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You know what they say about Sunday… It’s a FUN Day! Not only so, us Ranchers got a big ol’ barrel o’beer to guzzle (along with Free Spins to spend), and we need your help!Up for the challenge? Of course you are!

Take a look at our Free Spins Special on our Jackpot slot, Dolphin Reef ($50,000 Jackpot!), all on tab (along with the beer!):

Spin All Day & Hit that Jackpot!

285% up to $570 + 175 Free Spins on Dolphin Reef, Redeemable 5x!

Ready to take a spin at the Ranch? Don’t waste your free day away – Play it, instead! Make your first deposit now and enjoy bonuses, all day long!

* Valid for new players only! Bonus Rules Apply. 

(Min. $25)

285% up to $570 + 175 Free Spins on Dolphin Reef, Redeemable 5x at Red Stag Updated: October 22, 2018 Author: Damon
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