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Coming out on the 14th of August 2019, the offspring of the latest collaboration between Pulse8 Studios and Microgaming promises to be amazing. The immersive player experience will have you explore an ancient tomb and avoid traps to reach an incredible treasure. With high volatility and a huge jackpot, you will have the thrill of your life.

An exciting new adventure

Ringgg… Ringgg…

You quickly open your eyes and look at your phone. On its screen, you can distinguish the name of a fellow colleague from the Archeological Museum.

There goes your nap…

You answer the phone, still groggy with your heat-induced sleep. Your colleague, on the other hand, is overly excited. It seems a new tomb has been discovered and there is a need for an experienced archeologist to lead the exploration.

Your colleague was offered the job, but his broken leg doesn’t allow him to travel. He explains that he immediately thought of you, knowing your love for all things ancient, and recommended you to take the head of the expedition

You are now totally awake. The idea of researching a newly discovered tomb of the Dragon Veins has your heart fluttering. You profusely thank your friend and hang up.

You have to organize this trip. First things first, you call your two assistants and offer them to take part in the expedition. After a quick check on the airlines’ website, you decide to arrive at the archeological site on the 14th of August.

You decide to use the time before your departure to spruce up your knowledge on the ancient tombs. You already know that you will be facing many mechanical traps before you reach the final treasure, but you wish to know more about how to elude them.

You are so excited now about this amazing opportunity to unveil incredible treasures that even this heat wave seems to be an amazing preparation to the incandescent desert of the Dragon Valley.

Playing the game

This adventurous new online slot has 5 x 3 Reels and 25 fixed paylines, meaning you will automatically bet on all payline at every spin. The high-quality game has beautiful graphics and the immersive playing experience will thrill the players who venture on this game. That’s not all, with an RTP of 96.03% and very high volatility, the game will also fire up the gamblers that are ready to wager big to win bigger.

So how much do you need to bet to have a shot at winning the prize? In this casino game, the minimum bet is set at 0.25, with a default wager set at 2.50 and a maximum of 500. The coin sizes vary from 0.01 to 5.00 (default 0.10) and you can wager up to 100 coins.

With these wagers, you would expect to win big. So you should know that your explorer could bring home an incredible jackpot of 550 000.00 credits!

Are you already reaching for your hat and your whip? Just wait and read about the amazing feature the game has planned for you.

Rolling Reels

In this online slot, you always play with the Rolling ReelsTM. This great feature gives you an additional chance to obtain a winning combination at every spin. Are you wondering how that’s possible? Well every time you get a winning combination, their symbols will disappear while the rest of the grid spins again, making consecutive wins possible.

Symbol Turn Wild

Talking about consecutive wins, in Relic Seeker they are highly rewarded. In fact, obtaining consecutive wins will trigger the transformation of your symbols into Wilds.

Free Spins

Whenever you obtain 3 or more Scatter Symbols anywhere on the grid, you will enter the Free Spins feature and gain 10 Free Spins. In there, all bets played are the same as the one that triggered the feature. This bonus mode can be retriggered by obtaining 3 or more Scatters.

When you are in Free Spin mode, you can play an additional feature, the Collect Key Feature.

Collect Key

The Collect Key feature only appears in the Free Spins. The self-explanatory name explains that you can collect the Key Symbols that appear on screen to gain special bonuses:

The key and bonuses do not carry over to other Free Spins sessions

Special Symbols and Paytable

This video slot has many specials symbols and a great paytable:

Ready for an adventure?

Are you ready to explore the tomb of the Dragon Vein? If you are already a member of our online casino, be sure to register on the 14th of August. And if you aren’t, this game gives you the perfect opportunity to sign in. There’s even an amazing welcome of free 1 000€ waiting for you! So get your hat and sunscreen, you are going on an adventure.


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Are you ready for Microgaming’s newest release? The beautiful online video slot will keep you hooked for hours, as you try to unlock its Queen’s fantastical Crystal Rays.

The game will provide you with many opportunities to win but that’s not all. The great bonuses will tremendously increase your winnings as well as contributing to your enjoyment.

Microgaming’s newest release

As you might know, when Microgaming first launched in 1994, they vowed to release a new game every month. Not only have they been able to keep their promise, they exceeded it. Between the mobile casino games and the online video slots, they have been releasing a couple of games per month for the past few years.

With beautiful graphics, high-quality music and dynamic animation sequences, Microgaming latest online video slot will certainly become one of your favorites. Featuring the Queen of the Crystal Rays, the game has her release a powerful gaze through the grid and multiply your winnings up to 5 times your initial bet.

Queen of The Crystal RaysTM will be out on the 31st of July, so get ready to have an incredible experience, lots of fun and great winnings.

Playing the game

This new online slot promises to be incredibly exciting thanks to its 6×4 Spinning Reels and 25 paylines that can expand into 50. With medium volatility and RTP of 96.7%, the game is great for players who want to enjoy the thrill of the game by wagering small amounts while still playing for the jackpot.

And the jackpot is certainly worth it. If you play at default bet, your winnings could reach a great 2,597.45 credits. At maximum bet, it can reach a staggering 129,872.50 credits!

Talking about bets, they start at 0.20 credits and can go up to 50 (default 1.00). The default coin size is set at 0.01 and the default number of coins is set at 100, with a maximum of 5000 coins.

The paylines pay from outmost left to right. To obtain a winning combination, you must have 3 or more identical symbols on adjacent reels of an active payline. In this online slot game, only the highest win per active payline is paid. If a multiplier is active, the payline wins will be multiplied by the bet multiplier of the winning game.

The base game is already a lot of fun but Microgaming, the game’s software developer, wanted to make your experience even more special. To do so, they added two surprising special features to the game that you will surely love: the Crystal Ray feature and the Queen of the Crystal RaysTM Bonus.

Crystal Ray Feature

This incredible feature can be triggered randomly at any spin of the base game. This bonus changes the nature of the game as it doubles the number of paylines, going from 25 to 50!

The other aspect of this bonus you will love is that while the feature is activated, you will obtain many Wild Symbols, that can substitute for any paying symbol. You can also have a 2x Multiplier that will multiply all your gains by 2.

Queen of the Crystal RaysTM Bonus

If you get 3 or more Scatter Symbols anywhere on the reels in a single spin, you will trigger the Queen of the Crystal RaysTM Bonus.

With this feature, you are awarded 4 Bonus Rounds. At the beginning of the bonus, the game board is populated with credit values that can be won.

The Crystal Ray can initiate at each spin and credit values along the path of the Crystal Ray are awarded. They can even be multiplied, going up to 5x your initial bet!

Special Symbols:

This video slot has three different special symbols that you should look out for:


This video slot will bring you great winnings thanks to its paytable:


Prepare yourself for a great new experience with the Queen of Crystal RaysTM. The game is coming out on the 31st of July 2019 so don’t forget to sign in on Spin Palace. If you are not already a member of the online casino, the Queen gives you the perfect opportunity to join. And as if the perspective of playing a great game and making big wins wasn’t enough, Spin Palace currently has a huge welcome bonus of free 1 000 € waiting for you. So free your day and get ready for a great experience, we’ll see you on the 31st


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Although New Zealand is a long way from Great Britain, the country’s preferences for sports still has close ties to its colonial history. Colonized in 1840, New Zealand follows Britain’s lead as it favours sports like rugby, football (soccer), basketball, and netball. Throughout the last decades, New Zealand has shown its fierce competitiveness, despite its small size, and produced formidable players in the world’s sports arena. Five of the most popular sports played and loved in New Zealand include:


Rugby is New Zealand’s national sport. You can expect with that distinction that most of the country is fully behind this classic game. At the top of all rugby teams in New Zealand are the All Blacks. This is the national team and they have won the Rugby World Cup three times in 1987, 2011, and 2015. This winning record is higher than any other world team.

Within the country there are two types of rugby: Rugby Union and Rugby League. The main difference revolves around gameplay and the number of players on a team. Rugby Union includes the All Blacks, other national teams, provincial teams, and professional rugby union teams. Rugby League is less common but gaining popularity with teams like the Kiwis, who won the World Cup for the first time in 2008.


Football, or soccer, is the second most popular sport in New Zealand. In 2007 the country started calling the sport “New Zealand Football” to fit in with the rest of the international trend. The national team is called the All Whites. This team qualified for the FIFA World Cup twice. New Zealand also has a professional team called Wellington Phoenix FC, who plays in the A-League, an all-Australian competition. The two major domestic competitions include the New Zealand Football Championship and the Chatham Cup.

Football is also for competitive women and children. The Football Ferns is the national women’s team and there are numerous teams for those under 17 and 20 years of age. The women’s team qualified for the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup and won the 2018 OFC Women’s Nations Cup.


Netball is ranked as the most popular women’s sport in the country. Played between two teams of seven players on each side, each team attempts to score goals by passing a ball down the court and shooting it through a goal ring. The game takes place on a rectangular court with raised goal rings down at each end. The goal is to keep or gain possession of the ball and makes for a fast-paced game of skill and agility.

New Zealand’s national team is the Silver Ferns. Currently ranked fourth in the INF World Rankings, they have competed at every Netball World Cup since 1963 and have won four times in 1967, 1979, 1987, and 2003.  Many international female heroes have also evolved from playing for the Silver Ferns, including Dame Lois Muir and Irene van Dyk.


Growing quickly in popularity among the youth of New Zealand, basketball is slated to become the most popular sport in schools for the country by 2020. Currently, it is the third most popular in secondary schools, right behind rugby (second place) and netball (first place). Youth are moving away from the classic New Zealand games of cricket and rugby and searching out the excitement of American basketball.

However, basketball is holding its own in adult teams. The national team for New Zealand is called the “Tall Blacks.” They have won three FIBA Oceania Championships, have appeared twice in the Olympia Games, and won fourth in their first FIBA Asia Cup in 2017. One of their most impressive wins has been the 2011 Stankovic Cup. They played three games against China, Russia, and Angola. After losing to Russia by three points, they smashed China in their second game, leading to a strong win against the fierce Angolan team, helping them win the gold medal.


Volleyball is another important sport to the country of New Zealand. On a community level, Volleyball New Zealand strives to make volleyball the most popular participation sport in the country. People from secondary school children to college kids to professionals play the sport at all levels, including beach volleyball and highly competitive provincial champs. More than 30 affiliated clubs participate in three zone qualification events from June to September. From there, the top teams participate in the Volleyball New Zealand National Club Championships every October.

Nationally, the men’s New Zealand volleyball team currently ranks 50th in the world. The women’s team represents the country in both competitions and friendly matches. They have also appeared at the Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship ten times.

Sports fuel the competitive nature of society. Become the master of your own sport with casino games available at Spin Palace. Try your hand at our games for a chance to win some cash and fly to watch your favourite New Zealand team.

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Craps is one of the most enjoyed casino games in North America although you will find it being played in many other locations around the world, too. Once you have mastered the basic rules of craps, you need to start thinking about the best way to maximise your winnings. Of course, there is little that you can do about the dice. They will end up where they land regardless of how you roll them – or, at least, they should! It is certainly not worth trying to develop a rolling style that tries to manipulate the outcome of a roll when you are the shooter. Casinos tend to take a very dim view of players who operate in this way!

What you can do in craps, however, is to think tactically about the way you will bet. Remember that the house has an advantage, just like other popular casino table games. That said, you can play with certain strategies that try to minimise this edge and, thereby, help you to win. What are some of the common tactical approaches that will help you to be more successful at craps?

The Martingale Strategy

This is a betting strategy that is one of the best-known in the world. It works on all sorts of even money bets so long as there is a repeated chance of adding more to your stake. As such, you wouldn’t place it on a two-horse race because these only occur occasionally. You could use the Martingale strategy by betting on an odd number coming up in roulette, for instance. With craps, on the other hand, it works if you use it on an even money pass line bet. The idea is to place a bet with a relatively low stake. If you win, then so much the better. You can either walk away with your winnings or continue as if from scratch.

Where the Martingale strategy comes into its own is when you lose. If that is the case, then you make a similar, even money bet on the next turn. However, rather than betting the same stake, you double it. By betting twice as much as before, if you win, then you will recover your earlier losses. The idea is that you continue to bet in this fashion until you eventually win. Of course, the strategy does not take into account the house advantage, albeit the fact that it is relatively low in craps. Another problem with the Martingale approach is that you have to have sufficient funds to keep doubling and doubling. You could potentially lose big with this method. However, it’s easy and that is a big plus point!

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

As you might expect from its name, the reverse Martingale strategy is a tactical approach which works the opposite way round from the Martingale. Under this approach, you increase your stake when you win and decrease it when you lose. The idea is that your losses that are derived from losing streaks are minimised with this approach so you should be able to continue playing craps for longer with even money bets even if you are suffering from a bad spell. On the other hand, when you are winning, you should be able to maximise your potential by augmenting your stake. You don’t have to double or half your stake with the reverse Martingale strategy but that is the standard way of doing it.

A noteworthy point about the reverse Martingale strategy is that it relies on something known as the gambler fallacy phenomenon. This is a concept that many gamblers comply with whereby they think about betting in streaks of wins and losses. Of course, when an even money event is conducted randomly, such as a coin flip, there is no connection between one result and the next. As such, the strategy is based more on player psychology than cold, calculated statistical evidence.

The No House Advantage ‘Odds Bet’ Strategy

Unlike nearly all other casino games, you can make a bet in craps which has no house edge at all. It relies on you making a pass or come bet initially. If you have done so, then after a point has been thrown, you can bet on the odds, which means having the option of multiplying your initial bet. Different house rules apply for the amount you can multiply this stake by depending on where you are playing. However, it is common in many casinos and with online games to allow you to double or treble your first wager. By making this bet, you are predicting that the point will be rolled again before the shooter comes up with a deadly seven which means you would, of course, lose. Importantly, players can also take the odds and multiply their stake on both ‘don’t come’ and ‘don’t pass’ wagers.

The principle behind this betting strategy is that it genuinely pays true odds. There is no house advantage built into it so the chance of winning directly relates to the amount a winning bet will pay out. Given that the house advantage with craps is low anyway, some players choose to overlook this type of strategy. However, to do so would mean missing one of the most advantageous bets in all casino games. If you can afford to do so, maximise your stake with an odds bet when the opportunity to place this type of wager comes up.

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Wimbledon attracts tennis fans the world over who all want to know one thing: Who will be the 2019 Women’s Wimbledon Champion? Grass courts and strawberries and cream are about as traditional as you can get during a British summer at the traditional home of tennis. But will this year’s title go to a familiar name on the ATP circuit? Or are we in for a challenge from a talented outsider? Will the online sports betting odds favour an established lady player, or perhaps someone the pundits believe is destined to upset the established order?

