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You’ve Made It…

To Santa’s special list this weekend! Spin the reels of our jolly The Naughty List with 50 pay-lines and 77 added spins there are plenty of chances for you to score extra Christmas presents!

How to get your bonus:
Go to the cashier’s ‘Redeem Coupon’ section and enter coupon code SLOTO77WEEKEND before making your deposit of $30 or more! Offer holds 30x slots, keno or scratch cards playthrough and no max cashout. Spins winnings will be added to your balance with no additional roll over. Coupon redeemable 2x per day from Friday through-Sunday. 

77% Match + 77 The Naughty List Free Spins at Sloto Cash Updated: December 7, 2018 Author: Damon

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