. It provides optimal features for those who want fair and reliable place to gamble. The casino cooperates officially with huge developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. There are also slots made by Red Tiger, Playtech, Yggdrasil and other companies.

The website holds official license Curacao eGaming which proves fairness. JoyCasino has been successfully working since 2014.

Game catalog for gamblers

The gaming zone is quite simple and understandable for users with no previous experience in the field. It provides access to more than 1000 slots and other types of games. New games are added monthly.

Joy Casino Video!

Among hundreds of games there are such categories:

  • videoslots and machines with wonderful design and different rules;
  • card games and also table games – classical disciplines for gamblers;
  • live-dealers – these are bankers who play with you via webcam translation;
  • jackpot games for winning a lot of money at once just by making one spin;
  • sport bets for having rest and trying another way of online gambling.

Ways to withdraw your wins

JoyCasino can pay players with electronic money, Bitcoins and also plastic cards. Payouts are possible worldwide. After requesting the needed sum of money you will get it during 1 day. Limits of 100 000 USD per month are applied at the casino. If you order 1000 USD or more, there can be a delay for ID confirmation. The KYC policy is only applied once. Customers are quite glad with the conditions.

Joy Casino #1 Casino for Sweeden

Design and functions of the website

JoyCasino looks good and fresh. It’s a new age design which includes a lot of interactive features and many things to admire. Though it’s not very bright and tiring for your eyes. Games catalog is simple to surf around, rules are written with simple language to understand everything. Player-oriented casino is a rare thing among today websites for gambling. Private account is well thought-out, every button has its own place.

There are lots of possibilities for online gambling. JoyCasino appears to be one of the most dynamic websites in the sphere.
There are lots of possibilities for online gambling. JoyCasino appears to be one of the most dynamic websites in the sphere.

Bonus policy and gifts for customers

  1. Bonus for 5 first deposits can be as big as 2000 EUR. Also you get 200 freespins right after 1st deposit (per 20 FS a day).
  2. Cashback gives you back up to 10% of money you lose during a week. It’s automatically counted weekly.
  3. Comp-points and system of achievements help players find more pros at everyday gambling at JoyCasino.
  4. Lotteries and tournaments are organized quite often – win more money just by playing actively.
  5. Promo-actions are held every season. You may get a big prize or a solid sum of money if you win.

Customer reviews about JoyCasino

There are more positive opinions about the service of the website. Players admit that it’s fair and big enough to find your own individual gambling options. There are great chances for winning, big ranges of games and a lot of satisfied customers. Also JoyCasino creates cosy and convenient place for all kinds of players and it proves that the company is aimed at client satisfaction.

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Two online casinos at the same time cancel unreasonable money withdrawal limits. Now the gamblers of JoyCasino and Casino-X can make any cash out up to €100 000.We are sure that many gamblers have encountered problems with the cash out, but now they are going to be fewer.It’s time to cancel the transactions limits.After all, if a gambler has won big money, he needs to withdraw this money, but it’s very difficult to do it quickly. You have to confirm your data, expect payments, and split them.If you can withdraw up to €100 000 monthly, what else do you need?To be honest, the withdrawal limits weren’t removed completely, but the bar was set as high as possible. In fact, not every day you can win in a casino so big sum of money. Changes of the terms and conditions.

joycasino and casino-x

Cancellation of the money withdrawal limits in JoyCasino and Casino-X

Due to the cancellation of the money withdrawal limits, now you need to confirm your personal data and link a phone number (for the safety of your savings). We recommend you to check your passport data accuracy in your personal account in order to avoid any incidents.The above mentioned online casinos boast of a constant decrease of time spent on consideration of the applications for the money transfers. And we aren’t going to argue with it, as there were no problems noticed so far.


Loyalty program is provided by all the large casinos known worldwide including not only the local, but also the virtual ones. Every gambler can participate in the program. The core of the loyalty program is that you get points for every deposit (for example, 10 points for every €100). Your status changes depending on the number of points: silver, gold, platinum, diamond etc. slot o cash

The status enables the gamblers to play on more favorable terms. Thus, the casino attracts a gambler to make him come back. Besides, it makes clear that it’s more prestigious to play here than in other casinos. planet 7

What loyalty bonuses you can have?

The main loyalty bonus is given when exchanging the club points for the bonus money by analogy with a cash back bonus. VIP-points have a number of advantages including:

  • Participation in exclusive tournaments
  • Purchase of the brand products in an online store
  • Exclusive presents slot luv
  • Tournaments and meetings with the casino administration
  • Personal manager to contact the casino
  • Quick money withdrawal
  • Participation in the draw of a trip voucher
  • Tickets for cultural and sport events
  • and much more

Remember that a casino doesn’t have any reasons not to accept you as a club member, but we don’t advise you to become keen on it. First, think if you really trust this casino or you suspect that they want to cheat you. Listen to your intuition or better try to get as much information as you can about the gambling house. players club casino


A cash back bonus is a certain percentage of the money lost in the casino that is repaid to the game account. Usually, it varies from 5 to 25%. Sometimes the bonus is repaid with real money, but in most cases as a credit. In order to convert the bonus into real money you need to wager it. Unlike free spins or deposit bonuses, you need to wager a cash back bonus not more than 10 times, but each casino has got its own conditions. Also pay your attention to the maximum bonus amount.

