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Liechtenstein is a small European country, one of the smallest in the world and the fourth smallest in Europe. However, despite the fact the population is not impressive in numbers, this country is full of passionate gamblers. Is gambling legal here? It is legal, but it is strictly regulated. Moreover, there are no legal online casinos for Liechtenstein.

Yet, this is not a problem, because the residents are allowed to gamble at online casinos operated from abroad, and are not persecuted for doing so. And because Liechtenstein is in fact one of the richest countries out there, local punters are very welcome at many web casinos that work internationally. In other words, finding an online casino Liechtenstein accepting players from Liechtenstein is not a problem; there are dozens of those.

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About Top 10 Liechtenstein Online Casino Sites with a HUGE bonuses!

Lichtenstein is one of the smallest European countries. The country is actually a landlocked microstate with the majority of the population speaking German. The country is one of several European countries where gambling is legal. In fact, there are two cities with major gambling facilities which can legally provide their services to Lichtenstein citizens. It should be noted that gambling in Lichtenstein is legal, but also very strictly regulated by the Principality of Lichtenstein.

When it comes to the online casino industry in Lichtenstein, it is yet to be regulated. While land-based gambling became fully legal back in 2009, the situation is quite different for online casino operators. Fortunately for players from Lichtenstein, they are accepted by numerous international online casinos.

Online Casinos Accepting Players from Lichtenstein

There are around three hundred online casino venues which accept players from Lichtenstein. Since the country is one of the EEA members, it means that cross-border gambling in some other EEA areas is legal. In order words, players from Lichtenstein can, without any risks, register and play their favorite online casino games at foreign online casinos.

These types of online casinos accepting players from Lichtenstein usually accept both Swiss franc and Euro, which means that players can enjoy real money games in their native currency without worrying about exchange fees. It also should be noted that the majority of online casinos accepting players from Lichtenstein are available in German in addition to English.

Online Casinos in Liechtenstein

For a long time, gambling was completely illegal in Liechtenstein. During the 19th century, the small Principality was facing a bad financial situation and the Parliament wanted to legalize these activities in order to raise funds. However, the Prince of Liechtenstein refused and paid the debts himself, instead. Through the next years, operators tried to establish casinos in the country, though always in vain.

But since 2009 that the Alpine nation has regulated all forms of land-based gambling. And as of August 2019, there are two brick and mortar casinos, Casino Admiral in Ruggell and Casino Schaanwald. However, the recent regulations haven’t yet been applied to online casino sites in Liechtenstein.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Liechtenstein

Liechtensteiner online gambling laws are not quite clear now and may change in the near future, according to the latest news. Nevertheless, it’s vital for the players to know the rules of the country they are going to gamble in so this part is for those interesting in the online gambling industry in Liechtenstein and particularly in the online gambling law in Liechtenstein. We’ve explained the online gambling Liechtenstein legislation in the form of short questions and answers so that you can learn everything you need to know about the Liechtenstein online gambling very fast.

Is the land-based gambling legal in Liechtenstein?

Yes, according to the country’s laws, it’s legal to operate the brick-and-mortar CHF casino. Despite the gambling legality, there has not been a single casino in Liechtenstein until the recent time. In summer 2017, the casino was announced to be built in Ruggell. The Casino Admiral offers the decent number of games from slots machines to baccarat and poker and is said to attract the new tourists to the country. If the things go well in this one, we may expect the new casinos to be opened in Liechtenstein in the future.

Is online gambling allowed in Liechtenstein?

The online gambling laws in Liechtenstein are not as clear as the ones concerning the land-based gambling and, generally speaking, gambling online in Liechtenstein is not clearly regulated yet. In 2016, the online gambling authority of Liechtenstein passed the amendments to the law that would allow the legitimate online casinos for Liechtenstein players to apply for the legal online gambling license in Liechtenstein and provide their services officially. Despite this fact, there are still no legal online casinos in Liechtenstein and no one has applied for the license yet. But it doesn’t mean the players can’t make the bets in the Liechtensteiner online casinos at all. Luckily, the best online gambling sites outside of Liechtenstein are glad to accept the Liechtensteiners and their money. So while the online gambling Liechtenstein isn’t clearly legal, you can pick the safe online casino Liechtenstein from the Bonus.Express list of the reputable online casinos in Liechtenstein.

What is the online gambling age in Liechtenstein?

To try the safe online gambling in Liechtenstein or make the best in the just-built land-based casino, the player should be at least 18 years old. Most of the international online casinos have the same age limit but some of them may raise it to 21.

In two words, online casino Liechtenstein is kind of legal but the laws are unclear and there are no licensed casinos yet. The only way to play in the online casino for real money in Liechtenstein is to find the international gambling website that accepts the players from Liechtenstein.

What About Live-Dealer Games?

If you have any previous experience at online casinos then you should have a pretty good idea of what live games are and why they are so popular amongst players. And for those of you who are total newbies here is a short explanation. The live-dealer games, as you could probably tell by the name, are a type of online casino software that combines computer graphics and video live-streams in order to create the ultimate remote casino experience. They have become an absolute necessity for any great online venue and are now one of the most popular categories of casino games. And the best part is that all of the best online casino sites in Liechtenstein have plenty of them.

Mobile Compatibility and The Best Real Money Apps

By this point in time, you should be pretty used to reading or hearing statements like ‘mobile gambling is the future of online gambling’, but not many realised that the future is already here. We live in a truly digital age and our pocket devices are with us anywhere we go, completing any task that we throw at them. Thus, it was only natural that a time will come when the vast majority of gamblers would prefer their smartphones and tablets to the large and hard to move desktops.

This is why one of our main criteria for the best online casinos in Liechtenstein is that they are fully mobile compatible. This is a term that you have most certainly heard before, but maybe you don’t fully understand. To help you clear things up, we have included shortlist of the key features that we want to see in a good mobile casino. Moreover, we have also included a table that shows what believe to be the best mobile-friendly casino site in Liechtenstein as well as some important details about the venue.

Number of GamesPerformanceiOS and Android CompatibibilityBonus Offer

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