30 Never Before Seen Games + $50 Free Chip Updated: July 6, 2018 Author: Damon

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  • Faustino Cowen
    Faustino Cowen

    Goodluck to those who play this casino

  • Moshe Perea
    Moshe Perea

    hello @imakin1 . Happy Friday to you too and may this one be a lucky one

  • Moshe Perea
    Moshe Perea

    Happy gaming

  • Julius Clare
    Julius Clare

    All the best to the depositing players

  • Ernesto Staub
    Ernesto Staub

    I hope you had a good day with lots of winning games and tournaments.

  • Lamont Penson
    Lamont Penson

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  • Grover Riffle
    Grover Riffle

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  • Lacy Baum
    Lacy Baum

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  • Buford Ehrlich
    Buford Ehrlich

    Whatļæ½s the difference between a poker player and a dog? In about ten years, the dog quits whining.

  • Vito Rounds
    Vito Rounds

    Thanks for sharing and good luck to all who play

  • Clemente Height
    Clemente Height

    Thank You admin and to the submitter

  • Adolfo Holthaus
    Adolfo Holthaus

    Keep smiling…

  • Jed Shrout
    Jed Shrout

    hanks for the post

  • Efrain Benoit
    Efrain Benoit

    Gambling is entertainment. People go to casinos to be entertained

  • Vito Rounds
    Vito Rounds

    Behind bad luck, comes good luck. ~ Anonymous

  • Rafael Colby
    Rafael Colby

    Enjoy your play

  • Douglas Lacy
    Douglas Lacy

    jump,stamp,shake and wink before anything else

  • Joe Necaise
    Joe Necaise

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  • Kim Hillis
    Kim Hillis

    Enjoy the rest of the day,stay positive and happy

  • Ernesto Staub
    Ernesto Staub

    If you have no luck as a player. Nobody said it would be easy game, so don’t ever give up when it gets hard.

  • Gerry Lemus
    Gerry Lemus


  • Ben Sorrells
    Ben Sorrells


  • Terrell Lloyd
    Terrell Lloyd

    waka woot

  • Buford Ehrlich
    Buford Ehrlich

    Gambling is the son of avarice and the father of despair

  • Salvador Vela
    Salvador Vela

    or your mom )

  • Duncan Turk
    Duncan Turk

    Thanks but no thanks

  • Jimmy He
    Jimmy He

    Players,best of luck

  • Salvador Vela
    Salvador Vela

    May your All Saints

  • Dwight Tyus
    Dwight Tyus

    That’s a wonderful place to successful game and fun. Enjoy the game here!

  • Ervin Cioffi
    Ervin Cioffi

    Have a good monday to all

  • Bobby Metzler
    Bobby Metzler

    Just as in life there are people who just seem to have luck welded to their beings, while others trip over that satchel in the middle of the street containing a million dollars only to get hit by a car.the same holds true in a casino.

  • Jody Prosser
    Jody Prosser

    Decide how much time you can afford to spend gambling. When you reach that time limit, stop gambling.

  • Douglas Lacy
    Douglas Lacy

    If you’re on a losing steak, don’t try to force your play. Take a break and play another time.

  • Brett Ryan
    Brett Ryan

    Have a good tuesday to all

  • Jonas Passmore
    Jonas Passmore

    thank you admin,submitter too

  • Vito Rounds
    Vito Rounds

    May this day bring lots of happiness your way

  • Jimmy He
    Jimmy He

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  • Buster Hook
    Buster Hook

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  • Vito Rounds
    Vito Rounds

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  • Chuck Wethington


  • Hai Wirtz
    Hai Wirtz

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  • Leslie Phung
    Leslie Phung

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  • Matt Alarcon
    Matt Alarcon

    Thank you for the information. All the best to those who play at this casino!

  • Leandro Jesse
    Leandro Jesse

    One of the problems is @titomania is that it does not pay me several times when I do win. For instance, this evening, I hit on a spin for $9.52 and it did not pay me. I reported this to several different casinos live chat, as it is happening every time I play it no matter what casino. Tonight though, I think I figured out the problem, which should NEVER be happening, but as I win the money, I hit spin before it credits it…if I pause before spinning it seems to be paying me…so far. This never happens on any other game, and like I said, it should never happen in the first place. I wonder if they will ever take my comment about it seriously as nothing has changed.

  • Dwight Holland
    Dwight Holland

    Passing through

  • Dwight Tyus
    Dwight Tyus

    Players,best of luck

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