Let’s consider some examples. Let’s suppose that a casino gives a weekly cash back bonus in the amount of 20% (not more than €50). dream casino

Gambler А ― last week lost €200. It means that he will be repaid as a cash back bonus 200×0.2=€40

Gambler B ― lost €400 and must be repaid €80 (400×0.2), but as the bonus has limitations, the gambler will get back only €50 on his account. red stag casino

Other types of the cash back bonuses

TOP UP bonus is a type of bonuses that is given when you win and not lose. It means that along with the winnings you will get some bonuses. As a rule, the bonus sum varies from 3 to 10% of the winnings amount. bovagas

Even less frequently the bonuses are given for the bets. In this case they are accrued no matter you win or lose. If any casino offers you this bonus, you can use it confidently.

The same thing refers to other cash back bonuses. If you have a chance to take a cash back bonus, just do it. It’s rather easy to convert it into real money, and this is a great advantage when choosing a casino. captain jacks casino


Usually, free spins are given together with a deposit or no deposit bonus, and they enable to make some free spins in such famous slot machines as Starburst and many others.

Conditions of the free spins use (without deposit)

You will not be able to withdraw the bonus immediately. First, you will need to meet the wager conditions, for example, wager the bonus 50 or 100 times. Take notice of the payment percentage. lincoln casino If it’s low, your chances to withdraw the money can come to zero. The only reliable way to withdraw the bonus is to win a big amount of money in any slot and meet the wager conditions. In case you fail, the casino will limit the maximum withdrawal amount.  Mostly, a limit of €100 or less is set. Sometimes free spins are used for marketing purposes. Every spin can be wagered making a minimum bet (for example, €0.10). Of course, 35 free spins sound better than a bonus of €3.50, but in fact both bonuses have the same value. silver oak casino

Free spins are created and managed by the games providers, so a casino doesn’t have them. You can get free spins only after the game, for example, Starburst, has been started. But there is one more detail. lincon casino Bonuses are accrued on the game account only after you have met the wager conditions. harrys casino

Free spins can be really profitable. But remember that by no means they can be considered as a key criterion when choosing an online casino. There is a very small chance that they will accrue real money on your account even after you meet all the requirements.


Due to this type of bonus you can not only play in a casino free of charge, but also win real money without any deposit. You just need to register on the Web site to get the bonuses on your game account. Of course, the bonus sum isn’t big, and in most cases it doesn’t exceed 10 Euro, but you can also find more profitable offers. bonus no deposit codes

In this way a casino tries to attract new players. And it succeeds as sometimes bonuses drag into the game making gamblers open a deposit. You can get a no deposit bonus not only after you have registered. Let’s consider a few more cases, when a casino can give a bonus without any deposit:

  • On the occasion of a significant date of the gambling house
  • As a present for your birthday
  • Reward for your activities throughout the year
  • Apology for any inconvenience dreams casino

No deposit bonus requirements

Each casino has its own bonus conditions, so we strongly recommend that you read them carefully on the casino Web site. In case you have questions as concerns any item, ask your question to the customer service. Let’s consider the main provisions of the no deposit bonuses use:

  • You must gamble with a total amount that exceeds the bonus sum X times. In case of the deposit bonuses you get a certain percentage for each game to meet this condition.
  • You can use the bonus only within a certain period of time (mostly, within 1 month). Otherwise, the bonus will be canceled.
  • The maximum amount of the bonuses conversion into real money is limited.

Some casinos give no deposit bonuses if you don’t ask for them from the customer service. vegas 7 games

Though no deposit bonuses are used to attract gamblers, they give an ideal picture of how a casino works. Nevertheless, it’s important to see through the trick. And remember that if you want to play in a casino using real money, but its policy isn’t suitable for you, it would be better to find another gambling house taking into account other important indices. raging bull casino


Almost all the casinos offer deposit bonuses. Thus, it’s very important to understand the conditions and specific features of the bonuses. Deposit bonuses are given in the form of a credit that enables you to play regularly. If you can meet all the bonus conditions, the credit balance turns into the money that you can withdraw. slots o cash

The bonus amount is set as a percentage increase of the deposit amount. Mostly, they offer 100% of the deposit amount, but you can also find offers (200%, 300% …) or less (50%). For example, if you deposit €100 with the bonus of 100%, you will have €200 on your account. If you have 300%, then it will make a whole of €400. slot of vegas

The maximum bonus amount is usually limited, and you can’t get a big bonus even if you make a big deposit. But if you deposit less than the minimal deposit amount, you won’t get any bonuses. Usually, the minimal deposit amount totals 10€.

