Do you like gambling? Do you have an opportunity to gamble legally without breaking the laws of the country where you are residing? In this case the online casino guide called will serve as a source of valuable information concerning any issues related to casinos, sports betting, poker, and Forex. This site is intended for gamblers from all states where such activities are legal. It is designed both for residents of big countries (e.g., Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, the United States, including New York, New Jersey, California) and for customers from smaller countries, such as Venezuela, the Philippines, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Colombia, Romania, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, etc.

We do not encourage you to visit gambling houses. The site operates for those who have decided to prefer this kind of entertainment. Our aim is to provide accurate and unbiased information about gambling. We hope that you know about the gambling-related risks and you will avoid illegal activities.

Reviews of online gambling houses, which are offered in a special section, provide reliable and objective information about several hundred casinos running on the Internet. Despite the fact that our site indirectly cooperates with some projects, we do not depend on any of them. This gives us the opportunity to tell only the truth without misleading our readers. This feature sets us apart from the hundreds of other resources, which describe both online and land-based casinos.

We also offer reviews of numerous online games. Our online casino guide is usually the first portal that provides detailed descriptions of novelties released by the leading software manufacturers. We give you the opportunity to test games directly on our site. However, they may be tested only in demo mode, which is intended for the first acquaintance with them. It is prohibited to place real bets on our portal.

Our online casino guide allows users to find a huge number of articles dedicated to all kinds of interesting gambling-related topics. Interesting and useful publications, which deal with almost all games of chance, the best gambling houses in the world, famous high rollers, legendary fraudsters, gambling tycoons, software, jackpots, lotteries, and many other things are waiting for you.

In our articles and reviews we try to bring to light scammers who offer useless betting systems, applications, and other stuff, which may help only them to become rich. It happened that we were threatened with all kinds of consequences, but no one could intimidate us.

Much attention on the pages of the social networking website is paid to the prevention of gambling addiction. We explain how to prevent its development, how to recognize the early signs, depending on the game, and where to go if you cannot cope with problem gambling yourself. The online casino guide offers not only advices and recommendations, but also the contact details of experts who are professionals in this field.

We also discuss various strategies provided for the basic variations of blackjack, video poker, and other games of chance. This information is extremely valuable for those who want to improve their skills and achieve positive results.

Bonus hunting, ways to hack slot machines, and other techniques that are supposed to be illegal at casinos are discussed superficially in order to provide common information about them. We do not support those who try to use such methods. Therefore, we do not tell our readers about their practical use.

On the other hand, we explain in detail how to choose a reputable and reliable establishment and how to register. The articles published on our website also cover the games with the most beneficial rules. They recommend whether gamblers should take a bonus or not. There are also tips whether to participate in a given tournament or not. You may also find advices concerning complains of frauds that you may come across at online casinos.

If possible, the portal contributes to solving problems with the administration of an online casino, which may arise among gamblers. We can boast with joy and pleasure that we have succeeded in helping numerous customers. So, feel free to contact us if you need help.

Reviews of bonuses and tournaments, provided by online establishments and published on our website, will allow customers to choose the best offers. We also show gamblers how to use them in the most profitable way. Keep in mind that some bonuses are available only for readers of our online casino guide.

In addition, our site includes a section with news and blogs of users, which allow our readers to share any gambling-related information.

We respect the legislation of any country, whose residents use materials of our website, but we are unable to limit their access to and to check whether they use this information properly.

Pulling off excessive pathos, we just want to add that we neither earn on you, our dear readers, nor sell anything. We do not offer you to become customers of gambling houses. Communication with us will cost you nothing. On the contrary, it will bring various benefits. So, regularly visit the online casino guide called

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