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Everything you need to know about Online Casinos in Cape Verde.

An online casino hosts a selection of gambling games that can be played from a computer. They are accessed using the internet and use real money. Players deposit funds to gamble with, and can then withdraw any winnings. The games available include some of the most popular ones, already seen in real-world casinos.

There are undoubtedly several benefits to using an online casino. For one thing, it offers convenience to the player. They have quick access to a wide range of games, without ever having to leave their home. Sites provide bonuses that are not available in real-world casinos. Furthermore, gamblers can enjoy added comfort while they play.

It is essential to choose an online casino that is fully licensed. It means that the player’s funds, and banking information, will remain safe and confidential. It also ensures that the site follows industry standard rules and regulations. Choosing an unlicensed website is a risky move, and it is not recommended to do so.

Top 10 Cape Verde Online Casino Sites with a FRESH bonuses!

Get your โ‚ฌ1600 Bonus

Payout 97.89%
Total Bonus โ‚ฌ1600

100% up to โ‚ฌ200 or more.

Payout 99.98%
Total Bonus โ‚ฌ200

Your gift up to โ‚ฌ100 for free!

Payout 97.80%
Total Bonus โ‚ฌ100

โ‚ฌ300 + 150 Free Spins

Payout 97.80%
Total Bonus โ‚ฌ300

Up to $1,500 and 300 Free Spins!

Payout 97.80%
Total Bonus $1500

โ‚ฌ/$250 plus 50 Free Spins

Payout 97.97%
Total Bonus โ‚ฌ/$250

โ‚ฌ/$400 + 150 Free Spins

Payout 98.28%
Total Bonus โ‚ฌ/$400

Bonus $300 for new customers

Payout 98.14%
Total Bonus $300

100% Match Bonus up to ยฃ250

Payout 98.21%
Total Bonus ยฃ250

100% on first deposit up to โ‚ฌ200

Payout 98.32%
Total Bonus โ‚ฌ200

โ‚ฌ/$1000 OR 5 BTC +200 FREE SPINS

Payout 97.46%
Total Bonus โ‚ฌ/$1000

About Top 10 Cape Verde Online Casino Sites with a HUGE bonuses!

Gambling has been legal in Cape Verde since 2005, though the first legal gambling facility opened only in 2012. The law regulating gambling in Cape Verde is the Regulamenta de funcinamento dos Casinos e salas de Jogos. In accordance with this act, gambling on the islands is only legal within certain designated gambling areas, which are required to be located in 4 or 5-star hotels.

These designated gambling areas can be either permanent or temporary. At the moment there are 5 islands with permanent gambling zones: Santiago, S. Vincente, Sal, Boavista and Maio. The first casino in the country was Casino Royal in the city of Santa Maria, on the island of Sal.

All in all, Cape Verde โ€“ or Cabo Verde in Portuguese โ€“ consists of 10 volcanic islands and is situated about 570 kilometres of the coast of Western Africa. However, compared to other countries in the region, Cape Verde shows exceptional political stability and economic strength. The internet penetration rate on the island reflects this: more than 40% of the population has access to the internet.

Prior to 2015, there had been no mention of online gambling in the gambling regulations of Cape Verde. The legal status of online gambling has been unclear, as gambling is prohibited in Cape Verde outside of the designated gambling zones, but no players or operators have been prosecuted for online gambling.

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