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Sloto'Cash Weekend Free Spins Bonus

Most of us at one point or another have probably had a fantasy about pulling off a ā€œonce in a lifetimeā€ kind of heist. Even if we only got the chance to play a part in a heist film such as Oceanā€™s Eleven or Bonnie and Clyde! For you, your dream of swooping riches is about to come true with the help of Mr. Slotoā€™s biggest weekend heist yet!

Enter the reels armed only with a 77% Match + 77 Free Spins and youā€™ll be soon collecting riches in the vault of the action-packed Cash Bandits 2 slot!

Join Mr. Sloto and mastermind the biggest weekend heist of slots riches yet when you deposit as little as $30!

Play with a 77% Match + 77 Free Spins!
Spins Game:Ā Cash Bandits 2


Offer requires a $30 Min. Deposit and it holds 30x slots, keno or scratch cards and no max cashout. Promo available twice per day from Friday through Sunday.

77% Match + 77 Free Spins with Cash Bandits 2 slot Updated: June 20, 2018 Author: Damon

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