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Time For You to Build a Saturday Win! 200% Match + 200 Added Spins at Sloto Cash Casino Online!

Your Saturday Bonus:

200% Match + 200 Added Spins!

Bulder Beaver is a medium variance slot so you can get good payouts frequently. Look after the top 10,000 coin prize when you get 5 beaves in a spin!

There are plenty of bonus features on this video slot to help you build a solid win:

Substitute:Ā The Beaver is a wild substitute symbol and will substitute any symbol except scatters. Get 150 coin prize (x trigger bet) for 3 beavers, 1500 coin prize for 4 beavers and an impressive 10,000 coin prize for 5 beavers.

Scatter:Ā The Beaver sign can grant up 200 coin prize when 5 appear in a spin. If 3 or more appear in a single spin, then you are granted one of two bonus features discussed below.

Sign Feature:Ā During this feature you get 10 Free Games, with doubled prizes! The Beaver Sign symbols will morph into Wild Beaver symbols in this feature. 10 additional spins will be granted if 3 or more Beaver, or 3 or more Beaver Signs appear in a spin.

Beaver Feature:Ā Get 12 Free Games and see your prizes tripled whenever a substitute Beaver symbol appears in a win. The feature can be re-triggered!

Progressive Jackpots:Ā These jackpots are random and can be won at the conclusion of any spin. Go for a jolly good time playing Building Beaver at the Uptown of Gaming.

Time For You to Build a Saturday Win! 200% Match + 200 Added Spins at Sloto Cash Casino Online! Updated: January 16, 2019 Author: Damon
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