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Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Royale video game
Format: TBD
Publisher: Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale is a very popular cartoon-style game on Twitch. Players play in teams and their main objective is to survive, by finding weapons and killing your enemies. As time goes, the map becomes smaller and you will find your enemies more easily. Fortnite Battle Royale is going to become a big name in the eSports betting world, as the creator, Epic Games have announced that they will invest $100m in different Fortnite tournaments.

Gameplay of Fortnite: Battle Royale

The goal here is very simple – be the last one alive. The games usually start with the players landing on an island with a parachute and walking to the base spots they choose. Once the game starts the players get to explore the big and colorful island and its impressive cities. There are different themed cities throughout the arena, each one having a unique style. Some are more suburban, while some project big cosmopolitan cities. Players will be able to find different scattered weapons and other helpful items around the cities. Every once in a while, a violent “blue storm” will hit the island and shrink the map, to make it easier for players to find each other when there are little players left.

As in the Battle Royale movie, on which the game is based, players need to collect different weapons and resources to survive. This is possible from the beginning of the game when the players can run off to the center of the map where most items are collected. This, however, can expose them to enemies, and they can end up killed. The other option is to hide from these locations and not carry any gear, although this will not guarantee you a win as you will need to engage other players at one point. Players only get one life and if they die it is game over for them.

An interesting feature of Fortnite: Battle Royale is the ability to mine for resources and raise different structures with them. Players are able to collect different materials like rocks, wood, and metals to build structures in order to protect themselves or cause damage to enemies. This can give players a considerable advantage in the game.

How to Bet on Fortnite: Battle Royale?


It was only recently that Fortnite: Battle Royale’s became popular in the eSports world, but it is already present in most bookmaker websites. 

eSports betting is like betting on other regular sporting events. It is very simple. You need to predict which team or player will win and place your bet. The participants who have correctly guessed the winner will share the money-pot.

When betting on Fortnite: Battle Royale’s, as with other games, always make sure that you have done your research on the game and players before placing your bet. You can watch past competitions or watch live streams on Twitch. Don’t forget to follow the most current rankings of the best Fortnite players and keep an eye for new unknown stars.

Also, do not forget to check out the performance of the players. Have they been going up in the rankings lately? How many kills do they score in a game? What are their tactics?

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There are quite a few titles of proven eSport games with excellent gaming experience and true quality. Let us summarize the most important games that are popular for betting on eSports.

tiff arming its way through the crowded battle royale genre, Fortnite SEE DEAL Battle Royale sets itself apart by trading the traditional, bland military simulation vibe with vivid colors and an outstanding, freeform building system that’s unlike anything else in competitive multiplayer games.As its name suggests, Fortnite Battle Royale fits so neatly into the battle royale genre that blew up last year that the basic description sounds as standard as you can get: Up to 100 players are dropped onto a large but constantly shrinking map with the goal of gathering weapons and gear to become the last person or team left standing. But if you look just a little closer, it can’t be mistaken for any other game because the vehicle you’re skydiving out of is, inexplicably, a flying party bus – a nice change of pace from a drab military plane – and the place you land is a giant, beautifully colorful island, instead of a realistic landscape, surrounded by a violent storm.Thankfully, unlike other battle royale games, like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, where an unlucky circle could leave getting out of the encroaching circle almost impossible, Fortnite’s map is at least small enough (relative to PUBG’s) that even if you have to run across the entire island to get to the safety of the randomly centered eye of the storm you run very little risk of being killed by the collapsing border. On the island are several large and totally unique cities, each with their own style of structures — a quaint suburb of houses, a giant office district filled with skyscrapers, or a retail area with an outdoor mall. Each city is full of vibrant colors, and the map as a whole has hundreds of buildings with randomly spawning loot in the form of guns, explosives, and healing items.

Wait, Which Fortnite Is This?
Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite was originally conceived as a third-person, co-op, survival game where teams of players could mine resources and build structures to hold off hordes of undead enemies. That version, now a standalone game called Fortnite Save the World, still exists, but it’s not great. But as the battle royale genre started to gain popularity early in 2017, Epic adapted its survival game’s basic systems into something new: Fortnite Battle Royale, a separate, free-to-play game that feels like the perfect home for Save the World’s wayward mechanics.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s inventory management is, thankfully, simple by design. You get just five slots, so you’re forced to balance your arsenal of guns with your need for healing or explosives to deal with enemy structures. It’s a neat limiting factor that forced me to keep a mental shopping list of exactly what I was on the lookout for as I ran across the island, and to resist the urge to pick up anything else. With such specific needs in mind, every chest came with the thrill of hoping it would reveal the weapons I wanted most. Fortnite gives you plenty of ways to mix and match weapons, so even if that chest doesn’t come up with the exact item you want, you’ll never feel powerless in a fight.

Once you do find the weapons you’re looking for, most fights in Fortnite go about the same way: You start with one shot from a slow-firing heavy weapon like a sniper rifle or pump shotgun in hopes of ending the fight before it really started, then (if needed) switch over to a faster assault rifle or tactical shotgun to carry out the rest of the battle. While it’s far from the only way to play, this combination seems to be the preferred method for almost every player and provides the foundation of almost every fight in Fortnite.It’s a chaotic and fun system that makes fights a little more complicated.

“It’s a lightning-fast system where fights can end in the blink of an eye with just one slight miss. This makes for a stark contrast from other battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is filled with long, tense standoffs where sustained accuracy often matters more than a single well placed shot. It’s a chaotic and fun system that makes fights a little more complicated than simply aiming at your opponent and firing, but after a few hours with Fortnite I started to get the shoot-and-switch rhythm down and fights started to become almost automatic.

It’s the stuff around the shooting that helps Fortnite differentiate itself from every other battle royale game and shows off what truly makes it special:

Carrying over the building system from Save the World is a brilliant choice that sets Battle Royale apart not just from other battle royale games, but most competitive multiplayer games in general. Just about everything that isn’t the ground can be mined for wood, stone, or steel, which can be used to create walls, stairs, and floors anywhere on the map (so long as some part of the structure touches the ground). It’s a massive system with so many possibilities that, at first blush, it can be daunting to try to figure out how to build the massive structures that others around you have created. But that’s one of the best things about Fortnite: It always keeps things simple.

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