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Being naughty can be great fun, especially when you get to unwrap someone’s Xmas gifts. In Swindle All The Way, a hilarious 5-reel slot, comical mayhem is brewing, feat. free games, prize multipliers and random jackpots. With double comps until the end of December, you can celebrate an early Xmas Day.

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Bonus: 100% up to $500 + 50 spins

* Min. deposit $20, max. bonus amount $500.
* Any winnings from free spins are subject to 10x wagering.
* Standard wagering requirements apply for the deposit bonus.
* Valid until 31st December, 2018.

Bonus: 100% up to $500 + 50 spins at Intertops Casino Updated: December 4, 2018 Author: Damon

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