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The Best Secret... 200% Match

The Best Secret…

Experience the mysteries of Mexico when playing this medium variance slot. It has a beautifully sharp design, low beat background music and plenty of gold symbols ready to pay. The reels are decorated with jungle wildlife, sorcerers and chiefs, and a grand pyramid!

Secret Symbol Extended Features:

WILD SYMBOL:Ā The Aztec Chief is wild appearing on all reels. The wild carries a top 10,000 coin jackpot for 5 aligned chiefs. They will substitute for all symbols except scatters.

SCATTER:Ā The grand Pyramid is a scatter paying up to 500 coins. Grab 3 in a single spins to trigger the Free Games Secret Symbol feature.

SECRET SYMBOL FEATURE:Ā Three scatters anywhere on the reels grant 10 Free Games. During this feature the wild Chief will expand to cover the entire reel, when appearing on reel 2 and 4. At the end of each spin a Secret Symbol multiplier is revealed above the reels. It will grant a multiplier prize between x2 and x20 on the winnings of the spin. This feature can re-trigger adding 10 more FREE GAMES to your tally.

DOUBLE PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT:Ā Secret Symbol has two local progressive jackpots (Minor and Mayor) that can be won at the conclusion of any spin, in any denomination!

 + 200 Added Spins at Sloto Cash

Deposit $35 or more and redeem 200SECRET200 promo to match your deposit with a 200% match. Right after you will trigger 200 spins on Secret Symbol Slot and all winnings will be added to your deposit + bonus match promo to increase your bankroll skyhigh!

Offer holds 40x slots or keno playthrough + 10x roll over on 200 spins winnings and no max cashout! Promotion valid Today Only!

The Best Secret… 200% Match + 200 Added Spins at Sloto Cash Updated: January 23, 2019 Author: Damon
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