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How was your weekend so far? Chilling at home? That´s my favorite! I have a game for you that you will love I know!

Wishing Cup, a 25-line, 5-Reel Slot. 

The tomb of Tutankhamun was lost and his name forgotten over 3000 years. After its discovery in the Valley of the Kings in 1922 , King Tut would quickly become the world’s most well known Pharaoh.
One of the first items discovered in the tomb was an alabaster chalice, shaped like a lotus in full bloom that was dubbed the Wishing Cup. The chalice symbolises the eternal life and rebirth of King Tut. When the Wishing Cup icon is hit, King Tut is reborn from within the chalice, rising upwards creating wild symbols. When the tomb was fully lit, it became clear it was filled with thousands of treasures and wondrous artifacts untouched by time. The mummy of the king was encased in a golden sarcophagus with his famous mask.

Don’t be a mummy, unwind and play Wishing Cup with your Sunday Bonus!  

100% BONUS with a super low rollover + 300% Bonus at Slots Capital Updated: September 24, 2018 Author: Damon

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