So let’s review the chances of five leading contenders the experts consider to have a great opportunity of getting their name inscribed on the silverware at this year’s Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles event.

1) Serena Williams

A right-handed US tennis player who has dominated the sport since winning her first Grand Slam title in 1999, Serena Williams is now arguably coming towards the close of her illustrious career. Nevertheless, even at 37 years of age Serena still has the skill and experience to close out tough matches if things start to go her way. No stranger to Wimbledon, she has won the title seven times with the last two occasions being in 2015 and 2016.

Serena Williams has claimed a total of 23 Grand Slam singles titles, which is the current record for the most Grand Slam tournament wins. But having taken time out from the sport for maternity leave, it is looking increasingly as if Serena and top-level tennis may now be finally moving on in different directions.

2) Petra Kvitova

A Czech professional tennis player whose reputation has been built around a varied game supported by forceful groundstrokes, Petra Kvitova is also known to tennis fans as the victim of a cruel knife attack. This incident occurred at her home in 2016 and left her unable to play tennis for some months because of a serious injury to her racket hand. With her sporting comeback now well out of the way, Kvitova is currently ranked No. 6 in the world. Despite winning Wimbledon titles in both 2011, and 2014, she has not added to her list of major titles since then. However, having reached the Australian Open Grand Slam final in 2019, where she lost to Naomi Osaka, she is now enjoying something of a return to her best form. Success in WTA Tour events in Sydney and Stuttgart have perhaps set her up for another real tilt at a Wimbledon title this summer.

3) Naomi Osaka

Ranked as the current women’s No. 1, Naomi Osaka has so far won just two Grand Slam titles: the US Open in 2018 followed by the Australian Open in 2019. An aggressive baseline player, Osaka possesses a strong serve and a good forehand. But experts point to her skill and consistency which enables her to control long rallies as being the key feature which has now taken her game to new levels. Having been tipped to do well in this year’s French Open, Naomi nevertheless lost in straight sets to an unseeded player in the third round (as did American Serena Williams). Perhaps this disappointment may actually help to refocus her campaign plans and enable her to regather her strength to try and add a Wimbledon championship to her present list of Grand Slam titles.

4) Angelique Kerber

Currently ranked No. 5 in the world, Germany’s Angelique Kerber is the 2018 Wimbledon winner having defeated Serena Williams in the Ladies’ Final in straight sets. A former No. 1 in 2016, Kerber has secured three Grand Slam titles in her career so far: the US Open in 2016, the Australian Open in 2016, and of course her previous Wimbledon success. In addition to her two major titles in 2016, Angelique Kerber also won a silver medal while competing in the Olympics that year. Now enjoying something of a resurgence in form, Kerber has the skills to engage in an all-court game which is characterised by a robust counter-punching strategy.

5) Garbine Muguruza

Spain’s Garbine Muguruza is another former Wimbledon winner who beat Venus Williams in two sets in the 2017 final. Having already won the French Open title in 2016, Muguruza is currently a two-time Grand Slam winner. Though she is now ranked only No. 19 in the world, Garbine Muguruza was actually ranked No. 1 back in September 2017. Renowned for her strong groundstrokes on either side of the court, Muguruza is often able to dictate the course of rallies. And when her powerful serve is also flowing well, she can be a formidable opponent.

So who is leading the field?

Experts point out that last year’s Wimbledon saw all top ten seeds out of the running before the quarter final stages. In fact, over the last eighteen years, more than 50% of eventual Wimbledon winners have been players ranked outside the top four. Such statistics would suggest that this competition is now becoming rather open and difficult to predict. Even so, a look at the names of lady finalists (regardless of their actual rankings) shows that certain players (including Serena Williams, Petra Kvitova, Garbiñe Muguruza and Angelique Kerber) have consistently turned up as finalists in recent Wimbledon championships. On those grounds alone, that would suggest this current list is at least worth some careful scrutiny.

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Baccarat is one of the most popular card-based casino games in the world. It is easy to understand why when you consider that the house advantage with it is lower than other table games. This is certainly the case with punto banco, the most widely used variant of baccarat in casinos across the English-speaking world. Of course, playing a game with a relatively low house advantage is a good strategy in the first place. Although there are plenty of other games you could choose to try your luck at, baccarat will offer you a reasonable return over time that means it is a good game if you are playing simply for fun.

However, gamblers who take their betting a little more seriously will want to play in a way that means they are more likely to win. Due to the rules of baccarat, especially punto banco, it is possible to develop strategies that can help in this regard. Of course, online baccarat uses just the same rules as you would find in a bricks and mortar casino, so these tactics are just as handy to know about whether you attend a gambling establishment in person or play over the internet. What are some of the best baccarat strategies that will help you to win more often?

The Basic Strategy

Although there are many advanced strategies that players can utilise to improve their game, the so-called basic strategy is among the easiest to put into action. Under this method, you will focus your attention on the banker bet because this is where the lowest house advantage resides. After all, the advantage here is a lowly 1.06 percent which is more attractive than a player bet which stands at 1.24 percent. Indeed, the corresponding figure for a tie bet is much higher, at more than 14 percent, so restricting your strategy to the banker bet is the best way of minimising the advantage the house has over gamblers.

Essentially, the basic strategy means placing the same wager every hand, or coup as it is known in baccarat, on the banker bet. As such, it is an incredibly simple strategy to put in place and you don’t need to do any complex mathematics or to count any cards in order to make it work for you. However, this strategy has limited success over the long-term. You can gain some short-term advantage so it is a good tactic to employ if you have limited time to play or are new to the game.

The Card Counting Strategy

Although – strictly speaking – it is not allowed at casinos, it is possible to count cards in order to optimise your chances of winning. Just like other casino card games, like blackjack, card counting allows you to work out when it is most advantageous to bet. In punto banco, the card counting strategy helps you to work out when it is best to opt for a player bet or when it is best to go for a banker bet instead. Ideally, you will have a fresh shoe to begin counting from. Most shoes have either six or eight decks of cards in them and this strategy will only work if that is the case. If the shoe is changed, then you must start counting again.

Beginning at zero, you add one to your count if an ace, a two or a three appears. Add two if a four appears face up. Conversely, you subtract one from your count if a five, a seven or an eight turns up. You take away two from the count if a six appears. All other cards have no effect on the counting strategy. With this system, you bet on the banker if your count is 16 or lower. In this way, it is not much different than the basic strategy. However, when your count reaches 17 or more, you should switch and bet on the player. You won’t be guaranteed to win but this method helps gamblers to work out when player bets are more likely to be favourable.

The Two In a Row Strategy

Players who want to make use of another relatively easy betting strategy when playing baccarat, can take advantage of a tactic that works whenever there is a two in a row win. Successive wins of either the player or the banker mean that this strategy can come into play so you need to remember the outcome of the previous two coups. This betting tactic requires you to place your bet on something that may seem odd, at first, however.

With the two in a row strategy, you stake a single bet that the two in a row result in the last two coups will not continue with a third win for the same side. It works whether you have previously bet for the player or the banker over the course of the last two coups. Although it may be contrary to your initial feeling, you should increase the amount you bet and gamble on the fact that a two in a row outcome will not occur three times in a row. Okay, it is certainly possible for the player to win three times in a row, or the banker for that matter, but it is statistically less likely for this to happen which is the basis for the strategy. If you are unlucky and the result of the last three coups is a hat-trick for either the player or the banker bet, then back that result changing on the ensuing coup.

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All Grand Slam tournaments are special occasions, but Wimbledon is the one which draws purists and eager tennis fans in equal measure. Still played on grass at the traditional home of tennis, Wimbledon has the eyes of the world upon it once the British summer moves towards June and July. But who is most likely to win the prestigious men’s title in 2019? Will the online sports betting expect to see a familiar name inscribed on the trophy, or someone destined to upset the dominance of the established hierarchy?

Let’s take a look at five of the front runners who the experts believe may have a good chance of lifting the cup after winning what is generally considered the greatest grass-court tournament of them all.

Roger Federer

No Wimbledon would seem complete without the presence of Roger Federer. A major figure on the professional tennis circuit for many years, his calm temperament and silky skills are appreciated and admired by all true tennis fans. A more or less permanent member of the Big Four along with Djokovic, Murray and Nadal, Roger Federer should be feeling confident after something of a renaissance this year. He is always a formidable opponent on grass, which is undoubtedly one of his really strong areas. Already having secured an astounding number of Wimbledon wins – he is up to eight so far – 2019 could well see him add to that total.

To achieve that feat at the age of 37, he will have to not only conquer perennial rivals such as Nadal and Djokovic, but also see off challenges from today’s crop of aspiring Wimbledon champions. Then there are those emerging talents inspired by the occasion who are always capable of derailing even the best of nailed-on favourites. But for someone who has enjoyed a career at the top for so long, perhaps Federer’s greatest test will be whether he can stay injury-free throughout the tournament, and whether he still has the hunger and enthusiasm to see him through the tougher moments which await any would-be Wimbledon champion on the road to what would be another remarkable crown.

Rafael Nadal

Always praised as a superb specialist playing on clay courts in the five-set format, which in part explains his great record in events like the French Open championship, Rafael Nadal is also a potent force on any surface and against any opponent. Unfortunately for this supremely talented tennis star, during his career, he has not had great luck with injuries. In fact, his uncle and former coach Toni has said of him that he could sometimes be considered not so much a tennis player but as ‘an injured person who plays tennis’. So it’s more than possible the Spaniard could arrive at this year’s Wimbledon managing some kind of physical pain.

A two-time Wimbledon champion, Rafa’s last triumph was back in 2010 when he beat the Czech runner-up Tomáš Berdych. Thanks to his energetic style and combative nature, Nadal is a great favourite with the crowds and usually does very well in this tournament. To some extent his fortunes may be determined by his early season exertions as he once again seeks to dominate the clay court world.

Novak Djokovic

As the current reigning Wimbledon champion and winner of the 2019 Australian Open, Novak Djokovic is considered a hot favourite for this year’s tournament. This right-handed Serb has won 74 major titles during his career, a total which includes four Wimbledon championships as well as successes in the Australian Open, which he has won seven times), and the French and US Opens. Currently ranked No. 1 in the world, Djokovic may well get through to yet another Wimbledon final. However, if he is to convert his superiority into a fifth Wimbledon title, it will be essential for him to make sure he can sustain his concentration.

With this year’s men’s champion set to receive £2.35 million, an increase of £100,000 over the 2018 prize pot, Djokovic will have plenty of incentive to repeat his success of twelve months’ ago. Back then he overcame South African Kevin Anderson in three sets after a surprising ATP run of more than a year without winning a major title. The fact that Djokovic has always been a big occasion player should stand him in good stead.

Marin Čilić

Croatian Marin Čilić, a Wimbledon runner-up in the 2017 championships, is currently ranked No. 13 in the world. So despite having been a US Open champion in 2014, he would seem to be something of an outsider. Nevertheless, he has a happy knack of often reaching the later stages of Grand Slam events. And with a fast serve and a powerful array of groundstrokes, he can never be ruled out if the draw starts to fall his way.

Alexander Zverev

The German Alexander Zverev is regarded as a future World No. 1, but could he make Wimbledon the venue where he achieves his first Grand Slam win? What is perhaps not in his favour is that Zverev has not so far won a grass court title. Nevertheless, he has the game to succeed on grass and is developing into a player who is at home in five-set environments. While it will be an upset if Zverev triumphs over Federer or Djokovic, it won’t really be a surprise.

So who stands to win?

Many experts believe this year’s title will go to Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer. But there is also a strong feeling that this could also be the year when Alexander Zverev will stake his claim. Looking at this from a statistical perspective, you have to go back to 2002 to find the last time a player from outside the Big Four was a Wimbledon winner. But does that mean the smart money is already in the right place? Or does it suggest Zverev has a great

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Pretty much anyone even vaguely familiar with casino games knows that Roulette is played with a wheel and ball, and it’s no wonder, because that wheel is one of gambling’s most famous symbols.

In the 200 years that players have bet on the king of casino games, different versions have popped up in various parts of the world. Of these, the three that have stuck around are the American, French and European versions.

If you’re very new to gaming, you could be forgiven for thinking that the American version is reserved for Americans, or that one needs to wear a beret to play the French version. As frustrating or entertaining as that could be, thankfully this is not the case.

You see, no one quite knows how Roulette originated. Some people suspect that it’s a fusion of several English, French, and Italian games, while others suggest that Blaise Pascal developed the prototype of the famous wheel while trying to invent a perpetual motion machine.

However it began, it didn’t remain in its original form for long. First played with a wheel that featured a zero and a double zero among its numbered pockets, the game was modified in France, Germany, America, and Monte Carlo. This was done to increase the house edge or to try combat possible cheating. Whatever the reason, we now have three incredibly popular different types of Roulette.

The American version still uses both zero and double zero pockets, and, yes, the double zero still gives the house extra edge. However, this version usually offers handsome payouts but it is considered the most challenging.

The European version’s wheel features only a zero pocket among the numbers one to 36. This game, like the others, lets you bet on numbers, the colours red or black and columns.

The French version of Roulette uses the same wheel as the European version, and any apparent differences on the table are usually cosmetic, with French words being used instead of the casino’s dominant language.  The French version also uses a few different rules and bets, such as La Partage and En Prison, which could work in your favour if the ball lands in the zero pocket.

If you’d like to find out which version works best for you, Spin Palace features different types of Roulette, including Microgaming’s European Roulette Gold.

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Whether you avoid black cats on the way to a casino, or kiss the dice before rolling, everyone has their own way of trying to improve their luck.

The truth is, people have tried to attract good fortune and ward off bad fortune almost since the day the earth began. Talismans and trinkets, rituals and relics have all been used to try and enforce positive vibes and improve people’s luck.

With almost all casino games based on the principle of chance, most playing comes down to pure luck. This has led to all sorts of gambling superstitions and practices. Across the globe there are different ideas of what brings about good fortune and Greece, Sweden, Russia and Japan have a few rather awesome ways to attract that favours of Lady Luck.

In Greece, there’s a belief that money attracts money. To employ these principles, Greeks try to never empty something of money, whether it’s their bank accounts or their wallets. So strong is the belief that, if they’re giving someone a wallet as a gift, they make sure there’s at least one coin in it.

If you ever find yourself playing in a casino in Sweden, you may notice that players never put their keys on the tables or slot machines. This isn’t because they’re paranoid someone’s going to swipe them or they may lose them, but because putting keys on tables, especially when gambling, is believed to be unlucky.

In Russia, whistling inside a casino is more likely to see you end up playing Russian roulette outside in the snow than betting on wheel pockets. This is because whistling indoors is an unlucky no-no!

