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Do you love to play casino games at internet and looking for some of the best online casinos France, then you at most suitable place. Here at this page you will find top French online casinos that are accepting players from your beautiful country.
Like the rest of the world, France is also home to a wide variety of online casinos that offer plenty of choice and fun. Online casinos available in French are numerous. But there are also French online casinos specifically designed for this market. We at Bonus.Express have gathered them all, summing no less than 298 such establishments. Players are directed to these two types of casinos in order to simplify their understanding of the rules, the various instructions, as well as the multiple specifications in these online gambling sites. This is precisely the case for beginners and insiders. In order to help them decide between reliable online casinos and possible scammers, we rely on real casino players to submit their honest reviews. Transparency above all!

Top 10 French Online Casino Sites with a FRESH bonuses!

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About Top 10 French Online Casino Sites with a HUGE bonuses!

Gambling History in France

France has a long history of gambling and is reported to have added the Queen to the deck of cards in the 16th century (replacing the Nobleman). It’s well known that Roulette was developed in France back in the 1700s and pari-mutuel betting is also said to have originated in France in the 1800s. In more recent times, in 1988, was the year in which land-based slot machines were made legal and France became one of the most gambling-friendly countries in Europe. Also in this same year, the legal gambling age was lowered from 21 to 18.

Players quickly turned to online casino gambling in the mid-’90s with the emergence of numerous foreign-based gambling sites, but it wasn’t until 2010 that the online casino industry was properly regulated. Before 2010 only national companies were permitted to operate gambling sites online and the two prominent market leaders were Francaise des Jeux and the PMU.

In 2010 the new Gambling Act came into effect, and it was at this point when certain games such as slots, baccarat and roulette became prohibited. The new legislation also allowed for both the regulation and taxation of foreign-based online casinos, online poker, bingo and sports betting sites. However, approximately half of the online gambling operators that ended up acquiring a gambling licence half a decade ago have already left the market, and the main reason for this is due to the extremely high taxes that are imposed by authorities.

France Gambling & Online Gambling Laws

France as a whole is still recognized as being a gambling-friendly nation with its fairly liberal outlook towards gambling activities in general. When the 2010 Gambling Act was introduced, a regulatory body known as ARJEL (the ‘Regulatory Authority for Online Games’), was also formed and this was designed to specifically oversee legal online gambling activities in the country. One of the roles of the authority was to crackdown on foreign-controlled gambling sites that aimed their business towards French citizens but were unlicensed in France.

High taxes are one of the main setbacks that potential operators consider before applying for a license in France, and this factor alone has driven away numerous operators who no longer wish to continue offering their services to the French market. There are also high taxes on winnings from online poker and sports betting which has pushed players away from gambling at their very own home-grown gambling sites and into the arms of foreign-controlled websites where players don’t have to pay any taxes. Despite the high taxes and lack of certain popular games, the online gambling market in France is still flourishing and continues to show steady growth. At the time of writing, there are NO laws that prevent players from gambling at foreign gambling sites


The best online gambling sites in France are ranked after thorough research on 10 key points by our team of experts. The finest of local and international France casinos online provide users with the utmost gambling experience, including VIP services, bonuses, and promotions. When choosing an online casino France legal aspects shouldn’t be overlooked, but other factors are no less important. We believe that the criteria below are the most comprehensive for the represented France online gambling sites.

  • License. To gain the necessary credibility, online France casinos must be licensed by ARJEL – L’Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne, which, unfortunately, bans all casino games save for lotteries, poker, and bingo. Although foreign operators do have some licenses, the lion’s share of top France online casinos is monopolized. We have researched the French legal field and included only the safest and most secure France online casinos to the top list, so you will have no legal issues when gambling at any France casino online.
  • Casino Games Variety. All top 10 France online casinos can boast of a wide choice of gambles. It is worth noting that some offshore online casinos in France also support the games that are officially forbidden in the county.
  • Reliable Casino Software. For any respectable online casino for France players and international punters, reliability is among the top concerns. Top France casinos are equipped with the finest software by Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and other leaders of the world market, so you are guaranteed to have a smooth and error-free gambling process. Best France online casinos regularly update its software so that even the slightest hiccup won’t go unnoticed.
  • Jackpots. The size and the chance for hitting the Jackpot are what we also took into account when compiling the list of France gambling sites. Typically, Static Jackpots are issued more frequently, while Progressive Jackpots are bigger in size. An online casino France is one of the best places to win big!
    Mobile Compatibility. In France online casinos are compatible, which means they support mobile gambling in all operating systems. With an online casino smartphone becomes your best friend: just load the favorite game in the browser and enjoy the gameplay from anywhere on the map!
  • Casino Bonuses. According to France online casino reviews, bonuses attract seasoned gamblers the most, and for a reason. Free spins, doubled winnings, Wilds, and Scatters boost your winnings by times! The best online betting sites in France provide a variety of bonuses for newbies and experienced punters.
  • Convenient Payment Options. If you are going to gamble online with real money, you have to make sure that the chosen casino France online provides the deposit and payment option you need. For this, navigate through the correspondent section of the casino. The most widespread payment method is EUR, but USD, BTC, and other currencies are supported as well. When it comes to the choice of a casino online France has casinos supporting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as a number of e-wallet options, including but not limited to PayPal, Ticket Premium, Neosurf.
    Security Issues. When dealing with online casino France occurs to be one of the safest EU gambling destinations due to its severe gaming regulations. A legit online casino in France never experiences any security breach and constantly updates its protection algorithms.
  • Customer Support. For France players casino is reliable if it has responsive customer service. The best casino in France immediately process queries and recommends players optimal ways of solving problematic situations.
  • VIP Programs. Any big France casino online treats its VIP casino players in a special manner. That can be unique gambling conditions provided by live casino dealers online, no deposit free bonus casino games, increased winnings, etc.
  • Introcution To Online Gambling In France
    Some of the best gaming venues in the world today are the best online casinos in France. It is no secret that the people of France have long been fond of gambling games like blackjack and roulette. Now it is possible to play those games and many more at the best online casinos in France.

Here is a brief guide that will help you understand more about gambling in France and how these games of chance and skill can now be found online.

Gambling in France

French culture has always been one that supports gambling. This goes hand-in-hand with the French tradition to celebrate life and personal freedoms. Anyone that has ever been to Paris will agree that the French have an appreciation for the finer things in life. This includes playing games at both live and online casinos.

Gambling on games of chance, cards, casino games, horse-racing, and sports remain a popular activity throughout all of Europe, but the best online casinos often can be found serving France. Casino gaming in France is steeped in elegance and tradition. Today that tradition is proudly carried on by online casinos which offer games such as baccarat, craps, and slot machines.

About French Online Casinos

There are two types of casinos which may be found in France. The first of these is the online casino that has its base of operations in France. These casinos are licensed in the country and regulated by local gaming authorities. Many French nationals prefer these gaming venues, making them the best online casinos in France.

Not all of the best online casinos are based in France, however. Some casinos that serve France are located offshore in places like Malta or Curacao. These casinos operate in the same manner as other casinos that are registered in France. They provide the same games, the same deposit methods, and the same realistic graphics. You really can’t tell the difference when you play at either of these casino types.

The fact that there are different types of online casinos in France is good news for the player. This means that the casinos are always competing with one another for business. They will regularly try to top one another in the bonuses they offer and other promotions. Always check to see which French online casino is currently serving up the best deals for players.

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