Deposit bonuses types

  • Welcome bonus – is a bonus that you get after you make the first deposit. This is the maximum bonus you can have, when you make a deposit.
  • The second, the third and the fourth deposit bonuses – usually the bonus amounts to 50-100% from the deposit sum.
  • Regular bonuses – are given on a certain day established by the casino (for example, on Wednesdays or weekends). The bonus totals approximately 25% from the deposit amount, but sometimes it can change. Therefore, study carefully the promotion activities offered by your casino, and choose the most profitable day to make a deposit.

Rollover requirements

You can’t withdraw your bonuses immediately as you must first use them in the casino (rollover requirements). A bonus rollover means that your bets amount must exceed n-fold times the initial bonus amount. For example, in case you have a bonus of 100 Euro with the wager requirements x30, you must wager €3000. If you play slots, you need to spin 300 times (regardless you win or lose). Many gamblers can’t meet this requirement and lose their bonus completely. There are 2 options:

  • Rollover requirements include only the bonus amount. First, you begin to gamble with the deposit sum and only after you can gamble with the bonuses. If you don’t lose your money when you gamble with the deposit sum, but, on the contrary, increase its amount, you can refuse the bonus and take the money. Bonuses work as your second chance.
  • Rollover requirements include the bonus amount together with the deposit amount. You will get it once for the deposit in the form of a big bonus. As a rule, the requirements to this bonus are half as much as the rollover requirements. Despite this fact, this bonus is less profitable. You have got limitations when gambling with the bonuses (maximum bet amount requirements, list of allowed games etc.). And if you win playing with the deposit sum, you still have to meet the rollover requirements. Otherwise, if you cancel the bonus, you will lose all your winnings, and the casino will repay you only the initial deposit amount. planet 7 casino

Therefore, before you take a bonus, get to know all the limitations. Maybe, in some cases it would be better to play only with the deposit sum? In order to help you to make your decision, we mentioned the profitability of each bonus.

In addition to the rollover requirements the gambler must pay attention to other rules:

  • Maximum amount of the convertible credit – if you manage to meet all the bonus conditions, the bonus can be converted into real money. The bonus conditions can also contain the maximum amount that could be converted into money. Let’s suppose that this sum is equivalent to the 5-fold deposit amount. If you even have spun the slot machines for €3000 using your bonus of €100 and met all the rollover conditions, your bonus winnings will total €500.
  • Time limits – for each bonus a casino sets time limits, when it can be used. Usually, this period lasts for a month, and after that the bonus is canceled.
  • Maximum bet amount limit – a casino limits the maximum bet amount. They do it in order to reduce hunting for bonuses. Aggressive games with a high dispersion rate are a good chance for bonuses hunters, as the simplest solution is to bet the entire bonus amount for a certain number in one roulette round. And if you win, you increase your bonus 36 times making it very easy to meet all the bonus requirements. You just can change your strategy and play a game with a low dispersion rate.

ATTENTION!!! A casino doesn’t limit the bet amount if you play with bonuses. Therefore, be very careful as the casino can use it as a reason in order not to pay out your winnings. This is the most common mistake made by a novice. You should always examine the bonuses conditions very carefully.

But you can easily get around this condition using the doubling button. This button enables to increase the winnings twofold, if you are lucky. This button enables to increase the dispersion rate. Some casinos can provide this option, even if they limit the bet amount. But remember that this option isn’t applied automatically, and you should check it on your own. slots of vegas

In the games, where the rollover requirements are applied – a casino doesn’t give credit for the entire bet amount. In some games this condition changes depending on the type of the game. Let’s consider an example that includes various types of games:

Type of game Wager percentage from the bet
Game machines 100%
Roulette 25%
Baccara 20%
Video poker 20%
Poker 10%
Blackjack 5%

For example, if you want to meet the rollover condition in the roulette and the required amount totals €1000, you need to bet: 1000/0.25 = €4000. This model of conditions stops the bonuses hunters from using the bonus. In Blackjack the payout rate amounts to 99.5%. On the average, you will lose less making bets, but you will have to bet more according to the bonus conditions. A casino needs gamblers keen about the game, but not experts who want to win. Please, learn about the bonus conditions before you make a deposit and get the bonus to find out if you favorite game is included in the list of allowed games.

Is it worth to take a deposit bonus?

Basically, yes, it is. They will allow you to extend the pleasure and gamble longer increasing your chances to win. Bonuses that aren’t worth to be taken include a deposit account combined with a bonus, and a bonus that amounts to less than 100% from the deposit amount. On the Web site we rated each bonus according to a 3-grade scale (profitable, neutral, and unprofitable).


