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The last few years have seen the tremendous rise of online casinos, portals on the web that offer users the opportunity to enjoy traditional casino games digitally. The success of this formula is proved by the enormous offer of mobile casinos on the internet, a wave that seems to have no setbacks.

But what is it that you like so much in the formula offered by online casinos, so much so that you have decreed a real exodus from the actual gambling halls to the portals on the web? The answers are many and we will try to deepen them in detail. The main ingredient in the online casino success recipe is the fact that they offer gambling enthusiasts the chance to play with their favorite casino games without necessarily having to travel to a real casino or gambling hall.

To play on a legal online gaming platform, in fact, all you need is an internet connection (data or landline) and a computer or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. With these few elements you can play slot machines, roulette, card games and live games wherever you are and at any time of the day. A real revolution that allows you to experience the thrill of gambling even while sitting comfortably in your armchair.

Another reason why online mobile casinos are extremely popular is the realism achieved by the games offered on their platforms. The work done by software developers over the past few years is truly commendable and that is why today we can experience a gaming experience in all respects similar to reality. Depending on the type of game that is chosen by the user, then, there are a myriad of different variations.

Just think of the online slot machines, present with hundreds of different titles, characterized by different settings, sounds and lights that can create an unparalleled involvement in the players. Furthermore, for some years now there have been many sites and portals offering live casino sections. Also present on Eurobet, this type of game allows users connected to the portal through computers or mobile devices to sit virtually at the table of a real casino, connected in streaming with a croupier or dealer in the flesh who records the bets.

Among the factors that make digital gaming platforms very popular is the fact that through the casino apps real money, users can access advantageous offers that they would not find in traditional gambling halls. We are obviously talking about the Bonuses and promotions offered by most bookmakers and gaming sites to their users. There are welcome bonuses, bonuses for the most loyal players and bonuses designed specifically for a specific game or portal section. Thanks to the bonuses players can increase their chances of winning without investing real money, preserving their assets.

Mobile casino, security guaranteed
Online players can be largely satisfied with the level of security offered today by online casinos. Despite the existence of many sites with foreign domains that operate without regular concessions (from which it is good to stay away because they do not provide any kind of protection for their users), with regard to legal casinos operating in Italy, maximum transparency is guaranteed by the Customs agency and monopolies. The state agency in charge of regulating gambling in Italy issues the concessions to operate exclusively after the online casino operators have demonstrated to respect all the strict provisions necessary to operate in our country. Every game and contest on a site with the authorization is subject to checks to prove its correct functioning, thus guaranteeing the protection of the player. Furthermore, the rules and operation of the game must be explained in a clear and understandable way to anyone.

Security is not a guaranteed aspect exclusively for what concerns the games but also for everything that has to do with the protection of its own transactions and sensitive data such as personal data (including copies of the documents used to test the player's identity) and the bank details (necessary to open a game account from which to withdraw funds and on which to credit any winnings). On these sites, in fact, the most modern encryption technologies (the same used by credit institutions for their home banking services) are used to encrypt user data, making them inaccessible to any malicious parties.

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