In Japan, Maneki-neko is a favourite luck-bringer. Instantly recognisable by anyone who has spent at least five minutes in Asian shops, this smiling cat is usually shown beckoning with one, if not both, front paws. Some players keep a small figure in their pocket or on their keychain.

None of these superstitions are limited to land-based casinos, so next time you play at Spin Palace, make sure your keys aren’t on the table, don’t whistle, don’t empty your bank account and if you have a Maneki-neko, put it where you can see it!

We can’t vouch that any of these superstitions will make you a winner, but it’s certainly worth a try!

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Here at Spin Palace we’re all about making sure you have the best online playing experience possible, which means we do more than bring you the finest games, we also show you exactly how they work.

Blackjack has been enjoyed since the 18th century, and is the worlds most played card game, beating even poker in the popularity stakes. It’s said that Blackjack is an easy game to play, but one that takes time, practice and strategy to master. At Spin Palace we provide the option of playing for free or for real money, giving you the chance to learn more about the game, test out strategies and refine your skill, all before you make a deposit.

To learn a little more before you try Blackjack for yourself, read our guidelines to the game below.

The Basics of Blackjack

Blackjack’s predecessor was a game called Ving-et-Un, which means Twenty-One in French. Today, Blackjack is still often called Twenty-One, and the point of the game is still to get a hand total of 21, or as near as possible without going bust, and beating the dealer along the way.

When playing Blackjack online you’ll generally be playing against the dealer only, rather than against other players too. This makes the game faster than when enjoyed in a land based gaming venue, and increases your chances of winning as you can play more hands over a shorter period of time.

To kick off the game you’ll need to place a bet on your hand winning against the dealer’s before the cards are dealt. After your bet is in, you’ll be dealt 2 cards facedown, as will the Dealer, except one of his will face up, giving you an idea of what type of hand he may have.

After everyone has seen their cards, you can choose to draw another card, which in Blackjack is known as Hit, as you try reach your target of 21. If you want your hand to remain as is, you can Stand, and if you want to separate your hand into two as you have two cards the same, you can Split. After you’ve decided what you want to do, the Dealer has to take cards until reaching a hand total of at least 17. When everyone is Standing, all cards are revealed. The rules governing whether your hand or the Dealer’s wins are as follows:

• Both totals under 21: Higher hand wins
• Both totals over 21: House wins
• Tie below 21: Player keeps his bet
• Natural 21/ Natural Blackjack: Hand made up of a Royal and Ace Card. This wins the round automatically and yields the highest return in the game – a whopping 3:2!

In Blackjack the Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10 points each, whilst numbered cards represent their face value and the Ace can be either 1 or 11, depending on the other cards in your hand. The online casino software will calculate totals automatically, but if you want to use even the most basic of strategy, you’ll need to understand what each card is worth and how it could affect the outcome of the game.

Strategic Blackjack Refinements

Unlike slots or Roulette, Blackjack is one of the few casino games where using strategy can influence the outcome and increase your chances of a winning result. The use of strategy also allows for players to reduce the house edge successfully. Basic Blackjack strategy relies on a player knowing when to Hit or Stand and this is worked out in terms of probability, as there are a finite number of cards in the deck. If 4 of those cards are out of play, working out what is in the dealer’s hand and what the likelihood of receiving a specific card is, is a little bit easier.

Although there are numerous different styles of Blackjack, with over 40 different variants available online, the premise of the game and the strategies remain largely the same. Traditional variants include Atlantic City, European or Vegas Blackjack, whilst there are plenty more contemporary options to enjoy too. Blackjack tournaments, Live Dealer and progressive jackpot games are also readily available, and there are single and multi-hand options to suit all skills levels.

Developing your Blackjack strategy and game plan can be a lifelong journey, and one that you’ll enjoy from the very beginning. As you play more and discover the many online resources for helping you with your tactics, your insight, appreciation and your winnings will keep growing.

To start with, choose a simple version of the game; check out the strategy tables displaying the odds of every possible hand and what bets to place based on what you are dealt. From there, you can move on to more complex strategies, and after that, the sky’s the limit!


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For those who love the thrill of relaxing and enjoying quality online casino entertainment, little can beat the feeling of real money gambling. However, if you need a great gift idea for that gambling man in your life, be he a father, brother, husband, friend or even your boss, these unique casino-themed gifts for men are sure to appeal to him.

Furthermore, if the recipient of your gift decides to sign up and play our quality casino games at Spin Palace, he’ll be rewarded even further with the gift of our generous cash welcome bonuses and regular promotions. You can’t go wrong with two gifts in one!

Gambling Themed Gifts for Him

If you’re looking for that ideal gift, be it useful or simply novel in nature, you won’t be short on ideas as the range of casino-themed presents available is immense! If the recipient of your gift is a professional businessman, perhaps a casino-themed tie featuring playing cards or slots symbols will allow him to express his passion for gambling subtly while in the office.

A rugged outdoorsman will surely appreciate a quirky casino barbeque apron, gas lighter or even gambling-styled party supplies for a night in with the guys, and a funky t-shirt or cap will never go amiss with a true gambling enthusiast.

Personalised Gifts for Gambling Fans

Looking for something a little more personal? Gambling-themed gifts for him can be personalised at your command, with many companies willing to engrave or print your gift recipient’s name or a personal message on the gift of your choice. Some of the more unique customisable gift options for casino fans include personalised wristwatches, poker chip sets, travel mugs, key rings and scarves. Even your recipient’s pet can have a casino-themed gift like a quirky collar or tag, making an ideal gift for animal and casino lovers alike!

The Gift of Big Bonuses

Whether you need a gift for a blackjack fan, a poker professional or somebody who enjoys roulette, slots or craps, you will always find a unique gambling-themed gift for him. Speaking of gifts – playing online casino games at Spin Palace Casino will make sure that you can claim some of the best bonuses around as our gift to you.
Don’t delay! Encourage the recipient of your gift to sign up, make his first deposit and start playing any of our quality online casino games. Your casino-themed gift will make the experience that much more memorable!


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Searching for the ideal gift can sometimes be a daunting process, especially when you want to choose the perfect item for your sister, mother, wife, girlfriend, or even a special family friend. If the lady in question is a gambling lover, you’re in luck! With the wide range of unique and interesting gambling-themed gifts available for women, you will never have to worry about finding the perfect gift whenever you need one.

While on the subject of gifts, may we also suggest signing up to play real money casino games at Spin Palace? Our quality casino experience, big bonuses and great range of games will make your gift that much more special for the recipient, allowing you to give her two gifts in one!

Unique Casino Themed Gifts for Her

Finding the ideal casino-themed gift for her will of course depend on your recipient’s personal tastes. Is she a practical lady who enjoys comfort and useful, functional presents? If so, a quirky casino t-shirt, fun tote bag or even a gambling-themed pyjama set will appeal to her. Gambling enthusiasts who love their homes will be thrilled about receiving a poker-themed duvet cover set, bingo kitchenware or cute drinking glasses decorated with playing cards or slots symbols.

For women who have a passion for fashion, you can’t go wrong with a playing card necklace, roulette wheel earrings or fun bingo sandals, and even new mothers will adore gifts of casino-themed baby clothes and accessories.

Personalised Gambling Gifts for Women

If you’re looking for a more personal gift, there are plenty out there that will suit your needs too. Customise gambling-themed shirts, coffee mugs, bags, mouse pads, coasters and more with your recipient’s name, or an inspiring personal message for that extra special touch. Even her favourite pet will appreciate a personalised collar or tag just as much as she will!

Register at Spin Palace

Whether your recipient is a fan of bingo, keno, scratch cards, poker or slots, it will be easy to find the perfect gift for her that suits any special occasion. Why stop there?

Introduce the lucky lady to Spin Palace Casino and she can claim a gift of massive welcome bonuses when she makes her first deposit – and you can claim these great bonus offers too! Simply register a player account, make that first deposit and start playing our fantastic real money casino games. What more could a woman want?


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Like many casino games, the outcome of a roulette game is based on pure chance. However, the psychology of roulette is somewhat different to that of slots or card games, like poker and blackjack. If you’re a fan of playing roulette, have you ever stepped back and wondered why you play? When it comes to gambling, there are many reasons people visit a casino or gamble online.

Most scientists believe that gambling offers a distraction from our daily lives. In a world where routine dominates our lives, gambling offers a respite from the mundane and gives us a glimpse at a future that looks brighter. When it comes to roulette, there are basically three reasons a player will step up to the table.

Why People Play Roulette

The first and perhaps the most common reason why people play has to do with money. The possibility of winning big is always present in any roulette game. The psychology of winning is so powerful that players envision an entire future based on a single win.

The second reason players may step up to the roulette table is for the thrill. Many players visit a casino and play purely for the thrill and the excitement of the experience. These players are commonly referred to as adrenalin junkies and look for ways to get the blood pumping.

Probably the best reason to play roulette is simply because it is fun and exciting. Players who gamble for the entertainment factor alone do not stress when things go bad and do not place their hopes on a big win.

Roulette Myths

When it comes to actually playing roulette, the psychology of players differ. Despite evidence to the contrary, many players believe that certain numbers are luckier than others. Even though there is absolutely no proof that this is true, players will often bet on numbers that have certain significance to them, and feel validated when they happen to win.

For players who prefer a more calculated way of playing, many make use of positive or negative progression betting systems that we believe improve our chances of winning. The truth of the matter is that on any spin, the chances of the ball landing on a particular number or colour is exactly the same as it was on the previous spin, and that part of the appeal of roulette lies in the unpredictable nature of the game.

Strange Roulette Strategies and Superstitions

In the world of online gambling, casino games can be broken down into two categories; those that require skill and those that are left to pure chance. Roulette falls squarely into the second category. No matter what people may say, the chances of winning in roulette are left to chance whichever way you look at it. However, many casino enthusiasts believe that luck is something that can be controlled to a certain degree. In the world of land based and online gambling, superstitions play a major role in how people bet.

Lucky Numbers

Because of the fickle nature of the game, roulette has attracted more than its fair share of superstitious betting practices. Most players, whether they are playing the lottery, or playing roulette, will have a set of lucky numbers. These may be their date of birth, their wedding date, their child’s birthday or any other special number. The idea is that these numbers hold more significance in the universe and will thus provide a better chance of winning.

Sleeping Numbers and Trends

With roulette in particular, people start believing in trends. Most superstitious players tend to adjust their bet based on the previous spin. While there is absolutely no logical reason to do this, the idea is that if black has come up more than red, it would be a better bet. On the other hand, many players look for what are called “Sleeping Numbers”, these are numbers that other players tend to avoid but might just pay out big if you can play them first.

Betting Systems

Some betting systems like the Martingale System encourage people to increase or decrease their bet depending on how much they are winning or losing at the time. Superstitious players decide before hand what system they will play and stick to it, even if it means losing big and running out of funds. While certain betting systems have shown a tendency to win, for the average person, roulette is a game that must be played spin by spin.

Lucky Clothing

The more superstitious players do not even attempt to play roulette, or even enter the casino, unless they are wearing a lucky item of clothing. This could be a pair of socks, a tie or even a hat. The idea is that the last time they won they were wearing a specific item of clothing, and so wearing it again would provide the best possible chance of repeating the experience.

What to Listen to When Playing Online Roulette

Few table games can top roulette’s reputation for classic action and entertainment. Everything about the game seems to convey a sense of style and sophistication; so much so, that it’s known as the King of Casino Games.

It’s for this reason that we think a little pomp and circumstance when playing roulette can go a long way. Besides, science has proved time and again that music can, and does, affect our moods, the way we process information, and the way we respond to things.

We had a good, long think about the perfect soundtrack to playing the game, and have come up with a few brilliant suggestions for anyone who wants to create the perfect ambiance when enjoying online roulette. Take a look, find your favourites, and then settle down for a few games of online roulette with us!

Given that the iconic game first developed in France, we think a little French music is in order, especially if you’re going to play French roulette.

Try listening to a few songs by legendary singer Edith Piaf. Nicknamed the Little Sparrow because of her diminutive size and big voice, Piaf is known for stirring songs such as La Vie en Rose, Padam Padam, Hymne a l’amour, and Non, je ne regrette rien.

You could also try music by the famed Belgian composer Jacques Brel, known for songs such as Marieke, Le Moribond, and Ne me quitte pas. French singer Francoise Hardy, whose hits included songs such as Le temps de l’amour and Fleur de lune.

If you prefer American or European Roulette you can opt for several different genres of music, whether it be classics by the American greats, or pop hits by British bands.

A song that works really well for us is Frank Sinatra’s Luck Be a Lady, which is something like an ode to Vegas. We also love Abba’s The Winner Takes It All, not only because 70s super groups are always in fashion, but because we love winning, and are sure you do, too.

Kenny Rogers, one of the kings of country, also helps get us into the mood with his song The Gambler. Of course, nothing beats the king of rock himself, so if you want a little Elvis to accompany your gaming, you can’t go wrong with Viva Las Vegas.

Don’t wait any longer! Compile the perfect playlist, and then join us for an action-packed game of online roulette.

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Most online casino games are fairly easy to understand. However, this is not always the case when it comes to the terminology and colloquial expressions used.

From time to time, new casino terms are introduced. This is often not at the hands of the casinos themselves, but rather on the part of players, who over time have developed their own words or abbreviations to refer to something.

To help you stay on top of this, we have come up with a list of the most popular online casino terms, as well as their definitions.


A whale is a term used to refer to the casino’s highest rollers, both in terms of traditional casinos and online ones. If you’re a whale you bet big, play big and, hopefully, win big too.

Snake Eyes

This term is used to refer to the result yielded when a dice rolls two, as it is thought that the two black dots resemble the eyes of snakes.

Hole Cards

This is the term used for cards which are placed faced down so that nobody can see them. For example, in poker, players have hole cards hidden. The players can look at them, but none of the other players can see them.


RNG is the abbreviation for Random Number Generator. An RNG is used in games that involve the rolling of the dice or cards being dealt, as they are both random actions that require complete fairness. Slots also make use of an RNG as this generator is responsible for ensuring that unbiased, completely random results are achieved every time.


Short for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, the eCOGRA Seal of Approval is only awarded to casinos that have proven to adhere to fair, honest and trustworthy standards of operation. 


If you’re playing poker you’ll need to know that to call is to match the current bet amount.


This term is a shortened term for underdog, and refers to the weaker players or betting targets that most people think will lose. Often, betting on the underdog can yield big rewards.


This term is used to refer to any hand of blackjack that holds a value of at least 17 points or more.

There are several different online casino terms to learn, but these are perhaps the ones that are most well known. Now that you know what they mean, you can speak the same language as other seasoned players across the globe.