Presently, bonuses have become an important tool to attract and to keep new players to a Web site. But this doesn’t mean that other methods of attraction don’t work. Today we are going to talk about bonuses. Many people think that bonuses are a bubble scheme, but in fact they often work in favor of a gambler. Read our manual to know more about the issue.

How do bonuses work?

Bonuses are a kind of award for account creation or deposit making. Bonus is often given as a credit that you can use to play any game, and as soon as you have met a number of requirements, bonuses will be accrued on your account. There are other popular types of bonuses including free spins and cash backs. The goal of these bonuses is to give a gambler the second chance. You can continue the game using these bonuses even without any deposit. Despite a very complicated wager these bonuses have got, there are still chances to turn them into real money.

Main types of bonuses

  • Deposit bonus ― this is a kind of credit that depends on the deposit amount. Mostly, a gambler receives 50% or 100% from the deposit amount, but sometimes a casino gives 200% and even 300%. But remember about the limitations! The conditions of a casino often say the following: “150% in bonuses for a deposit of 150 Euro”. Don’t either forget that bonuses must be wagered.
  • No deposit bonus― this is a very popular bonus, especially among the so-called bonus hunters (people who hunt for bonuses), who want to win without any risk or deposit. It’s very simple to get such a bonus. You need just to open a game account. It isn’t necessary to make a deposit. The bonus amount varies from 10 to 20 Euro, but the wager requirements are quite complicated.
  • Free spins ― in this case, a gambler receives not money, but free spins in popular slots. If the gambler wins, the gain will be accrued on the bonus account. In order to transfer it to the game account and later turn it into real money, it’s necessary to meet additional conditions.
  • Cash back bonus ― this is a repayment of a part of the lost money in the form of a bonus. The repayment amount depends on the casino.
  • Loyalty program ― every casino is interested in keeping its players as long as possible. In order to gain their favor, it offers to take part in a special program. It’s rather difficult to form an opinion about the program advantages. In most cases, it provides loyalty points, access to exclusive games, or participation in competitions for a jackpot.

General conditions of bonuses

It’s possible to turn bonuses into real money only if you meet a number of requirements. Before you accept a bonus, read carefully the terms of its use. If you have any doubts concerning at least one item, ask questions to the operators of the customer service. A number of interesting items from the bonuses conditions of the casinos are as follows:

  • Casinos often set rather strict limitations. For example, one game account per IP address, e-mail address, and bank card. This means that a gambler can’t have two accounts. If this condition seems too strict for you, don’t try to cheat the casino making several accounts. Maybe, they will give you a bonus, but after all your deposit winnings will be canceled.
  • When you register your account, indicate only reliable information; otherwise, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to get your money. Sometimes, the casinos ask to confirm your identity. To meet this requirement you need to send a scan of your documents (ID, driver’s license, or passport).
  • You can’t withdraw the bonus immediately. According to the wager requirements, you need to wager the bonus you have received more than once, and this means that you must increase your bonus several times. For example, you have been given a bonus in the amount of 100 Euro, the wager requirements are 30 times, which means that you need to bet 3000 Euro. If you play slots and bet 10 Euro, this means that you need to play 300 times (regardless you win or you lose). Many gamblers can’t meet these conditions and lose all the bonuses.
  • Casinos often limit bonuses for the gamblers from certain countries. Be sure to check this item in the bonus conditions.
  • In order to get a bonus it’s necessary to enter a promotion code when you make a deposit.

What do you need to know about bonuses?

  • Play only in the casinos with a good reputation. In order to find information about a casino reputation, visit the Web site or just “google” the Internet.  In case you find some valid complaints received from the gamblers, don’t create an account in this casino even if its bonuses have seemed to you very attractive.
  • Many casinos write in their conditions: “The casino reserves the right to change, cancel, and nullify bonuses”. Bonuses are given by the casino, and they have every right to make the rules they see fit. Be careful. If you win a big amount of money using your bonuses, they can accuse you of trickery and cancel your winnings. And if the casino decides to do this thing to you, believe us, it will. Of course, you can leave complaints on various forums hoping that the casino will change its decision, but, unfortunately, it will be useless. 

Bonus Express team highly appreciates the casinos with transparent and understandable conditions. These places are marked in our list with label saying “Fair terms and conditions”.

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Examining the data, it all regions have had growth during period ‘2001-2015’. Overall, the most impressive growth has been in the Northeast, with the South gaining the least. This growth, however, has not been uniform: four of the 15 states that had commercial gaming in 2001 have seen decreased revenues between 2001 and 2014, and 10 out of the 20 states with gaming in 2007 have seen declines since that year. Overall, gaming win for the selected states has grown by over 40% since 2001, and has surpassed pre-recession levels
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