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The month of May gets us started in a race towards the middle of the year where there’s more sunshine, flowers, days at the beach and even some of Mr. Sloto’s best action of the year!

Your deposits of as little as $25 get you a VIP invitation to join Mr. Sloto’s Bonus May-Hem. Start off with a 150% 1st Bonus, make your way towards a May 200% 2nd Bonus and May you be blessed with wins and a final $100 Gift!

May is a time to get ready for new mid-year winning chances you can start enjoying now and until the end of the month! Let the May-Hem bonus fest begin!

Claim a 150% 1st Bonus
Redeem Code: MAYHEM-1

Continue with a 200% 2nd Bonus
Redeem Code:   MAYHEM-2

Claim after: $100 Free Gift!
Redeem Code: FREE100MAYHEM



Deposit bonuses require a $25 min. deposit and they hold 30x slots, keno or scratch cards playthrough and no max cashout. $100 Free Chip holds $500 max cashout. Promo codes must be redeemed in order. All offers expire on May 31st . General bonus terms apply.

150-200% 1st Bonus + $100 FREE GIFT! Updated: June 20, 2018 Author: Damon

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