Congratulations on your purchase of DIY Chair Fortunium 3000! This is your assembly instruction:
1. Open the box with Fortunium 3000 and make a soothing tea.
2. Equip yourself with a hammer.
3. Stretch your arms.
4. Imagine a chair of your dreams. The chair, which not only relaxes after hard working day, but also can help you to generate better ideas.
5. Attach all chair legs by hammer a couple of nails and you are done.
6. Take a perfect selfie with your creation.
If you carefully follow the guidelines above you will end up owning a perfect chair. But if for some reason you miss any of the steps you might have built an enrichment device, in such case do not tell anyone about it and simply enjoy its rewarding power. In order to launch the device activate your deposit gift:

25 freespins in Fortunium Updated: July 17, 2018 Author: Damon

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