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The USA bingo room is home to the very best in USA bingo fun. Filled with exciting USA coverall / reverse coverall games and classic Pari-mutuel Games playing on U.S.A. Bingo patterns, there’s no end to the fantastic cash prizes up for grabs between 12:00AM CEST and 6:00AM CEST every Sunday and Monday night in the USA Bingo room.

USA Bingo CoverallUSA €300 Coverall Minimum €90games play for fantastic cash prizes of up to €300 every game. With a guaranteed minimum prize of €90 to be won and a card cost of just 0.60a card, you are always guaranteed incredible bingo fun and excitement in the USA bingo room with these fun filled games.

USA Bingo Reverse CoverallUSA €300 Reverse Coverall €90games bring a great twist the fun in the USA Bingo room. Starting with a guaranteed €90 minimum to be won, these great games see the prize pot grow all the way up to a fabulous €300 every game. With a card cost of just €0.60 a card, join in the reverse coverall fun and excitement every game.

USA Bingo GamesUSA Bingo games are Pari-mutuel Games playing on our fabulous U.S.A. Bingo patterns; The White House, the Statue of Liberty bingo pattern or even the Golden Gate Bridge bingo pattern along with many more of your favorite USA themed patterns. Cards for our USA Bingo games are just €0.60 a card.

Buy 6 Get 3 Free

Join in the USA Bingo fun and excitement between 6pm and midnight every Sunday and Monday and receive a fantastic Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards to all games in the USA bingo room. This great offer works for pre orders to, so why not pre order your cards for USA bingo fun from your PC, tablet or mobile device today.

Buy 6 Get 3 Free. Special Offer for Americans! Updated: July 30, 2018 Author: Damon

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