Bingolicious Bingo Tourney

Bingolicious Bingo Tourney

It’s Friday night, it’s 2:00AM CEST and it’s time to enjoy the sweet taste of winning in our Bingolicious Bingo Tournament.

Be our Bingolicious Tourney Winner

There’s a delicious €600 in prizes up for grabs every week to our tourney winners, all you have to do is play our Bingolicious Tourney games and if you win the most games throughout the evening, you could be our Tourney winner of €180 cash!

Join us for some Bingolicious fun and a taste for the very best in bingo games, every Friday night from 2:00AM CEST till 5:59AM CEST and you could be our Bingolicious Tourney winner.

Win free cash

With all this delicious fun, make sure you have left room for more sweet treats, at 5:00AM CEST we play a free game with a Bingolicious €600 cash prize guaranteed!

Make sure that you reward yourself every Friday night with a delicious bingo treat in our Bingolicious Bingo Tourney.

Last week’s winners

Bingo Tournament Winners – Friday July 27th ~ Friday July 27th

 €600 in prizes Updated: April 9, 2019 Author: Damon
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