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Blackjack has long been one of the world’s favourite card games. From being played in the back of saloons to the private rooms of Monte Carlo and Vegas casinos, this card game has always captured player’s attention. By going online, blackjack only increased in popularity, and thanks to mobile casinos you can now enjoy this exciting game of skill, strategy and wit anywhere you choose.

Many online casinos advertise live dealer games, but how exactly does this work? How can players face off against a live dealer without even being in the same space as them? The answer to this question and more can be found right here!

A Livestream Straight To Your Screen

When playing live dealer blackjack, players will get the next best thing to having a live dealer in the same room as them. A live video feed will stream over the Internet, connecting you to a dealer in real time. Essentially, what this means is that players can see everything that the dealer is doing through a video feed being directed back to them.

These days, it is so easy to doctor something and make it look authentic before putting it online. For players who aren’t entirely convinced as to whether or not they are actually watching a live stream, the option to chat with the dealer is always there. Live dealer blackjack is exactly what its name suggests, a classic casino game with a live dealer controlling the game.

As Authentic An Experience As Possible

Online casinos strive to create experiences that are as authentic as possible, and our live dealer games are testament to this. While the rest of the game is automated, the dealer is live, which brings players close to experiencing the real thing first hand. This makes players feel as though they have just entered a brick and mortar casino, even when sitting on their couch at home. It’s a fun take on the fusion between traditional and digital casinos and can certainly make for some fun on the tables as well.

Live dealer blackjack was designed to help players step into the world of casinos without ever having to leave their homes. The way in which it has been set up makes for an immersive, exciting online casino experience with a difference – try it and see for yourself!

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We love African wildlife, and were thrilled to discover that we don’t even need to leave the comfort of our own homes to enjoy safari adventures, thanks to the Mega Moolah Progressive online slot!

This bright, cheerful title from Microgaming features more animals than you’re likely to encounter on most real-life safaris, and there’s absolutely no chance of being mauled by lions or gored by rhinos while playing either. However, if you play Mega Moolah for real money at our casino, you do stand a chance of winning big. The game features a randomly triggered progressive jackpot round that offers four different prizes.

Spin the Wheel

If you’ve ever read stories or watched documentaries about safari adventures, you’ll know that anything could happen in the African wilderness. You can expect the same from Mega Moolah Progressive slots. Its jackpot round could be triggered at any moment.

There are four different jackpots up for grabs, each of which grows in size as the game is played. When the round is triggered another screen opens and you’re presented with the Jackpot Wheel.

You need to spin the wheel and hope it comes to a stop on either the Mini, Minor, Major or Mega jackpot.

Friendly, Furry Reel Symbols

We have to admit to being charmed by the Mega Moolah Progressive online slot reel symbols. In fact, we don’t know if you’ll ever encounter a friendlier bunch of animals.

The creatures you’ll see include elephants, giraffe, kudu, lions, monkeys, wildebeest and zebra. Animals aside, the reels also feature 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace playing card symbols.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Coming face to face with a lion in its natural habitat is a fearsome sight, but you will have no reason to run and hide if lions appear on the reels when you play Mega Moolah Progressive at our online casino.

The lion symbol is not only the base game’s top paying symbol, it’s also a Wild multiplier. It can substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations, and when it does this it doubles the payout.

The monkey is the Scatter symbol. Two or more anywhere on the reels brings Scatter wins, and three or more will trigger 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier for free spins payouts.

Play Mega Moolah Progressive with us, and find out if some wonderfully wild wins will come your way!

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The game of Roulette has been around since the seventeen hundreds in France. Believe it or not, the game is actually a mix of several English wheel games called Reiner, Roly-Poly and Ace of Hearts that were combined with a few Italian board games called Biribi and Hoca. Although the game has evolved a bit from that time, it essentially remains the same as it was over three hundred years ago.

Now players are able to enjoy this historical game at Spin Palace with the edge of having some of the top tips and strategies implemented by the Roulette pros. Study them carefully and you could see your Roulette game improve by leaps and bounds!

Tip Number One: Practice and Observe

Like any game, you can improve your Roulette skills with a bit of practice. Because there are so many betting options in Roulette, it is very easy for new players to get confused or accidently place the wrong bet at the wrong time. Practicing will help you familiarise yourself with the rule sets, the timing of the game, the movement of the game, and how you are going to get the most out of the time and money you are investing in play. There’s nothing wrong getting your confidence up before jumping head first into the action.

Another way to help a player get familiar with the game is to observe others. Don’t be afraid to chat with people that have played Roulette to get their take on the game and to see what has worked for them. Never rush into a game without a complete understanding.

Tip Number Two: Start With Outside Bets

If you’re a new player, or if you want to get warmed up before putting down big money, start by placing outside bets. Outside bets in Roulette include betting on one to eighteen, red or black, even or odd, that a number will fall within a set of twelve numbers, that a number will fall within a vertical column or a snake bet. The snake bet is a specific bet, which has numbers including one, five, nine, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, nineteen, twenty three, twenty seven, thirty, thirty two and thirty four.

The benefit of the outside bet is that a player has better odds of winning. Now while it is true that the payouts are smaller, your chances of losing big are also smaller. Once you are comfortable, you can then move on to some of the bigger bets with higher payouts. Remember, if the number that hits is the zero, all bets are lost.

Tip Number Three: Double Up

Players are not going to win all of the time, so they can apply this strategy when the chips are down. If you are placing a bet on red or black, or the odd or even bet, and lose then try doubling up on the amount that you bet on the losing bet. Be sure you pick the same colour or odd/even instead of bouncing around!

Tip Number Four: Double Up and Add

In this strategy, instead of just doubling up and placing the same bet after your loss, double up and add an additional amount of whatever you started with. For instance, a five dollar initial bet would then be doubled to make ten dollars and then an additional five dollars would be added.

Tip Number Five: Have Fun

Remember that Roulette is a game! It’s something fun that you should enjoy. So sit back, relax, place your bets and watch that wheel spin!
With the above tips from Spin Palace, you’ll be a Roulette pro in no time!

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In any game where potential payouts could be life changing, it is no surprise that players have created strategies or developed beliefs about how to increase the odds. Some of the myths that have come about as a result are so common they are almost considered general knowledge. We’re going to dispel a few of the most common slots myths so that you know what’s fact and what’s fiction!

It’s Time for a Big Win

The most common myth is that a slot that has not paid out in a while is “due”. It’s easy to think that because no one has won big in a while, the machine will be paying out any second now. However, think of it like the roll of a dice. Every single roll is completely unique and the odds are 1 in 6 that it will land on any given number. Those odds don’t change just because you have rolled the dice 3 times. It’s always 1 in 6. The same applies to slots. Every play is a completely new with random spins and Random Number generators utilised in online slots, making it impossible to determine when a game will payout.

Today May be Your Lucky Day

Another common myth is that some days are better than others. It may seem that way from the outside, but the reality is it’s just as random as a week when payouts happen consistently. To have a good day or a bad day, online casinos would need to control the programming of the games to ensure they don’t payout, and that would break every law around fair play.

Rewarded for Online Play

Possibly one of the most damaging myths is that casinos can choose whom to award. Many players believe that their online membership can be drawn or targeted as a winning profile, provided the casino sees a good playing history. Once again, this would involve the casino controlling the game and would contravene the rules of fair play.

Payout Percentage Says it All

Lastly, some players believe that your chances are better at a land-based casino than online. However, the average slot machine at a land-based casino is programmed to pay out 85% of the total takings. Online slots, on the other hand, are programmed to pay out as much as 98% of their takings. So where would you rather play?

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When thinking of casino games, images are often conjured of swanky casino interiors, the entire scene drowning in the tell-tale song of coins clattering into large metal buckets. Money and casinos are, after all, inherently linked, mostly because casinos require money to keep their doors open.

Why then, you may ask, would anyone want to play casino games for free? Isn’t the very purpose of a casino game to win a bit of cash? The short answer to this question is no – there is no reason to play a real world casino game in a real world casino for free.

The long answer is; there is no reason to play a real world casino game for free, but it’s a good idea to do so from time to time online, if you wish to get in some practice without the risk of losing the shirt off your back.

So, as a revised answer; yes, there is reason to play online casino games for free from time to time, if you are serious about getting better and honing your skills and essentially, winning more. At Spin Palace we offer the majority of our games in free and real money mode, so that you can have fun, get some practice and refine your strategies, so that when you place real money bets, you do so with confidence.

Practice Makes Perfect

Some casino games are based entirely on luck, and no amount of practice will ever make a player more or less successful.

Lottery games, for example, really are just about hoping for the best. No amount of wishing or praying is likely to ever change the result. Other casino games, however, such as Poker or Blackjack are far more skill based, and a player with a lot of experience is likely to do much better.

It is games such as these then, which a person may wish to play for free, as often as possible, until they feel confident enough to try a real money game. Even simple games like slots, however, which are mostly based on luck, can offer more chances of winning if the person understands the game better. Adjusting play lines and the bet amounts are valid strategies that can help minimise losses and maximise wins, meaning that there is reason to play slot games for free before committing real money.

At the end of the day, any casino game a player is serious about could do with a bit of research and investigation – it just makes sense to be familiar with something you are going to bet real money on.

Playing Skill Based Casino Games

Roulette is a game often associated with a lightning fast turnaround time, and quick wins. The truth, however, is that Roulette is a game that can benefit greatly from having a solid betting strategy.

Simply dumping chips on a few bets and crossing your fingers isn’t’ smart. Fun, perhaps, but not smart. There are many strategic guides on how to minimise losses and maximise wins in Roulette, and there is certainly much merit in practicing these strategies at a free online Roulette table.

Blackjack and Poker, however, are rated as the pinnacle of skill based casino games. If approached properly by an experienced player, both these games can be a virtual goldmine, with the house edge reduced so low that a person may literally make a living from the games, if well practiced with a decent grasp of complicated maths.
Playing casino games for free is a great way to refine skills and potentially boost your winning potential, but free games also come with no risk and obligation, letting you have nothing but pure, unadulterated fun!

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Any regular player will have noticed that almost all card games take place on green tables. We have become so accustomed to this tradition that we may not stop to think where it comes from, but it certainly would feel odd to play a hand of Poker or Blackjack on a table that is anything other than green!

There are two parts to the reasoning behind the green fabric on the table. One is how the casino games began.

Originally a fabric called baize was used to cover snooker tables, because the textured material created friction that slowed the balls down a little, and made them easier to control and direct. The colour green was chosen, as it mimicked the grass that more traditional ball games take place on.

When casinos and casino games were largely illegal, many illicit card games would take place on the sly in snooker halls. The layout for the games was drawn on the green baize of the snooker table, and could be easily wiped off or obscured, should police raid the establishment.

Not only did the habit of green baize tables continue for aesthetic purposes, but it was found that the fabric was ideal for dealing cards. A dealer could pass cards quickly without them sliding off the table top, but while still moving smoothly enough towards the player that they didn’t flip over.

In more recent years, however, the opportunity for the same fabric to be made in a variety of colours has become available, yet the colour is largely still green. While tradition accounts for a large part of that, a lot of study has also been done on the impact of colour to a person’s mood and state of mind. Evidence largely shows that the colour green inspires calm, trust and a feeling of wellbeing, while colours such as red or black can create a tense atmosphere.

There has also been some study into the colour blue, and you may find quite a few blue covered casino tables popping up. Blue is also considered a calming colour and provides a bit of variety to the traditional green. Some casinos also have tables in different colours to denote varying minimum bets or stakes.

All of the study aside, we are creatures of habit and a good table game just wouldn’t feel the same on anything other than a green table!

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Fantasy is a highly popular genre, with more novels released featuring swords and sorcery every year then a reading enthusiast can shake a stick at. In modern times the genre has seen even more popularity than usual, with a massive resurgence occurring due to the runaway successful of book series such as Game of Thrones, and, as we all known, when one genre sees an increase in popularity, that interest tends to spill over into other platforms.

The fact that a Game of Thrones slots game even exists should make that fact abundantly clear. The Game of Thrones slots game, however, was not considered the best of online slots games, and many were disappointed by its lack of well-known characters, recognisable imagery, or even especially notable graphics. The game did reference the various factions of the universe, but most agree that the game lacked punch, likely due to licensing issues that prevented the inclusion of more powerful visuals. The plus side is that there are many fantasy themed slot games that are outstanding, and well worth a look.

Immortal Romance

The explosion of popularity regarding vampires, occurring prior to the Game of Thrones era, was due almost entirely to the Twilight series. Yes, many felt that the films failed dramatically to capture the real essence of the original books, but the fact that games such as Immortal Romance exist stands as testimony to the power of a trend.

Immortal Romance rather unashamedly draws its inspiration from Twilight, but it does so with such incredibly high quality graphics, and with such a remarkable attention to detail, that most are willing to overlook this obvious fact. The game features one dashing male vampire, and three gorgeous female vampires, all of which at first appear as nothing but broodingly attractive people. What makes the game unique is that each of these characters transform into vicious vampire versions of themselves when landing in a sequence, which is perhaps more in tune vision with what the Twilight books intended. Even the mini-games of Immortal Romance drip with quality, involving a sequence where the player interacts with vials of blood in an astonishingly well-animated fashion.

Avalon II: Quest For The Grail

Departing from vampires and dealing instead with holy grails, Avalon II is a more classic fantasy themed game. It draws heavily from the King Arthur mythology, which is well known for its tales of cups that grant eternal life. Avalon II does not boast the incredible high quality graphics of Immortal Romance, but what it does do is communicate a story in a slots game, and that is no small achievement. The symbols depict a king, his queen, and the cup that they all seek to recover; the Holy Grail. It is not often that a player can feel as if they are participating in an epic journey while spinning reels, and Avalon II manages to do this exceptionally well. Sure, there will likely not be an actual conclusion to the story, given that the storytelling medium is a slots game, but even having players understand what the story is all about is reason enough for Avalon II to be commended.

Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 is everything a player could hope for as far as fantasy themed games go. It features a well-loved and recognised main character, Thor, as well as excellent graphics, and outstanding design. The basis of the game is the rivalry between Thor and Loki, brought to life with character designs that are well drawn enough to feature in works of art. Plus, for all those familiar with the Thor universe, a number of other characters and popular imagery can be seen.

Odin, the father of Thor, makes an appearance, and let’s not forget Thor’s incredibly powerful hammer, Mjölnir. Thunderstruck 2 is a must play experience for all slots players, and even if there isn’t a particular interest in the subject material, the game’s highly innovative mini-games are certainly something to write home about.

