Comparison of Deposit Bonuses with Bonuses Without Deposit


It is hard to overestimate how important bonuses are when it comes to online casinos. This is the element that mainly differentiates them from conventional casinos. There are generally two main types of bonuses that can be offered, bonuses with or without a deposit. 

As is clear from the name, to use a deposit bonus, the player is required to first leave a deposit and after that he will be offered a bonus similar in the amount (certain limits of the amount are normally established).  highnoon casino

Thus, the player is first required to contribute an amount on his side. The sign-up bonus is considered the most frequent one. At the time of making the first deposit, the player can enjoy the bonus from the casino, even before the player gets to betting. This type of bonus is one of the biggest that a casino can offer (it can reach several hundreds of dollars in most cases, but there are some casinos increasing it to several thousands). This allows the player to increase his playing capacity at once. There is also a number of casinos offering a monthly bonus – this type of bonus is meant for players who have already played with the casino. Every deposit made by the player makes the casino provide the player with a monthly bonus comparable in the amount.  no deposit bonus code

In other cases, online casinos offer additional bonuses if specific deposit options have been used by the player. 

When it comes to bonuses with no deposit, they clearly require no initial contribution from the player. This way, the player is invited to try out various games without paying for it out of their own pocket. It should be noted that the amount of the bonus received upon signing up with no deposit tends to be much less significant than the one of the deposit bonus (it is usually limited to several dozen dollars). This is explained by the fact that the player is not asked to contribute at this stage. The no deposit sign-up bonus is not so common among online casinos.  jumba bet

As for microgaming online casinos, they provide the player with a different variety of the bonus that is called free play bonus. The players can enjoy a fixed number of bets to be made on specific slots games. The bets should be made within a restricted period of time, and if the player is successful, he can retain the won amount. 

There is also a type of bonus that does not imply making a deposit that is called Refer A Friend bonus. In this case, the player can benefit from a bonus every time he brings a friend in. 

Bonuses with deposits


  • The amount of the deposit bonus tends to be larger and can reach several hundred dollars
  • The sign-up deposit bonus can be enjoyed as soon as the betting starts
  • This type of bonus is very common


Bonuses with no deposit


  • The player is not required to pay his share
  • The sign-up bonus with no deposit allows the player to try different games without paying anything


  • Bonuses with no deposits usually are limited to several dozens of dollars
  • This type of bonuses is rather seldom
Comparison of Deposit Bonuses with Bonuses Without Deposit Updated: November 29, 2019 Author: Damon