Top 10 Georgian Online Casino Sites

Georgia offers residents state regulated lottery, charity gambling, and gambling cruise ships for land based gambling, which are very few gambling choices for residents. It is safe to say that most of the residents of Georgia are either traveling to other states to satisfy their gambling needs or gambling on the internet.

Before taking part in internet gambling state of Georgia residents should familiarize themselves with state gambling laws and trusted internet gambling websites. This page brings you the best in internet gambling sites and a review of state gambling laws. At this website, we do not claim to be lawyers and laws are constantly changing so please contact a lawyer about anything pertaining to online gambling laws you are unsure about.

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About Top 10 Georgian Online Casino Sites with a HUGE bonuses!

Georgia Casinos and Gambling

Short Summary: Georgia is easily one of the most restrictive states when it comes to its gaming laws. The only forms of gambling that are legalized and regulated are charitable gaming (bingo and raffles) as well as the state lottery. While Georgia has not legalized Internet gambling, players who wish to do so should have little to worry about.

The first question is this: What Georgia Casinos?

The only states I can think of that are more restrictive when it comes to gambling than Georgia are Alaska, Hawaii and Utah. To be clear, the last two of those states have absolutely no legalized form of gambling whatsoever, and Georgia is just slightly more liberal when it comes to gambling than that.

The long and short of this state is that they have a lottery and they allow for some limited charitable gambling.

Licenses for the purpose of conducting Bingo must be applied for with the Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, so right there you already have them looking into you if you want to run charitable bingo. Personally, I would be thinking we โ€˜ll be okay without charitable bingo because while I have nothing to hide, I really don โ€˜t want to invite any agency ending in, โ€œBureau of Investigation,โ€ to more closely scrutinize me. These licenses also cost $100, which is pretty high for an application fee.

Licenses to conduct raffles must be submitted to the County Sheriff of whatever county the Raffles are to be held in and also cost $100 to apply. The vast majority of states allow non-profits to hold, โ€œQuarter Raffles,โ€ or, โ€œ50/50 Raffles,โ€ no problem as long as it is to benefit some sort of non-profit organization. Not around these here parts, y โ€˜all. (I โ€˜m sorry, I shouldn โ€˜t make fun.)

The Georgia Lottery seems to have pulled in more than 1.8B in pre-distribution revenues in 2017, so I guess it โ€˜s any port in a storm for those wanting to gamble in the state. Speaking of ports, the state does have one casino cruise ship that goes a few miles out into International waters and then operates a casinoโ€ฆso I guess that โ€˜s something.

Online Casino Laws in Georgia

According to the Law of Georgia on Organising Lotteries, Games of Chance and Other Prize Games, operators who run a land-based casino, can apply for a license to organize online casino games, which is granted by the Revenue Service. As a result, there a few specialized online casino sites in Georgia already.

But the law also allows international platforms to operate in the country, as long as they hold a license elsewhere. In this way, Georgian gamblers can choose from a wide variety of websites which helps them to have access to more casino games and better opportunities, such as Georgian online casino bonuses and online casino promotions in Georgia.

Online Casino Payment Methods in Georgia

There are several payment methods available when depositing and withdrawing winnings. Of course, so that operators keep providing gamblers with safe and fair environments, every money transaction must be fully transparent. Accordingly, the credit and debit cards of VISA and MasterCard are usually accepted. But there are also alternatives that are as efficient, such as Skrill, Neteller, adjaraPay, ecoPayz or Qiwi. For more information, consult the online casino reviews directory in Georgia.

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