Steam Punk Heroes

Steam Punk Heroes is not as well known as Thunderstruck 2, but is certainly no less an impressive experience. The artwork in the game is simply jaw dropping, and you would be hard pressed to find a better visual treat as far as slots games go.

The theme of the game, the steam punk mythology, is a rich environment to work with, and Steam Punk Heroes certainly goes the whole nine yards to take advantage. Each individual symbol design tells a story with its remarkable detail and design, and a player could get lost simply studying each image to take in all that is on offer. The game play itself may not be especially innovative or unique, but when this level of effort has gone into the visuals, a player can be forgiven for ignoring game play just to appreciate the visual experience!

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In a world where almost everything is happening online, it’s no surprise that entertainment has gone the way of the newspaper – digital. It’s hard to find anything these days you can’t do virtually, and it’s no surprise that casinos have followed the trend. Gone are the days of travelling for miles to the nearest card table or slots machines. All you need to do now is simply log onto your desktop, phone, tablet, or just about any device with a screen and Internet connection and a world of casino games awaits!

So what makes the allure of online casinos that much more appealing? Let’s start with the costs. You can save money by playing online. Sounds a bit far-fetched doesn’t it? Well, think about the costs of a casino. Firstly, if you don’t live in the area, you have to travel, and pay for accommodation. Even if you do live in the area, you inevitably have to pay for a taxi or parking. Then while you are actually at the casino you will buy drinks, food and likely need to tip the waiter. So what are your costs at home? Nothing! Sit down at your computer and play!

Now let’s talk about the casino itself. There is only so much space a land-based casino floor can cover. Which means that there are only so many games they can offer you. This is most certainly not the case with an online casino. Do you feel like playing a game of baccarat? No queue for a seat at the table! How about a game with the high rollers at the poker table? No problem. The door is open to everyone online, and there are no limits to the variety of games you can find online.

There are no limits to the time you play online either, and there’s always a casino that’s ready to welcome you 24/7. What’s more, you’ll also be rewarded with bonuses when you play online, and regular cash rewards, promotions and other exciting perks can be claimed.

And lastly, have you ever been to a land-based casino that lets you play a practice round or two for free? We didn’t think so! Online, you can choose any game you like and play it for free to get a feel for it, improve your technique and strategy or even just learn the rules and what to expect. It doesn’t get better than that!

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In terms of slots, a progressive jackpot is the most reliable way to win a life-changing sum of money. That’s not to say that hitting a progressive jackpot is easy, but rather that the potential sum of money won is normally astronomically high.

But how does a progressive jackpot work, and what are the actual chances of winning one? The first thing to keep in mind is that progressive jackpots are generated by the players. The sum is not paid out directly from the wallet of the casino, as some assume. If a casino were to foot the bill whenever a progressive jackpot was won, they would likely be bankrupt in the blink of an eye. Rather, progressive jackpots are linked to a series of slots, often spread far and wide across the country, or even across the world where online casinos are concerned.

Every real money bet placed by players on these specific slots games counts towards the progressive jackpot, with a small amount of each transaction skimmed off the top and stored. Depending on the number of players, the length of time before the jackpot is won, and the amount skimmed, the jackpot quickly climbs to an enormous sum. When, eventually, the amount is won, it is simply transferred to that player as it stands, with not a cent coming from the personal coffers of the casino.

How Often Is a progressive Jackpot Won?

Some progressive jackpots can roll over for years before being triggered, while others are won a week after officially opening. It really is just a matter of luck, statistical probability, and how many people play the game.

The trick is, of course, that the value of the jackpot is directly linked to the amount of time it is allowed to gather. If progressive jackpots were won weekly, they would be far less valuable. It is, therefore, in the interest of the players that the amount be allowed to accumulate before being won. On the other hand, however, the actual chances of winning the jackpot are so low as to be considered practically unattainable by the average person.

Keep in mind that millions, if not tens of millions of spins must be taken on the reels before the jackpot is triggered. This means that winning the national lottery is a better option, given the statistics. Why then, you may ask, would I even bother to try and win a progressive jackpot, instead of playing the national lottery?

Progressive Jackpot Entertainment

Imagine buying a thousand lottery tickets, waiting for draw time, and proceeding to manually check your numbers against the winning numbers, with each individual ticket. Does this sound like a good time, or the most tedious experience of your entire life? Now instead imagine taking a thousand spins on a slot game, which has not only been designed to be entertaining, but also to allow you to win money back over the course of those thousand spins. The plain and simple truth is that slots games are more fun, wiser in terms of cost to your wallet, and playable any time you choose. Progressive jackpots are, in simple terms, the most entertaining way to test your luck and still have a shot at becoming an instant millionaire.

Playing Progressive Jackpot Games

At Spin Palace we offer a number of exciting progressive jackpot games, so simply keep your eyes open when selecting which game to play. Look out for prominently displayed counters on the game to get an idea of the current jackpot amounts, and note the pace at which the sum is climbing. This gives and idea of how many people are currently playing the game. If really looking to go the whole nine yards, check as to when the last time the game paid out a jackpot, which will indicate how long the jackpot has currently been running.

Non-Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

Also keep in mind that slots games not linked to a progressive jackpot will have some or the other kind of jackpot system, and although not as enormously generous as a progressive jackpot, the amount on offer will still certainly be worth your time.

Progressive jackpot games are high variance games, in other words, the risk is high, but so too is the reward. These games may pay out less often, but when they do, the amounts can easily run over a million.

Before you start playing, ask yourself; how much are you willing to spend to get a crack at that jackpot? Stick to that amount, and if the jackpot comes your way in the process of spending that amount, consider yourself lucky. Progressive jackpot games may be based on luck and can be triggered at random, so regardless of when you play, it could just be your lucky day!

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Gambling is one of those pursuits that when things go wrong, you have to work hard to decide whether to laugh or cry. We, naturally, prefer to laugh. It’s a game and they can be a lot of fun, but every now and then a cringe worthy mistake or a tragic loss is just too much to bear, and we have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. We have gathered for you the best of the stories that have made us laugh, some are tragic, one is frustrating, and one is just so amazing it can barely be believed!

When You Can’t Claim Your Winnings

Nothing quite beats the frustration of not being able to claim your winnings, and there are two such cases where exactly that has been the case. In one of these stories a woman in Arizona was incredibly happy when she won a jackpot of $1200 after playing slots at a local casino. She triumphantly went to claim her winnings, but when cashing out was asked for her passport. She was unable to provide one, and so there were further investigations and it was discovered that she was actually an illegal immigrant. Not only did the poor woman not get her jackpot, but within weeks she was also deported back to her home in Mexico!

A similar story, but one lacking deportation at least, is that of a winner in Chandigrah, India who is rumoured to have won $500,000 in an online casino jackpot. There is one catch. The winner himself was only 8 years old. Well known as a boy genius, he had been creating webpages by the age of 4, so a jump to using his uncle’s casino account to play poker is no stretch of the imagination. It was after he won the prize that the casino objected to his age and refused to pay out the money. However, his parents and uncle maintain that the casino was aware of the boy’s age when he had won smaller amounts on other occasions, and have taken them to court over the matter. To this day, there is no resolution. But one thing is for sure, we better watch out when that boy is old enough to play poker in WSOP and other international tournaments!

Crazy But True

Some stories are just so crazy you can’t believe they are true, and we have the best of them. Would you believe that all the employees of FedEx owe their jobs to a night of blackjack? Its 100% true.

As one of the biggest international courier companies, FedEx has such a solid reputation it’s hard to believe the company was ever so close to going broke. But in 1973 they were so close to bankrupt they couldn’t pay the fuel bill to get the next few loads out, which they needed in order to get the next lot of funds in. They were stuck in a very tough position. The CEO, Fred Smith, couldn’t see a way out and decided to try his luck at the casino, and took the very last $5000 in the company account and headed to the Vegas. In what can almost be considered fate, Smith made a massive scoop and brought home over $27,000 dollars and was able to pay the fuel bills. It was the last time FedEx came so close to closing and was a night that set a man on his path of owning a multi million-dollar company.

How Cheaters Beat the Casino

It doesn’t often happen that the house loses but when they do most gamblers feel like a small victory has been won. The following story, however, was no small victory, and has changed the face of rules across the USA.

Michael Russo and James Grosjean were having a few good nights out in Vegas when a well-known casino detained them, wrote their names in the infamous Griffiths Book and banned them from the casino. While this may have been a normal day at work for the casino staff, Russo and Grosjean were incensed and decided to take the matter further. They sued the casino and stated that they had used no devices or cheating paraphernalia in order to win the games, but had instead used only their intellectual abilities. It’s a tough rule of the casino that has been around forever, that of card counting. Should an intellectual ability really be considered a crime? The courts decided they shouldn’t and Russo and Grosjean won their suit.

It is for this reason to day that casinos can no longer detain players against their will when they are caught card counting, though they are still able to ask to you to leave. Now if that victory isn’t something to laugh about that we don’t know what is!

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Virtually every casino game under the sun has a strategy guide, some of which are said to be perfect, others of which can be a bit ambiguous in how successful they really are. Heavily skills based games such as Poker and Blackjack have veritable libraries of strategy and help guides, many of which require an extremely dedicated person to get right.

Other more simple games such as slots have strategy guides of their own, but these tend to be only partially successful, and at the most offer a system that will minimise losses to a certain degree. But what about game such as Baccarat, that really only has three choices for the player to bet on? Is there a betting system that can, and will result in a positive result for the player? Lets take a look at a simple betting strategy that is said to be a great way to rake in the winnings.

One, Three, Two, Six Betting System

In any betting game a player has to accept the fact that there are going to be losses. This is an undeniable part of casino games, and not something that is ever going to change. No betting strategy is ever going to change the odds so that you are always winner. Hence, read the fact and accept it; if you play a casino game, there are going to be losses.

The trick of any strategy guide is that the wins outweigh the losses, hence resulting in an overall profit, as apposed to an overall loss. In Baccarat there is a basic yet effective strategy guide that is simply called 1, 3, 2, 6. The numbers refer to the amount that a player should place on a Baccarat bet. So, assuming that you are playing in dollars, your first bet would be one dollar, the second bet two dollars, and so on. Else the same strategy works if your first bet was ten dollars, second bet thirty dollars, and so on. But how, you might be asking, is simply dictating how much I should bet going to be a effective strategy?

The principal of the system is this; if your first bet is one dollar, and you win, the second bet should be three dollars. If you win the three dollar bet, now make a bet of two, and so on. If any of the bets fails, you simply go back to the first bet; one. This system is based on the probability of a winning result on any one outcome of Baccarat, being that there are two possible outcomes, player or banker. If the player wins the first bet, the bet increases, taking into account a win. If the bet fails, the bet is reduced back to one to minimise losses. If the player is making a fourth bet, the six, it’s assumed that the player has already made enough money to cover that bet failing.

Does This System Work?

The short answer to this question is; yes, the system works. The long answer is; yes the system works, but as to how quickly is not certain, and never can be. If a player quits the system after a few initial losses, they can easily walk away and say the system doesn’t work. This, of course, is not the attitude to have. The system must be used for a good length of time before positive results can be seen.

The player should, using this system, eventually make back potential losses and be in the green. The trick is, of course, to quit while you are ahead. On a personal note, the writer of this blog can say that he tested out the system thoroughly, following the rules closely and observing the results. He can report that at first it seemed the system would never make back the first few losses, but after a full sequence, was completed, with the final six bet having results, he found himself ahead in the game. He can also comment that it took him a great deal longer then he thought to actually finish the sequence and have four wins in a row, with over twenty hands being played before this finally occurred.

This system is very much based on persistence. It should be noted by all those wishing to use this system that a minimum amount should be used for eventual positive results to be seen. The system won’t work if a player buys in with ten, then hopes to keep that ten throughout the entire session. It would be wiser to stat with an initial amount of fifty, and make bets in units of one; i.e., one dollar, three dollars, and so on. If using units of ten, the player bets up the initial amount to five hundred.

This betting system can work for you; give it a try playing free Baccarat at Spin Palace and see for yourself!

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One of the most realistic experiences you can have while playing online is against a live dealer. Even virtual reality can’t compare with having a real person deal out your cards or spin the Roulette wheel. However, there are a few things to remember when playing a game with a live dealer, to make sure that you have proper etiquette.

Be Polite at All Times

The most important thing to remember is that you are playing a game with a real person. The dealer is an employee of the casino, and the other players at the table are people seated in front of their computers all over the world. It’s easy to forget that they are human beings and sometimes people are ruder or more abrupt than they otherwise would be face to face. Remember to treat everyone with courtesy and respect, just as you would in person.

Behave Well in the Chat Room

Most live dealer games with have a chat window so that players can chat to each other. This is so that you have the same social benefits of sitting at a real table. Remember to keep it light-hearted and fun. Do not offer advice to anyone else at the table. Each player has their own strategy and it can be considered quite rude to make suggestions. At the same time, don’t ask for advice. It can make people uncomfortable and can also slow down the game. Keep in mind your strategy and trust your instincts.

Don’t Hold Up Other Players

Online casinos almost always have an option to view the game, so if you decide you would like to sit out a few rounds, feel free to release the chair. There are often people waiting for a seat at the table, and it can be very frustrating to see a full but unused chair. Be kind to your fellow players and give up the chair if you decide to take some time out. This can also include walking away from the computer. It’s easy to think about quickly grabbing a drink, but it can seem like forever if everyone is waiting for you to place your bet.

Remember to Tip

Lastly, never forget to tip your dealer if you win before leaving the table. The dealers are employees of the casino, just like at any brick and mortar casino and there are the same expectations. If you’ve had a great time, and your dealer has been good, feel free to show some appreciation.

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Every year there is a new technological advancement and it gets harder and harder to keep up. Online casinos have only been around for just over 2 decades and already the dramatic increase in the quality of graphics and features is amazing.

The jump to mobile casinos was hardly a surprise, and we all knew it was only a matter of time before smartwatches had their day too. Augmented reality recently broke out into the industry, with players able to transform their dining room table into a Blackjack table, and now it seems virtual reality is the next advancement to come our way.

Imagine being able to put on your headset and step onto the red carpet of your favourite casino, walk across the gaming floor and sit down at your favourite pokies machine, all while comfortably seated on your sofa. It sounds ideal to many. The option of virtual reality has got all the developers minds racing as they consider the various features they could add. Perhaps a bonus round would see the player hurtling down a roller coaster to grab a free spin waiting at the bottom.

Gaming developers have long been looking for a way to bring in the resistant millennials. A generation who grew up attached to the Xbox or PlayStation is hard to lure out to a casino. But online casinos are much more accessible and developers see virtual reality as a completely new format. Most online casino features are focused on better graphics or better bonus features. However, virtual reality could see gaming heading into a more ‘gamified’ realm, where skill at bonus rounds or practice playing games like Halo could improve the odds.

