Deposit casino bonuses


Almost all the casinos offer deposit bonuses. Thus, it’s very important to understand the conditions and specific features of the bonuses. Deposit bonuses are given in the form of a credit that enables you to play regularly. If you can meet all the bonus conditions, the credit balance turns into the money that you can withdraw. slots o cash

The bonus amount is set as a percentage increase of the deposit amount. Mostly, they offer 100% of the deposit amount, but you can also find offers (200%, 300% …) or less (50%). For example, if you deposit €100 with the bonus of 100%, you will have €200 on your account. If you have 300%, then it will make a whole of €400. slot of vegas

The maximum bonus amount is usually limited, and you can’t get a big bonus even if you make a big deposit. But if you deposit less than the minimal deposit amount, you won’t get any bonuses. Usually, the minimal deposit amount totals 10€.

Deposit bonuses types

  • Welcome bonus – is a bonus that you get after you make the first deposit. This is the maximum bonus you can have, when you make a deposit.
  • The second, the third and the fourth deposit bonuses – usually the bonus amounts to 50-100% from the deposit sum.
  • Regular bonuses – are given on a certain day established by the casino (for example, on Wednesdays or weekends). The bonus totals approximately 25% from the deposit amount, but sometimes it can change. Therefore, study carefully the promotion activities offered by your casino, and choose the most profitable day to make a deposit.

Rollover requirements

You can’t withdraw your bonuses immediately as you must first use them in the casino (rollover requirements). A bonus rollover means that your bets amount must exceed n-fold times the initial bonus amount. For example, in case you have a bonus of 100 Euro with the wager requirements x30, you must wager €3000. If you play slots, you need to spin 300 times (regardless you win or lose). Many gamblers can’t meet this requirement and lose their bonus completely. There are 2 options:

  • Rollover requirements include only the bonus amount. First, you begin to gamble with the deposit sum and only after you can gamble with the bonuses. If you don’t lose your money when you gamble with the deposit sum, but, on the contrary, increase its amount, you can refuse the bonus and take the money. Bonuses work as your second chance.
  • Rollover requirements include the bonus amount together with the deposit amount. You will get it once for the deposit in the form of a big bonus. As a rule, the requirements to this bonus are half as much as the rollover requirements. Despite this fact, this bonus is less profitable. You have got limitations when gambling with the bonuses (maximum bet amount requirements, list of allowed games etc.). And if you win playing with the deposit sum, you still have to meet the rollover requirements. Otherwise, if you cancel the bonus, you will lose all your winnings, and the casino will repay you only the initial deposit amount. planet 7 casino

Therefore, before you take a bonus, get to know all the limitations. Maybe, in some cases it would be better to play only with the deposit sum? In order to help you to make your decision, we mentioned the profitability of each bonus.

In addition to the rollover requirements the gambler must pay attention to other rules:

  • Maximum amount of the convertible credit – if you manage to meet all the bonus conditions, the bonus can be converted into real money. The bonus conditions can also contain the maximum amount that could be converted into money. Let’s suppose that this sum is equivalent to the 5-fold deposit amount. If you even have spun the slot machines for €3000 using your bonus of €100 and met all the rollover conditions, your bonus winnings will total €500.
  • Time limits – for each bonus a casino sets time limits, when it can be used. Usually, this period lasts for a month, and after that the bonus is canceled.
  • Maximum bet amount limit – a casino limits the maximum bet amount. They do it in order to reduce hunting for bonuses. Aggressive games with a high dispersion rate are a good chance for bonuses hunters, as the simplest solution is to bet the entire bonus amount for a certain number in one roulette round. And if you win, you increase your bonus 36 times making it very easy to meet all the bonus requirements. You just can change your strategy and play a game with a low dispersion rate.

ATTENTION!!! A casino doesn’t limit the bet amount if you play with bonuses. Therefore, be very careful as the casino can use it as a reason in order not to pay out your winnings. This is the most common mistake made by a novice. You should always examine the bonuses conditions very carefully.

But you can easily get around this condition using the doubling button. This button enables to increase the winnings twofold, if you are lucky. This button enables to increase the dispersion rate. Some casinos can provide this option, even if they limit the bet amount. But remember that this option isn’t applied automatically, and you should check it on your own. slots of vegas

In the games, where the rollover requirements are applied – a casino doesn’t give credit for the entire bet amount. In some games this condition changes depending on the type of the game. Let’s consider an example that includes various types of games:

Type of game Wager percentage from the bet
Game machines 100%
Roulette 25%
Baccara 20%
Video poker 20%
Poker 10%
Blackjack 5%

For example, if you want to meet the rollover condition in the roulette and the required amount totals €1000, you need to bet: 1000/0.25 = €4000. This model of conditions stops the bonuses hunters from using the bonus. In Blackjack the payout rate amounts to 99.5%. On the average, you will lose less making bets, but you will have to bet more according to the bonus conditions. A casino needs gamblers keen about the game, but not experts who want to win. Please, learn about the bonus conditions before you make a deposit and get the bonus to find out if you favorite game is included in the list of allowed games.

Is it worth to take a deposit bonus?

Basically, yes, it is. They will allow you to extend the pleasure and gamble longer increasing your chances to win. Bonuses that aren’t worth to be taken include a deposit account combined with a bonus, and a bonus that amounts to less than 100% from the deposit amount. On the Web site we rated each bonus according to a 3-grade scale (profitable, neutral, and unprofitable).

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