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Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Royale video game
Format: Not available yet.
Publisher: Bluehole Studio

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds (PUBG) is gaining popularity on Twitch lately. It is similar to other games such as ARMA and HZiZ. The game can be played in teams and with different objectives. When a game starts the first thing that players should do is to find gear, which is scattered around the map. As time goes, the map becomes smaller and opponents get to run into each other more frequently. There has been no official eSports tournament for the game yet, but ESL is planning to invest $350K in an upcoming tournament. 

Gameplay of PUBG

PUBG includes a multiplayer map, where up to 100 players fight each other, with the last one standing to be the winner. Players can play alone or with a team of up to four people. 

At the beginning of the game, the players are transported with a plane to a random map. The maps can vary in size and difficulty. The characters need to jump to the ground from the plane, which if done incorrectly can harm the player’s health. Once on the ground, they need to find gear as quickly as possible. Weapons, armor and different vehicles can be found all around the map, however, the zones in the middle of the map usually offer the best equipment. 

The game can be played from a first-person, or third-person perspective, depending on what the player chooses. The map shrinks on certain periods of time, which makes finding enemies easier. The map does not shrink proportionally, but towards a random location, so players need to be careful not to get caught outside the new map lines. Other threats such as bombs also await players at random locations. From time to time ally planes fly by and throw packages containing bonus items, which can not be found on the map.

One round of the game is usually around 30 minutes, although sometimes it can be much shorter depending on the number of players participating. When a round is over the players get awarded a certain amount of gold, depending on their performance. With the game currency, players can purchase different outfits for their characters and customize them. 

How to Bet on PUBG?

The first eSports event which included PUBG was hosted by Bluehole Interactive in the 2017 Charity Invitational, which was aimed to raise money for charity. The event had a huge success eventually bringing more than US$200,000. Since this was the first PUBG gaming event, it prototyped how future events will be structured. 

The Gamescom PUBG Invitational was the next bigger PUBG event and was held in Cologne, Germany in August last year at the annual Gamescom event. Other popular events such as the Electronic Sports League and the Intel Extreme Masters Oakland also included PUBG in their programs and gave out big prize-pools to the winners. There is no doubt that this game is slowly making its way to the top of the eSports world and will soon likely have its own tournament. 

If we got you interested in this game, you can find free live streams on Twitch, or watch the replays of old events online. This will help you learn more about the players and whom you should bet on. 

The world has only had their hands on Miramar—the new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds map—for about a week. That's an extremely limited amount of time in most other games, but given the PUBG community's thirst for new stuff, a faint vision of the meta is already falling into place. The map will leave the test servers on December 20 (with new weapons and vehicles to boot), alongside the official release of PUBG 1.0. 

Pro teams are already slaving away to uncover the most efficient loot runs possible, and I imagine we probably won't have a crystalline image of all of Miramar's quirks til January, but in the meantime I've surveyed the scene and am reporting back with the hotspots people are talking about right now.


Miramar is home to some of the most impressive cityscapes yet released in PUBG, but one of the best places to drop is a tiny little industrial hamlet right in the middle of the map. Pecado is located northwest of Los Leones (right along a crusty mountainous ridge), and if you land on top of the abandoned boxing arena, you can easily drop through the roof and pick up a boatload of level-three gear early. Better yet, the central location means you're pretty much guaranteed to be in the first circle. As the meta shakes out, perhaps Pecado will shape itself into an early-game bloodbath, but right now it feels distinctly overlooked compared to the other hotspots.

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