As with any new development, the licensing of these new features presents a few challenges. The Malta Gaming Authority has already put some new conditions in place, which are being used, by the first VR casino.

For example, virtual reality casinos need to have clock on the wall, unlike land-based casinos, so that payers don’t lose themselves in the games. The addition of game-like features similar to an Xbox game would open the door to a whole new range of challenges for licensing, as it would immediately contravene the rule that all players have the same odds. But it could be argued that a game like Poker already favours the skilled player. Whatever the outcome of the decisions, this is definitely an industry worth watching.

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We all have different reasons to travel. Gorgeous scenery, tranquil hikes or beaches, maybe even the gorgeous historical buildings or beautiful people. For those of us passionate about casinos, we look at the map for our next trip and wonder where the best game of Poker is! So the question is, whether you are looking for the best Blackjack table, or if you want your break from the casino to be spent sipping a cocktail overlooking the ocean.

We have listed our 5 top casino destinations for your bucket list.

Las Vegas, USA

Nowhere is the world screams bright lights and big wins quite as much as Las Vegas. Undoubtedly the most famous casino city, Vegas has been the hot topic of movies, songs and stories for decades, and as we all know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

The main Vegas strip is host to some of the biggest and most extravagant casinos in the world. The Bellagio is certainly one of the most famous, and was even featured in Oceans 11 and The Hangover. The MGM Grand made a name for itself with its real life lion park, and the Luxor Hotel and Casino pyramid made history, with an atrium that could accommodate 3 Boeing 747s. Nothing screams Vegas quite like wedding bells and an Elvis impersonator minister to give you your vows, so perhaps when planning this trip, bring your loved one along!

Atlantic City, USA

As such an enormous country, it makes sense that the USA would have two of the best gaming destinations in the world. While Vegas entertains the West Coast, Atlantic City entertains the East Coast. Unlike Vegas, Atlantic City has a real coastline to gaze across in your breaks between casinos, and also has a gorgeous racecourse on offer. If you haven’t quite made it to 21, the racecourse is a great option as the minimum age is only 18. Also host to the Miss America Pageant, the city doesn’t just have beautiful casinos to draw the crowds. A definite item for the bucket list.

Baden-Baden, Germany

This is a city that few have heard of, and makes the list for a reason other than fame. The city is tiny, with only 55000 residents, and was originally a spa town. It is still a place for the rich and famous to escape and take in the mountain air and some particularly lavish spa treatments to rejuvenate the body.

It is only fitting that this is the location of one of the most luxurious casinos in the world. Baden-Baden Casino is a bucket list nominee for the sheer elegance and luxury of playing at the casino, in rooms draped in velvet and dripping with crystal chandeliers. This is definitely not a place to show up in your shorts, but instead a town to spoil yourself and to give your best cocktail number a little airing.

Monaco, Monte Carlo

Nothing says the history of casino gaming quite like the Monte Carlo Casino is Monaco. 150 years have gone by and the casino still draws tourists from all over the world. It has to, as the casino is not accessible to local residents of Monaco and a passport has to be shown as proof.

By stepping into The Monte Carlo, you step into an era where gambling was for the upper class only, a feature still brought to life by strict dress codes and careful attention to detail. Make it a destination for your next travel and treat yourself to martini, shaken not stirred, as you relive the James Bond lifestyle.

Macau, China

Macau is well known in passionate gaming circles as the Vegas of the East. While about 50% of the visitors to the city are currently from China, international tourism is on the rise, especially as no visa is required for most countries. With almost 30 casinos and some of the most dramatic themes, Macau is rapidly looking to overtake Vegas for fame and tales of fortune. In fact, Macau has already surpassed Vegas in gaming revenue.

The casinos in the city are gorgeous, with the Venetian complex putting her Vegas sister to shame with canals and gondolas, and several other casinos upping the luxury stakes. The fact that it happens to be on the warm South China Sea certainly can’t be overlooked. As a destination, the currency is favourable, the casinos are fabulous and weather is spectacular. It ticks all the boxes for an amazing vacation.

Wherever you decide to go, the gambling will undoubtedly be a lot of fun, and the experience in casinos around the world is certainly slightly different from country to country. Whether you are after luxury and glamour, or bright lights and action, there will definitely be a casino destination to suit you.

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Want to know what Ways to Win means when playing slots? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Traditional Slots

To understand a Ways to Win slots game you first need to understand a traditional one. Let’s use a three reel, single payline slot as an example. In this slot, the payline runs horizontally through the centre of the reels. In order to win the jackpot, the player has to match a winning combo of symbols going from left to right.

In many modern video slots, there are multiple reels with multiple paylines. These paylines aren’t always straight either. Some are diagonal and some even zigzag all over the reels! It’s common to find slots with anywhere from one all the way up to 100 or more paylines. The player then puts a bet on each payline. If one of the paylines they bet on hits, they win! They don’t have to bet on all of the paylines either. Many slots allow the player to bet on one, five, ten, or twenty paylines at a time. It’s up to you.

Ways to Win Slot

Ways to Win slots are set up a bit differently than their traditional counterparts. In a Ways to Win slots game the number of winning ways can almost be thought of as paylines. So a 1024 ways to win slot could be considered a slot with 1024 paylines. But in another way, the Ways to Win slot actually gets rid of the payline system all together. Sound confusing? Don’t worry; it will make sense in a minute. Stick with us!

In this type of game, the player actually has the opportunity to win any time they manage to land any type of winning combination of symbols from left to right. The type of line that it ends up making is completely irrelevant. It’s almost as if all of the symbols become Scatter symbols.

This means that you could pay the same for playing a slot with 30 paylines as you would paying a slot that has up to 243 Ways to Win. This can be a great advantage to the player. When playing “Ways to Win slots, you’ll also want to pay special attention to wilds. In this type of game, a Wild in the right spot can really be a game changer! It’s that simple, and there are Ways to Win games that boast 243 or even 1024 winning ways readily available online!

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Las Vegas is well known as Sin City, the place where dreams come true, anything goes and what happens there, stays there! These rather strange facts are just a few of the weird and wonderful stories that have made it out of Vegas!

Gambling Laws

Firstly and most surprisingly for anyone who has visited Vegas, it is illegal to gamble outside of Vegas anywhere in Nevada. In Las Vegas itself you can find a slot machine at an airport, grocery store or even a gas station, but the minute you get more than 25 miles outside the city limits, gambling is illegal. It’s only in the city itself that it’s allowed.

In what seems like a completely opposite law, prostitution is legal anywhere in Nevada except Vegas. While prostitution is legal in the state, it is only legal in cities of less than 400 000 people. When Vegas became a huge tourist attraction and looked set to provide Nevada with good income, city planners decided to keep prostitution out of the metropolitan to prevent more conservative visitors from choosing other destinations.

Live your Wildest Dreams

Aside from the abovementioned laws you really can do just about anything in Las Vegas. Have you ever wanted to drive a bulldozer? Well Vegas is the place to do so. There is a heavy vehicle playground where visitors can drive bulldozers, pickup trucks and diggers just to get an idea of what it feels like to operate such enormous machines. This is definitely not your usual Friday night out, but it’s something that isn’t easily accessible elsewhere in the world.

Life Changing Wins with a Difference

Some people take the fun of gambling a little too far. In 1980 nearly a whole staff of nurses in a hospital in Las Vegas were suspended, and some fired, for betting on whether patients would live or die. It is even suspected that one nurse killed her patient in order to win the bet. Now that’s just dead wrong!

Easy Come, Easy Go

Lastly, no list of fun facts is complete without a story to make you cringe. In 1992, Archie Karas took $50 to Vegas and within a day turned it into a whopping $40 million. The reason this will make you cringe? Within a day Archie had lost all the money, including the $50 he started with, and went home absolutely penniless.

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Fancy yourself a lover of all things water? Do your favourite films involve brightly coloured fish on epic quests across the vast oceans? Or maybe you’re that person with the five hundred-litre salt-water tank with live coral, bright white beach sand and more species than you can shake a net at.

If so, we have lined up the perfect slot for you. Fish Party by Microgaming brings together the exciting world of the open ocean with a fun and humorous twist that every thalassophile and avid player is sure to enjoy. But what makes this underwater adventure stand out among a veritable sea of similar slots? It’s all about those bonus features. Let’s take a look!

Bonus Features

When it comes down to it, bonus features are one of the main things that help to differentiate the thousands of slot games available online. While paylines and reel numbers are important, a seasoned player knows that a big bonus can make or break their session, and the combination of free spins, win multipliers and mini games can turn an average slot into something that warrants revisiting time and time again.

Which bonus features are you favourites? We enjoy nothing more than a good free spin and the opportunity to double our wins with a gambling feature. Lucky for us, both of these features are available in Fish Party!

Free Spins

Spinning those reels is the name of the game in most slots, and Fish Party is no exception. So what could be better than getting to spin for free with the chance to win big? We don’t think there’s anything better!

In this slot, free spins are unlocked by the all-important scatter symbol. Following the underwater theme, Microgaming has assigned the task of scatter to a wild eye and suspicious looking clam. His dark piercing eyes peeking out from his self-constructed hideout and the word “scatter” written in bright yellow below ensure that he will be hard for you to miss.

Landing this cute and slimy master of the ocean floor three, four or five times will activate the free spins round. How many free spins can you expect to unlock? Well unlike some other slots, there is not a fix number but rather a number range. The player can win between eight and twenty free spins. What’s even better is that our scatter symbol friend also pays a multiple of your total bet size. Two scatters will get you one times your total bet while three scatters pays out at two times your total bet. If lady luck is really on your side and you manage four scatter symbols, you’ll be paid twenty times your bet. And what about five scatter symbols? How does one hundred times your total bet sound? How could this free spins bonus get any better. With stacked symbols and the ability to re-trigger the free spins round. That’s how!

Gamble Feature

We find that ocean lovers are often the adventurous type. There’s something wild and unpredictable about the ocean. Maybe that it covers seventy one per cent of the planet and yet we know more about the surface of the moon that we do about the deep ocean floor. In any case, we think daring slots players will enjoy risking it all with Fish Party’s built in gambling feature. After every win, you’ll have the chance to guess what the colour or suit of the next card will be. Opt out and keep your winnings. Opt in and have a chance to double your winnings or lose it all!

Are you ready to dive in? It’s time to get your toes wet with Fish Party!

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With World War 2 just in the rear view mirror, the nineteen fifties in the United States stepped into a radically progressive era where the music landscape saw a massive change. Taking cues from the crooner sound of the previous decade, this new style of music shifted its focus to acts like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin.

Towards the middle of the decade, the sounds of classic pop were blown away by the introduction of rock-and-roll. This genre was pioneered by the likes of Chuck Berry, James Brown, Little Richard and Buddy Holly. But we can’t forget arguably the most important figure in rock-and-roll history. Elvis Presley was undoubtedly the king of rock and roll. His various television appearances and records took him from a relatively unknown musician to an industry god almost overnight, and if you stepped into a nineteen fifties diner like the one featured in Vinyl Countdown slot, you’d be sure to see plenty of his songs listed on the jukebox.

Famous songs from that era also include familiar favourites such as “Roll Over Beethoven”, “Johnny B. Good” and “Rock and Roll Music”. You can almost picture these tunes playing as soda jerks made milkshakes for tough guys in leather jackets while their girlfriends danced the night away. It sounds idyllic doesn’t it? Well the good news is that you can step back in time and experience one of America’s most iconic decades with Vinyl Countdown by Microgaming!

Step Back in Time                                              

The days of juke boxes, banana splits and Grease might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience a bit of the past right here in the present. Vinyl Countdown does a superb job of transporting us to a different time and a different way of life.

The overall feel of this reel is true to the theme. Lots of neon lights and bright colours cover the background and surround the reel. It truly is a nineteen fifties diner experience in this slot, and all of the throwback elements are on display.

The slot symbols in Vinyl Countdown might make your stomach rumble as you look over a mixture of mouth watering desserts. We’ve got a creamy chocolate milkshake with pink marshmallows and a candy cane straw. There’s also a tantalising banana split with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

How about some homemade waffles with vanilla bean ice cream, maple syrup and a ripe strawberry on top? And we can’t forget about that decedent chocolate covered pound cake. Just looking at all these symbols is making us starving! Other symbols include two star struck lovers dancing the night away and a pair of black and white dancing shoes. And let’s not forget the quintessential nineteen fifties tough guy. Slick backed greased hair with a black leather jacket and a smirk to match. That is one cool dude. It’s no wonder that blonde girl has hearts swimming around her head!

Bonus and Wilds

While this slot does not have bonus features in the traditional sense, it does have other ways to win big. Keep an eye out for the glitter ball scatter symbol. Even if this symbol pops up and it’s not on an active payline, the player must just land three to be awarded a prize.

And don’t forget about the wild symbol. It can substitute for a symbol besides the scatter in order to make a winning combination.

So put on your best dancing shoes, grab that leather coat, slick back your hair with a bit of Brylcreem  and get ready to be transported to another time. It’s time for the Vinyl Countdown!

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Spin Palace is a leading online casino that welcomes players from all over the world. First established in 2001, we are renowned for our high quality casino games and lucrative casino bonuses. Powered by Microgaming casino software, Spin Palace is fully licenced and is governed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Our casino is user friendly and we’ve done our bets to ensure we appeal to all players.

A Top-Class International Casino

Spin Palace is an international casino that offers multi-platform access for both desktop and Mobile. The full Microgaming casino software can be downloaded and installed on all PC or Mac computers. Alternatively, players can access and play all the latest games instantly online via the no-download flash casino site. For mobile users, we offer instant accessibility via our flash site as well as a casino app that can be installed on all leading mobile devices, smartphones or tablets.

Slots, Table Games and More

If you are looking for the widest range of casino games, Spin Palace has everything you need under one roof. We feature over 500 high quality Microgaming casino games to suit just about every player.

Under slots games, you will find all your favourite video slots titles as well as a full range of classic slots and progressive slot games. To add to this, we are also home to a comprehensive array of table and card games including Craps, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Pai Gow, Texas Hold’em Poker and more.

Download, Online and Mobile Platforms

Players can access and play all their favourite Spin Palace casino games online at home or on the go. All our games available online can also be played for free or for real money with just a click of a button. When it comes to banking options we offer a huge range of secure banking facilities. Players can easily fund or top up their online casino account by debit card payment, credit card payment or web wallet payment.

Welcome Bonuses and Casino Rewards

For players that do want to play and win real money, Spin Palace offers some seriously competitive casino bonuses and promotions. Players who make their first deposit will be rewarded with an instant cash match casino bonus of up to 100%. VIP members can look forward to weekly and monthly casino promotions and more too.

