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For all those who are still up for fun after all Halloween activities, we have a new adventure to offer. Within a week, November 5th-11th, you have a chance to participate in the Yggdrasil promoย “Prize Drop Double Chance”ย by simply playing the top games โ€“ Hanzoโ€™s Dojo, Vikings Go Berzerk and Dark Vortex. Any of your bets placed on the featured slots during the promotion period can trigger a random cash reward from the pool of of 2000 prizes and the Double Chance option to boost your catch twice. Dare to compete for a โ‚ฌ1500 top prize or any other from the bankroll of โ‚ฌ45,000! Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to double your winning and activate a deposit gift for even more fun

Join a new cash race, Win a โ‚ฌ1500 top prize at Casino-X Online. 25 freespins in Vikings Go Berzerk Updated: November 6, 2018 Author: Damon

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