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Bwin’s welcome bonus is a subject to change, and a change that occurs frequently. Currently, new players are treated with 50 bonus spins on a selected NetEnt game. It’s a modest bundle of bonus spins, but it can take you to distance if you are fortunate. The winnings from the bonus spins are free from wagering requirements, which means what you win is yours to keep. However, the bet size is set at the very minimum.

Bwin Casino Welcome Bonus. 50 Spins (selected NetEnt Game)!

  Bonus Bonus Spins
Bonus Spins (UK) N/A 50 Spins (selected NetEnt Game)
Welcome Bonus 100% – £/€200 N/A
18+, New Customers Only. Minimum qualifying deposit £10. Skrill and Neteller deposits excluded. Spins available in Starburst. Bet Level 1/ Coin value 0.01. 0x wagering requirement on winnings. Players have 7 days to claim and use the Bonus Spins. 
Gamble Responsibly – www.begambleaware.org
All Bonuses are subject to the Bwin Casino T&C.

In all honesty, these bonus spins are nothing out of the ordinary. We prefer bonus money bonuses, because players are given the liberty to choose what game they’re going to play. This way, new Bwin Casino players are stuck with the selected NetEnt game.


Bwin Casino Welcome Bonus. 50 Spins (selected NetEnt Game)! Updated: January 9, 2019 Author: Damon

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