Now you know what we have to offer, give us a try!

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Let’s be honest, playing casino games is actually just a lot of fun. Whether your favourite games are the flashy, brightly coloured slots, or you prefer the skill required in Blackjack, there is something for everyone at a casino. However, there are definitely certain advantages to playing different games, especially when it comes to how big your bankroll is.

If your intention is to spend the weekend at the casino you will likely have a very different budget to if you want to log in from home, and let off some steam after work. While we all have our favourites, it is well worth considering a different game if your plans are for a longer playing period, or on a smaller budget. We have put together our favourites for each type of bankroll, so that you can make the best decision possible.

Modest Bankroll

Your bankroll could be modest because you wish to stick to a smaller budget, or because you have a reasonable budget but wish to make it last a long time. There are two games we highly recommend in this area.

First and foremost, slots are a great choice. If your budget is smaller, the great advantage of slots is that they come in all sorts of denominations. You can play for very little and with some good free spins or a few successful bonus round you can extend your play for a long time. The best thing is that its pressure free to play slots, it’s a great option if you would like to relax, sit back, and watch the reels roll.

If you prefer a more sociable game though, we recommend Blackjack. While the minimum bets aren’t as low as a slot machine, there are always a couple of tables with a lower first bet. However, what makes Blackjack great is that the rate of play is slower. This means that you can take your time and make careful decisions, and try and beat the dealer in a more strategic way.

Medium Bankroll

If you have a bit more money to play with but don’t want to throw it all down on the table in one go, we have a few suggestions.

Roulette and Craps are great games for excitement and you can choose your bets as you go. Roulette has the benefit of being a slightly simpler game, and the suspense of watching that ball go round the wheel can be truly intoxicating.

While Craps may appear to be a little more complex, there are simple bets that can get you started if you aren’t sure of your strategy. Sticking to the pass line while you watch how the rest of the game pans out is a good way to start for a beginner, but it will soon be tempting to try some riskier bets. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a great game and has the potential for a lot of complexity if you wish to take the time to learn about the odds of all the various plays.

If you prefer a game where you can throw a bit of experience and strategy on the table, Poker may be the one for you. Poker isn’t really an option or a very tight budget, but if you have a little to spare you should give it a try. Of course, poker is not the kind of game you just learn as you go along so if you plan to make this your go to game, we strongly suggest you take some time to learn all the rules, the hands, and learn some good strategy before you sit down at the table. Once you have the hang of it though, it’s a great way to spend an evening and unless you play all in, you can stretch out your money for quite some time.

High Rollers

It goes without saying that if you have a chunk of cash to spend, Baccarat is the game for you. While no one quite knows why it’s so popular with high rollers, it’s without a doubt the game for celebrities, successful entrepreneurs and even ruling monarchy.

The odds are so minimally in favour of the house that even the riskiest bet stands an excellent chance of a big win, and fortunes of both casinos and players have been won and lost on the baccarat table. If you are willing to play big to win big, this is the game for you.

One of the biggest advantages of playing online is that regardless of the size of your bankroll, there’s always an abundance of games you can enjoy. Free play makes it possible for everyone to join in the fun, and when you are ready, you can set your gaming budget accordingly and play for real money and the chance to win big!

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The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the official regulatory body of Malta and was developed originally to bridge the gap between the regulation of brick and mortar casinos and the newly emerging world of online casinos. While originally only relevant to Malta, the MGA has become one of the preferred authorities for the regulation of online casinos worldwide and there are a few factors that have helped the MGA reach this status.

What Does the MGA Do?

The MGA is not just a regulatory body designed for the implementation of legislation surrounding online casinos. What makes them so attractive to companies internationally is that they also have a detailed understanding of the requirements of the businesses they serve, and are able to provide input not only on how to remain within regulations, but also on how to best situate the business in the ecommerce environment.

The MGA mission statement is, “To regulate competently the various sectors of the gaming industry that fall under the Authority by ensuring gaming is fair and transparent to the players, preventing crime, corruption and money laundering and by protecting minor and vulnerable players.” and they certainly ensure that they live up to this motto.

Aim of the MGA

The MGA has quite a comprehensive agenda regarding their aims, and their goals are all aligned with promoting a fair and safe gaming environment. First and foremost, they aim to protect minors and vulnerable persons. They monitor the accessibility of gambling institutions to underage players and ensure that the boundaries are not crossed, even in simpler games such as lotteries.

Most importantly to the players themselves, the MGA safeguards the rights of the players. To do this they monitor things such as payment systems and the implementation of special deals. In addition they also ensure the integrity of the games themselves. This is especially important for online casinos where the games are all electronic. The MGA ensures that the games are fair and that there is no foul play with any of the programs or RNG’s that operate the games.

Lastly, they aim to promote responsible gaming in a safe environment. Casinos and other gambling locations need to be compliant with responsible gaming regulations and sufficient information about how to get the necessary help needs to be provided.


In order for the MGA to stay active and relevant in all of their aims and objectives, there are a number of activities they carry out or take part in. For example, they conduct extensive research on the various aspects of gaming. This research is used to inform regulators for future amendments to the legislation or to create better systems for safe and fair play.

The MGA is also directly responsible for issuing licenses and collecting the required taxes on behalf of the government. As part of this they actively monitor all licensed gaming to ensure that regulations are adhered to and relevant contributions are carried out.

Despite the overall goal of the MGA being around regulations and adherence, the organisation does also have a slightly wider impact. They ensure that all businesses operating in the jurisdiction contribute to the countries development, and that the funds generated are used appropriately to aid consistent economic growth.

Finally, the MGA also gets involved in more charitable causes and helps to support organisations that uplift those in need. All in all, the Malta Gaming Authority is a full service organisation that makes it easy to ensure that licensing and legislations are adhered to, and to guarantee players that they are getting treated fairly in a safe environment. There is good reason they are so successful with international businesses, and will continue to be.

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Every serious player knows that half the fun of playing their favourite online slots game is the thrill that comes for slick animations and exceptional graphics. As much fun as it can be watching the same old fruit symbols lazily turn over with a few flashes here and there, the real excitement kicks in when the player manages a massive hit and the screen starts going wild.

With the technology used in creating these online slots moving at such a rapid pace over the last fifteen years, it’s no wonder that software manufacturers have really stepped up their game in the animation department. With fully interactive bonus games and graphics that would make console gamers jealous, the online slot experience is now grander than it has ever been.

So let’s take a look at the top ten best video slot animations available today!


Set in the deep ocean, this underwater themed slot features dynamic animations for winning symbol combinations that will have your eyes sparkling. Glowing chests of treasure and vibrant, twinkling coral make this one of our favourites.

2.Jurassic Park

It’s little wonder this iconic slot is listed in top ten lists across the board. Players can enjoy a photorealistic background along with a three dimensional dinosaur that runs around spitting wilds onto the reels. Add dynamic, moving symbols and you’ve got a real winner. Keep an eye out for all of your favourite characters from the movie as their slot symbols turn into actual scenes from the film!

This high fantasy slot features a dynamic animated background as well as three dimensional slot symbols that are also animated. High adventure awaits players with this stunner, so grab your sword and get ready for battle!

4.Mystic Dreams

This Native American themed slot has beautifully drawn slot symbols which full animate when the player manages to land a win. What’s more, the background of this slot, which is set at a Native American camp in the wilderness, changes from day to night while the player spins!

5.Girls with Guns

Set in the frigid mountains of a far off land, Girls with Guns has some truly stunning three-dimensional animations. If the player manages a Super Mega Win, the player is treated to all of the characters lined up with their weapons and a massive explosion.

6.Phantom Cash

If you’re in the mood for a spooky slot with great graphics and animation, look no further than Phantom Cash. Slot symbols are not only animated, but they actually actively interact with each other.

7.The Twisted Circus

Sideshow carnival meets freak show in this beautifully rendered slot. Watch as the ringmaster and his monkey companion bounce along to the tunes of organ pipes. Symbols spin, dance and change as the game progresses, and the player can even be treated to a fully animated sideshow!

8.Immortal Romance

If creatures of the night are your thing, then Immortal Romance might be the perfect fit. This slot has a stunning three-dimensional background that is full animated. The reel symbols are also animated and interact with the player as they spin the reels.

9.Battlestar Galactica

Set in a distant future where humans are fighting to stay alive, Battlestar Galactica slot has photorealistic symbols, which animate into epic scenes from the show.

10.Mount Olympus

Three-dimensional snakes, dynamic slot symbols and a beautiful starry background make this one of the best-animated slots around and its theme add to its already immense appeal.

Full list in hand, it’s time to experience the best animations that online slots industry has to offer. Get to it!

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The world of casino games is a diverse one, likewise so too are the types of people who play these games. Some players take the situation very seriously, proceeding as if every hand, or every spin of the reels, was a life or death situation. Others are not so serious, and tend to play for the pure enjoyment of the experience, not especially concerned about a few lost rounds.

There is, of course, not right or wrong way to play casino games, assuming you are not a professional, and all it just comes down to what the individual prefers.

The Professional

It stands to reason that a person should put some level of effort into casino games, especially if you are playing for real money. There are those, however, who play every game as if a bolt of lighting will strike them down for losing a hand.

The professional keeps careful tabs on his or her funds, reads articles and newsletters on gambling every chance they get, and may even keep a personal record of wins and losses. Sure, there is nothing wrong playing in this fashion, but it is often the case that professional players are the least amount of fun, as far as other players are concerned.

The professional is easy to spot in an online game where a chat facility is involved, as they generally will not engage in, participate in jokes, or even acknowledge other players are making an effort to be social. The professional may even get annoyed at other players not taking the game as seriously, and abandon the table if they feel the situation is leaning too far towards fun and games. To spot the professional, look for the person who has not said a word since the game started.

The Casual Player

The casual player profile makes up the majority of online players. This is a person who knows the game, understands the game, plays to win, but is not so serious about casino games that it occupies their life. Sure, they will play a few hands every week, and they are more than happy to win, but losses won’t break their spirit.

Don’t take the casual player too lightly, however, as they are more then capable of making an excellent play and sweeping the table clean, given the right circumstances. Casual players are usually those who stick around for a while, make an effort to win, but always have fun first and foremost. In terms of social interaction in live chat games or tournaments, however, the casual player is normally great fun, ready to engage other players willingly, and generally provide a good source of entertainment.

The Troll

The troll is an interesting, if somewhat unwanted Internet phenomenon. How certain people find enjoyment making other people’s lives miserable is a mystery, but needless to say trolls are likely very lonely, annoyed at life, and probably don’t have many friends. The troll casino game player is that person who makes the game less fun for everyone else.

The type of person who lets the timer run down to the last second during their turn, for no other reason other than they know it annoys the people. In free poker games the troll will make unreasonably high bets on every hand, simply because it disrupts the game and forces the other players to go against good poker sense. No one wants the troll around, but they tend to crop up in almost every multiplayer casino game, much to the annoyance of the other players. Thankfully the trolls generally gets bored fast, and will move on to other forms of irritating people soon. Keep in mind that players can be reported to customer support centres if they are obviously disrupting the game.

The Newbie

The newbie tends to cause frustration and irritation, but not for any malicious intent of any kind. The recent boost in popularity of online games means that many new players are finding their way to the virtual casino game tables. These are people who often don’t have much experience playing casino games online, and are sometimes confused by the interfaces, slow to take their turn, and make silly mistakes by accident. Don’t be rude to the newbie, however, as everyone has had to learn how to play online games at some point, and confusion is a natural part of learning. Rather help the newbie get better by explaining to them how the game works. A newbie today, after all, is the potential star player of tomorrow. If you come across a newbie player, address them in the chat section and ask if they need anything explained. Don’t forget you might have to explain to them how to use the chat section in the first place!

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So you’ve decided to take your first step into the world of online casinos. You’ve got your favourite games picked out, and you’ve registered on the site. You’ve got your welcome bonus all sorted. All that’s left to do is make your first deposit and let the games begin!

But here’s where things can get tricky. There are a lot of deposit methods to choose from. From eWallets to bank transfers and eChecks to wiring, with so many options, it’s no wonder first time players and even those with experience often ask themselves what the best method is for making deposits at online casinos?

The Pros of the Credit Card

One of the most popular ways for players to make deposits for their online casino activities is the credit card. One of the reasons is they are just so darn convenient.

With online casinos, it is as simple as making any other purchase. Pop over to the cashier section of the site, put in your credit card details along with the amount of money you’d like to use to play, and hit submit. In just a few short seconds the transaction will be processed and you’ll have access to your funds.

Another benefit of using a credit card for deposits in online casinos is they allow for players to make large deposits. While some other forms of deposits are limited, credit card deposits consistently allow players to make large deposits into their gaming account with the casino. This is great for players who prefer to perhaps add one lump sum at the start of every month instead of adding smaller deposits every time they feel like playing.

The final benefit that credit cards offer is protection for the player. Should the worse happen, most credit card companies protect their customers against fraud. Depositing with credit cards is a sure fire way to buy yourself some peace of mind, and with brands like Visa and MasterCard having facilitated payments online for so long, you have all the benefits of using brands with experience.

The Cons of the Credit Card

In rare instances, some banks will inadvertently or intentionally block gambling transactions. It’s not always the case, but it’s something to keep in mind when considering this method.

So are credit cards the best for making online casino deposits? We think they’re a great option! Just be sure to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision that suits you!

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Microgaming has a reputation for delivering high quality slot games and have been thrilling players across the globe for more than 2 decades with smash hits such as Thunderstruck, Tomb Raider and Avalon.

When the software giant recently announced they were releasing three more games in quick succession, expectations were immediately high, and some were already spreading rumours about what the games might involve. Some suggested that Microgaming was likely to expand its already impressive selection of superhero games, while others were insisting that the company would be taking slot games to an all new level.

Now that official details have finally been released, lets take a look at the three new games, and what they involve.

Karaoke Party Online Slots

The first on the list of new games is an online video slot titled Karaoke Party. As would be expected, the games theme centres on partygoers ready to burst into song in a karaoke competition. There’s a group of singers, a couple set to perform a duet, and male and female singers all vying for the title of karaoke king or queen. The games gloriously colourful graphics add to its appeal, and once again Microgaming has created an energetic slot that is designed to keep players coming back for more.

In terms of game play, Karaoke Party has five reels and 9 adjustable paylines, which is great for those who enjoy the more classic setup and simple game play. It also features random Wilds, 3X multipliers, and a host of other special features that are sure to give your chances of winning big a boost.

