Casino Rewards Programs For Loyal Players


Online casinos have a number of ways to gain new members and make them want to stay. Bonuses are one of such methods. Apart from that, casinos can have promotions that result in a substantial prize. However, from the point of view of the players, the most advantageous tool is the rewards program for loyal players that are common among casinos. The way they work is rather transparent and, what is even more attractive, the potential benefits can be received automatically and regularly. It is advisable for players to search for such programs, as the advantages can be quite substantial. palaceofchance

Casino Rewards Programs For Loyal Players
Casino Rewards Programs For Loyal Players

To put it simply, such programs work in the following way: a player gets 1 comp point per every X of dollars that they wager, and once the amount accumulated is equal Y comp points, the amount can be redeemed for playing credit amounting to $1. The stated values can vary from one casinos to another. Moreover, the terms used to mean “comp point” can vary too. To finalize it, the player should take a look at how much playing credit they receive for the wagered amount. The player can use the credits to wager them just like the bonus. It is important to keep in mind that casinos tend to set wagering requirements for the credits offered via the rewards programs. Software used by casinos are capable of calculating the amount of comp points, given the wagered amount, as well as tracking the disbursement of the points, which allows for immediate automatic transactions. This way, the player can receive the credits for their wagering without a delay, in the course of playing at the online casinos. miami club

This type of programs has been implemented by a great number of casinos. In some, the rate of accumulating comp points can differ depending on the game. For instance, comp points can be more easily accumulated playing slots, which evens out the effect of this game having a greater house edge. Sometimes casinos can encourage players to wager more by offering them certain extra benefits. Other casinos are ready to give out more playing credits to those who reach a certain level of the amount wagered. This way, we can see that the benefits grow for high roller players.

In many cases, the structure of the bonus can depend on the number of the accumulated points. If a player has wagered a high amount and has received many points, the casinos can offer him or her a higher percentage of the bonus or increase the maximum limit. In any way, such a player will receive a greater bonus. wild vegas casino

To allow for transparency of the bonus system, the casinos can have various VIP levels for their clients. Casinos set the wagering limits that need to be surpassed for a player to get into a certain VIP level. The different levels are characterized by different bonuses. The distribution of bonuses is carried out through the software. This way, the players can be certain that the amount of bonuses distributed to them is fair.

Freerolls in Tournaments Are Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the methods for online casinos to attract new members and make them want to stay. There are a lot of different bonuses that come in the form of free playing credits and can be earned by making a deposit or inviting a friend to play. One of other ways of offering a bonus is to let players play at the casino for free and allow them to retain the amount won. Another way is to invite players to take part in tournaments; the participation can also be free, and the winnings can be retained by the player. This type of tournaments is referred to as freerolls. Even though they are not normally called bonuses, in reality that is exactly what they are.

There are two types of such tournaments. One type of tournament offers prizes in cash. The player received the winnings in their account and can use it to play the games offered by the casino. Otherwise, this amount can pay the entry fee for buy-in tournaments. Some casinos might grant an entry to a beginner-level tournament to attract clients. This benefit is only available for those who only joined the casino: this way the new players can learn the rules of the game without the fear of facing a more experienced player. In case tournaments are offered by a certain casino, it also offers freerolls (most of which are available every day). The prizes received by the players are not too significant, which is explained by the tournament being free. Moreover, the playing process does not require a lot of time. A player normally has half an hour to play. In case of victory, the player gets a bonus. In case of loss, the player gains experience for free and has a chance to try his strategy in a tournament so that he can achieve better results next time. As for VIP freerolls, the prizes there are more substantial. This type of bonuses is already offered to clients that have become loyal and demonstrated this to the casinos by playing often and having reached a VIP level. Freerolls for VIPs do not happen as often as the common ones. However, VIP clients look out for them, as they promise significant rewards. jackpot capital

The second kind of freerolls attracts clients by promising free entry to more serious tournaments with greater prizes. Normally, it is required to pay a buy-in to be able to participate in such a tournament, however, if the player wins the qualifying freeroll, he is not asked to pay. Therefore, the buy-in amount is given to the winners as a bonus. If the player who qualified in the freeroll wins the tournament, the prize will be no less substantial than the bonus itself. A tournament can be quite high-level and last several months; in its course, the player would have to play in several qualifiers. There are some cases when players start from freeroll and go on to win up to several thousand dollars.

Such tournaments allow players to increase the amount of winnings, just like other bonuses. Some players have been known to build their bankrolls by solely taking part in freerolls.

Bonus Received For Referring A Friend

It is widely known that advertisement has a significant effect on people, especially when it comes in the form of word of mouth. We tend to consider more credible a piece of information that comes from our friend, rather than a stranger. Online casinos have long enjoyed this effect and implemented this type of advertising through the bonus depending on a friend referral. There are few casinos that would not offer this bonus nowadays.

It is very easy to activate the friend referral bonus. The player has to notify the casino of the fact that he is referring a friend with a certain name and surname. After that, the referred person has to register at the casino and state the name of the person that referred them. The friend also has to fulfill some specific requirements. It is required that he opens an account and pays the stated amount of the minimum deposit. Once this is completed, the player can enjoy the bonus received upon referring a friend.

The generic structure of this bonus is the same for all casinos, however, specific requirements can change. One of the varying conditions is the number of friends that a player is allowed to refer. There are many casinos that do not impose any restrictions on this number. However, one has to keep in mind that others do have a limit. The limits can vary: one limits the number of referrals per month, the other constitutes a total limit, and once it is reached, the player cannot refer any more friends to the casino.

Another differentiation depends on the amount of the bonus. The bonus can be flat per friend referred. In this case, the amount is inferior to the welcome deposit bonus. The mechanism works in such a way that a part of the friend’s paid deposit goes to cover the bonus paid out to the player. Casinos might come up with a creative way of implementing the same mechanism of the referral bonus. Some casinos offer just a percentage of the amount deposited by the friend. This way, the player’s bonus directly depends on the number of friends he invited to the casino. It can be that a player is also paid a small amount for every person brought in the casino by the friend.

Wagering requirements are also applied to this type of bonus. Hence, the player must read them carefully before starting to play. The withdrawal can occur only after the conditions are satisfied, and the requirements concern both the number of times a bonus needs to be turned around and the period of time, during which it has to happen.

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