Casino bonuses in the UAE cities


When playing in an online casino UAE residents have many gaming options. This is the only way for locals to engage in gambling since land-based casinos are prohibited.

Apart from the UAE casino sites you can also choose sports betting and raffles which are legal. When participating in such games, be careful not to lose your phone as was the case with a man who won $1m in Dubai raffle but could not be reached.

When it comes to online gambling UAE players should be careful. Local laws are strict and one should play only at safe Emirian online casino platforms.

When choosing the best online casino UAE residents should also select a payment method. Today in an online casino UAE real money (i.e. AED) as well as cryptocurrencies are accepted and many payment options are available.

Casino bonuses in the UAE cities

Below we will show how to choose the best online casinos for UAE players.

Gambling Responsibly at UAE Casino Sites

In a nutshell, no, online gambling is not legal in the United Arab Emirates! There are a lot of restrictions and laws that don’t allow Emirians to try their luck at an online operator. A few foreign online casinos give access to players from the Emirates. As an Islamic country, gambling is prohibited because it’s considered a source of addiction. The UAE Penal Code states that whoever gambles in public or in a house prepared for gambling shall be punished by detention or 2 years of prison. There might also be a fine of 20,000 dirhams. Another article from the code says that there will be a max of 10 years imprisonment for those who open or run a place for gambling.

History of Gambling in the UAE – How It All Began

The history of online gambling in the UAE goes further back than we thought. Before physical casinos were established, Arabs had a different type of entertainment and gambling, which is kept until today. One of the traditional sports in the Emirates is camel racing. It wasn’t a big deal at first but with time racing became a big sporting event with a lot of money invested in it. Sheikh Zayed was the one who invested in this sport in 1970 and then centres racing tracks in 1990. Nowadays, except the camel racing, horse racing is also a very intense sport and a favourite of both foreigners and locals.

As for the physical casinos, there were gambling centres in certain upmarket hotels before a change of law in 1998. As mentioned earlier, there are some gambling facilities that are legally functioning in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and more, but overall the Emirates still have strict anti-gambling laws functioning. After most casinos were banned, casino cruises came out and are still one of the main attractions in the Emirates.

The 2012 gambling law decree made the situation even more compliated for the players. It made the regulations against online gambling even stricter than they were in the beginning. A lot of Internet tools were banned, citizens didn’t have access to VPNs and a total of 12 online gambling sites were blocked in 2017. Players have fewer and fewer options to enter online casinos, however, some of the remaining foreign online operators, including the ones mentioned here, give access to residents of the Emirates.

Looking for Online Casinos in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)? The UAE, or United Arab Emirates, is a Muslim-majority country in the Middle East with a population of around nine million people. As a very Islamic nation, the UAE’s laws to do with all forms of gambling, both offline and online, are quite strict indeed. Even though gambling is prohibited, many people in the country still manage to play casino games, bet on sports and take part in live games all for real money. Generally speaking, it’s safer for you to gamble online than it is for you to gamble offline. However, in countries like the UAE penalties for breaking the law aren’t exactly light. If you’re in the UAE and want to gamble, you should do so online at a casino that’s safe and regulated.

Casino bonuses in the UAE cities Updated: December 24, 2019 Author: Damon