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Welcome to our PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Assault Rifle List. You can view the TOP 3 Best Assault Rifles in PUBG and their most effective Attachments. We have also included some important Weapon Stats, such as Bullet Speed, Range and Damage and how Attachments will affect these guns.

This is the #1 recommended weapon choice for many players, this is mostly due to the flexibility of PUBG Automatic Rifles. This gun type can, for the most part, be used in any combat scenario, CQC (Close Quarter Combat) and can even challenge other rifles, Long Range.

Weapon StatsDescription
DamageThe per shot damage without any multipliers applied.
Magazine CapacityThe amount of Ammo you can fit into your gun at one time.
Fire RateThe effective rate of fire, in other words, the time between each bullet shot.
RangeThe effective range before the damage is reduced to 0. (Measured using Zeroing)
Bullet SpeedThe speed in which the bullet travels from the barrel of the gun to aimed location. (The Higher the Number the less you will need to lead your shoots.)

Best Assault Rifles In PUBG

All Assault Rifles In PUBG
Considered the Best Weapon Type In PUBGs, due to their effectiveness in both CQC and Long Range Combat that rivals most snipers.
Top 3 Best Assault Rifles In PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds are indicated by the and Ranked by the Assault Rifle Weapon Stats]
#Assault RifleAMMODamage
Fire Rate





PUBG Best Assault Rifle Loadout
The Best PUBG Assault Rifle Loadout and Secondary Guns.

(Assault Rifle)

(Sniper Rifle)
Smoke Grenade
Recommended Modifications for an Assault Rifle.

4x Scope


You Can View More Modifications For PUBG Assault Rifles Here: 

PUBG Assault Rifle Attachments

List of PUBG Assault Rifle Attachments and how they affect your gun.

AttachmentsEffect Description

Flash Hider
AKM, M16A4, M416, SCAR-L, S12K
Hides the flash effect when the weapon is fired, and by thus making it far harder to see your precise location. The hider also provide some recoil reductions.-10.00% Recoil Pattern
-10.00% Horizontal Recoil
-10.00% Vertical Recoil

AR, S12K
Reduces firing sound and bullet echo.-5.00% Deviation

AKM, M16A4, M416, SCAR-L, S12K
Counter the recoil of a firearm and prevent the muzzle from climbing due to kickback from the rapid firing.
-25.00% Recoil Pattern
-10.00% Horizontal Recoil
-15.00% Vertical Recoil
-10.00% Spread Base

Angled Foregrip
M416, SCAR-L, UMP9
Reduces horizontal recoil and increases how fast you ADS (Aim Down Sights).-20.00% Horizontal Recoil
-20.00% Recoil Pattern
+10.00% Faster ADS

Vertical Foregrip
M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, Vector
Reduces horizontal recoil and the spray pattern.-20.00% Horizontal Recoil
-15.00% Recoil Pattern

Stock For M416, Vector
Improved accuracy and stability.-10.00% Animation Kick
-10.00% Sway
-20.00% Recoil Pattern
+15.00% Recoil Recovery

Extended Mag
-Increases magazine capacity

QuickDraw Mag
- 30.00% Reload Duration

Extended & QuickDraw Mag
- 30.00% Reload Duration-Increases magazine capacity

Red Dot Sights
+20.00% Faster ADS

Holographic Sights
+20.00% Faster ADS

2x Aimpoint Scope
+10.00% Faster ADS
1.80X Magnification

4x ACOG Scope
4.00X Magnification

8x CQBSS Scope
7.25X Magnification

15x PM II Scope
12.00X Magnification

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