Monkey Keno

The second game on the list is Monkey Keno, and it will be immediately recognisable as a title that’s designed for those who are a bit more mathematically inclined. The game, based on Keno, uses a system that asks the player to match randomly selected numbers. It is also said to have a dynamically updating paytable, which changes according to the initial bet made by the player.

On top of the interesting game play, Monkey Keno is designed to have a wonderfully vibrant theme, set in the deepest and most colourful jungles. This includes, of course monkey mascots, who will do their best to charm players with their delightful antics. It must be said that Monkey Keno will likely not have the mass appeal of Karaoke Party, and is clearly designed to fit into the niche of thought provoking online casino games. There has been a call, after all, from many players wanting games that offer more control and Monkey Keno has clearly been designed to answer that call, and Microgaming deserves a round of applause for listening to their most loyal fans.

Frozen Diamonds Online Slot

The last game on the list is titled Frozen Diamonds, and it looks set to be an interesting title that takes a few risks in terms of design. As apposed to the standard spinning reels that slot machines are known for, Frozen Diamonds uses what is referred to as a cascading tile system. This means that tiles fall from the top of the play area, and land to form rows. If any symbols form a match in this fashion, they explode, allowing new tiles to fall in from the top of the play area. This means that multiple matches may be made with a single spin, which is certainly an interesting approach!

Furthermore, Microgaming have stated that the game will be designed to have a snowballing effect, meaning that with every matching sequence made during a single spin, the prizes awarded escalate rapidly. If two consecutive wins are achieved, twelve free spins are instantly awarded. And if a player is lucky enough to see three consecutive wins, a large bonus is instantly paid out. The nature of the game seems to be, then, hoping to achieve as many consecutive wins as possible.

No word was given on what occurs if four wins are achieved, but one can only imagine it is a jackpot prize. In terms of visual quality, Frozen Diamonds features exactly what the name says, frozen precious stones, but these are designed beautifully and are very easy on the eye. A fairly visually impressive visual effect is also used to illustrate the blocks of ice that explode upon being matched. Frozen Diamonds is certainly a different type of online slot, and is sure to intrigue players with its unique play style.

These 3 new casino games each look set to offer something different and to cover all player preferences. Microgaming are the masters at creating innovative, exciting and immersive games and it looks like they once again have lived up to their excellent reputation. These exciting new games are just a few of what have been released this year, and the good news is, there are sure to be more to follow!

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Every casino game is, at some level, a game of chance. Slots games are one hundred per cent chance, with very little a player can do but try and maximise wins and minimise losses. Even games that can be dramatically swayed by skill, such as Blackjack, have an element of chance that cannot be controlled. This element of chance in casino games may also be referred to, as odds, and it is important that anyone who takes gaming seriously understand these odds, at least on a basic level.

Using Blackjack as an Example

When playing Blackjack every hand of two cards dealt has a chance of being bust if another card is called for. The trick for the player is, naturally, knowing when to call for another card, and when to stand, based on the risk involved. It may seem like a straightforward situation at first glance, but there are many factors involved that determine the risk of hitting or standing.

A player who has been dealt a Queen and a six can be said to have a roughly sixty two per cent chance of going bust if hitting. On the surface, many may just look at the number sixteen and conclude that it is not close enough to twenty-one to stand, and therefore call for another card. A sixty two per cent chance of failing, however, is not a good risk if you want to be a successful Blackjack player. Rather then making the decision at this point time, you may forget that there is another factor involved.

Play The Game Properly

The game of Blackjack is not about getting as close to twenty one as possible, as many believe. It is in fact about getting closer to twenty one than the dealer. If you stand on twelve, and the dealer busts, you are a winner, regardless of the fact that twelve is a long way from twenty one. A single card of the dealer’s hand is being revealed for a reason; it gives the player an idea of what kind of hand the dealer can draw.

A player must make a decision on standing, therefore, based not just on the odds of going bust, but also the odds of the dealer having a good hand. If the dealer has a picture card revealed, it should be a red flag for the player. A picture card has high odds of turning into a good hand, and hence, in the previously mentioned situation, the player might want to take the sixty two per cent risk to improve their hand beyond the sixteen.

This is the beginning of understanding how odds play a very important role in casino games.

Roulette and Odds

Roulette is a very interesting game where odds are concerned, given that the game itself is presented in such a way that the statistics make sense to the eye. The Roulette wheel clearly displays its pockets, and the white ball behaves in a fashion that no one can alter, no matter how hard they try.

So the question is, what are the odds of winning in Roulette?

If, for example, you are the kind of player that likes to bet on the even money games, such as choosing either red or black, you may believe that the odds of winning are fifty per cent, but you’d would be wrong in this assumption. Many players tend to forget that the zero pocket is neither red nor black, and there is a chance the white ball will land in it. This means that the chances of red or black being hit are, in fact, 48.6 per cent. This is still a relatively good deal as far as casino games go, but the payment will always only be even money.

A player should, instead, balance out the money bet with risk by spreading bets around the table. In this fashion a person can increase their odds of winning back at least some money up to as much as ninety per cent. The payouts will be, of course, barely enough to cover the bet itself, if that, meaning that the bet is hardy worth the time. The best angle is to find a system that gives good odds, while still presenting a real possibility of getting back decent money.

Odds Wizards

Those with exceptional mathematical minds understand odds to such an extent that they may play casino games as a profession, virtually guaranteeing that they win at a chosen game. For those of us that are not maths geniuses, the best bet is to at least understand the odds involved on a basic level, and do our best to find a strategy that gives good results.

There are many free guides available online that explains worthwhile strategies. Consider learning some of them, and taking advantage of the odds involved in casino games for your benefit.

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One of the first things you have to tackle when playing at an online casino is which deposit method to use when filling up your gaming account. It might seem like quite a simple proposition, but with so many methods made available to the online player, sometimes deciding which to use can be a bit of a daunting task.

And while credit card and debit card deposits are quite popular, there are some real advantages to using an eWallet method of deposit instead. These companies basically hold on to your money for you so that you can distribute it as you’d like to online merchants. Some examples of eWallet vendors include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Ewire, WebMoney and many more.

Let’s take a brief look at the platform and see what it has to offer.

Ease of Setup

The first advantage that comes from using an eWallet is the ease at which it is set up. For most vendors, it is simply a matter of linking your bank account to your eWallet account and then transferring across funds. The funds will then reflect in your eWallet as a sum of cash that the player can transfer to their online casino account.

Some vendors allow money to be taken directly from a players account on the fly. This means that players don’t have to keep a balance, as such, in their eWallet, but can just request the amount and have it sent straight through to the merchant.


In this day in age, the threat of online fraud is an ever-present reality. While reputable online casino sites do their very best to protect your financial information, putting your name and credit card into a web form that’s less than secure could spell disaster for the player down the road.

This is why many players have decided to use an eWallet instead. Rather than putting their financial details into a form, they use a trusted middleman to handle the transaction for them.


Seeing exactly how much you’ve spend different casinos can be a bit of a pain when looking through bank statements that have all of your daily transactions on them. By using an eWallet, all of your deposit information is right there – easy to review and total.

Have you ever used an eWallet for making deposits? Now that you know the advantages, perhaps it’s time to give it a try!

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Think back to when you were a kid. Can you remember all of the nursery rhymes that you were taught? Interestingly, the rhymes told to children are often geographically based. While an American child might have heard Jack and Jill, they might not have been told Georgie Porgie like their counterparts in the United Kingdom.

While they are still as popular today as ever, it wasn’t until the mid-seventeen hundreds that nursery rhymes came into use. What were children told before then? Perhaps some of the terrifying fairy tales conjured up by parents to try and keep their offspring on the straight and narrow. Regardless, the term Mother Goose Rhymes was coined around seventeen fifty and is still often used to this day.

Nap Time

Some of the rhymes and children’s songs came in the form of lullabies. These were used to try and help children get to sleep. The origins of the word are speculated to be “lu, lu” or “la, la” being the sound that mothers would make to try and coax a baby to sleep and “bye, bye” obviously being goodbye. It’s actually quite interesting that so many of these have survived over the last five hundred years as very few of them were ever written down until the printing press came into the picture. Tommy Thumb’s Song Book was one of the first published and many of the rhymes in it will be familiar to a rather large audience.

It is with these childhood memories in mind that Microgaming created the Rhyming Reels series of online casino slot games. Roughly based on some of the most popular nursery rhymes, they often take a satirical approach on the classic stories.

Jack and Jill Are Just the Start

We’ll take a look at three of the most popular Rhyming Reels slots and their original nursery rhymes to get a feel for what this series is all about. First on the list is Jack and Jill. Dating back to the seventeen hundreds, this classic is about two young children’s ill-fated journey to get some water.

Traditionally, it goes like this: Jack and Jill went up the hill, To fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, And Jill came tumbling after. Not the cheeriest rhyme, but that didn’t stop Microgaming from lightening things up. In this version of events, Jack and Jill are a bit older. This five reel and twenty payline slot includes elements of the story, such as the well, the pail of water and adds a few of their own, such as a bit of a love affair at the top of a hill as well as a first aid kit. This slot also has free spins bonus features as well as a wild.

The next rhyme to get the Rhyming Reels treatment is good old Georgie Porgie. The original rhyme went something like this: Georgie Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry, When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away. In Microgaming’s fifteen payline, five reel slot; Georgie is an awkward, red-headed college guy with a propensity for kissing random girls at parties. Unfortunately for him, the frat guys don’t seem too keen on his antics and he’s forced to hightail it. The bonus feature on this slot includes free spins.

There are additional Rhyming Reels slots as well, such as Hearts and Tarts. This is a slot with stacked queen wild and free spins bonus feature and, you guessed it, lots of tarts.

So are you ready to reimagine some of the stories from your childhood? Rhyming reels might be just the thing!

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Online banking was first introduced in America in the 1980’s with four of America’s biggest banks offering customers home banking services. These four banks were Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Manufacturers Hanover and Chemical Bank.

These services included electronic cheque books, fund transfers between checking and savings, as well as being able to view your account balances. These services were offered via a variety of channels, including via the teletext television service and by using the dial tones on touch pad telephones.

These services never took off and were eventually abandoned due to lack of customer interest and the expense of maintaining them.

Early Developments In The UK

Meanwhile in the UK Bank of Scotland set up the Homelink system, using Prestel viewlink in order to turn a phone, television and keyboard into an online banking terminal.

Services on offer were equally functional as what was offered in America, with simple account transfers and balance queries being the order of the day.

The Great Leap Forward

It wasn’t until 1994 that Banks started noticing the steady impact the World Wide Web was starting to have. Banks starting advertising online and in 1995 it was Wells Fargo who became the first US bank to offer customers a true online banking experience.

Between 1999 and 2004, the amount of online banking customers rose from 0.4% to 31%, a whopping 33 000 000 customers.

Today, online banking is almost unrecognisable when compared to the first simple services banks offered customers. People can now go online and make investments, pay bills, get full account statements, replace lost ATM cards and much more.

The fact that online banking is so much cheaper to the bank as well as less time consuming to customers has further facilitated the growth and popularity of the service.

When it came to making deposits at casinos, credit cards were the first commonly accepted banking method, and Visa and MasterCard led the way for many others to follow.

Online Banking Options

Whilst transferring funds to and from accounts were the first steps for online banking and credit cards heralded the dawn of instant online payments, there are now a vast number of products that make making a payment online even simpler. Ewallets, online vouchers, eEchecks and other similar banking options have become the norm, and at Spin Palace you’ll be able to make a deposit and withdrawal using a myriad of different payment processing methods, all of which are safe, secure and reliable.

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As Hollywood so often reminds us, casinos are synonymous with both excitement and elegance. This is why places like Las Vegas are popular destinations for bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, honeymoons, and any other events where nothing short of spectacular will do.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, Vegas is not an option when picking party destinations. But that doesn’t have to mean that we can’t enjoy that authentic Vegas vibe. The casino theme continues to be extremely popular for everything from hen nights to year-end functions.

Since we’re in the casino business, we’re perfectly positioned to give you a few key pointers for your casino-themed party décor.

Look to the Silver Screen for Inspiration

Obviously, a trip to your local gambling establishment is a very good idea as you plan your party. However, not all of us live near to casinos – especially not any like the palace-like establishments of Vegas and Monaco.

Hollywood movies can provide you with just as many – if not more – ideas as a real-life casino. We highly recommend films like Martin Scorsese’s Casino, the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy, Barry Levinson’s Bugsy, and, of course, the Bond film entitled Casino Royale. For something more tongue-in-cheek, The Hangover should also give you some fun ideas.

Rent or Make Your Own Games Tables

When people are invited to a party with a casino theme, they’re unlikely to be imagining slot machines. The table games are generally thought of as more sophisticated; it’s hard to picture Sharon Stone or Catherine Zeta-Jones looking sexy beside a video slot. Also, table games are a lot more social, which is exactly what you want at a party.

So proper gaming tables – and preferably also a roulette wheel – are must-haves. There are plenty of party stores that rent these out but, if you’re on a budget, you can also fashion your own makeshift tables. All you really need is green, red or blue felt fabric, some permanent markers, and a steady hand or a stencil. Just look up some images of your chosen games and copy the table layouts exactly.

Connect with Live Dealers Online

You’ll probably find the roulette wheels are a little harder to come by than simple gaming tables. Fortunately, you can easily play roulette for real money online at casino sites like Spin Palace. In fact, you can even play roulette, blackjack and other table games with an actual dealer streamed directly to your computer via live streaming video.

Now that’s a real party trick!

Use a Red and Black Colour Scheme

You may not have noticed this, but red and black generally feature very prominently in casinos’ colour schemes. Think for a moment and you’ll realise why – red and black are the colours of the two suits in a deck of cards. Hearts and diamonds are red, whilst clubs and spades are black.

Add some opulent silver or gold finishes and you’ll be halfway to creating a really classy casino look.

Use Playing Cards and Other Casino Paraphernalia

Speaking of playing cards, you shouldn’t only use them in the actual games. They serve as ideal decorations to emphasise your theme. For example, reinforced playing cards make great coasters. You could also create playing card collages to decorate your walls, suspend them from the ceiling with fishing line, or even present decks of cards as party favours. For a subtler effect, use the suit symbols – hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades – in your décor.

The same applies to other casino paraphernalia such as dice, betting chips, and croupiers’ rakes.

Add a Little Sparkle

What casino would be complete without an array of colourful flashing lights and signs? See if you can rent some appropriate signage or create your own using strings of neon fairly lights.

For a real 80’s Vegas effect, disco balls are a shoo-in, whilst you can scour antique shops for chandeliers to create a more elegant atmosphere.

Remember That You Are the Centre Piece

If you’re going to throw a themed party, it is vital that you dress for the part, in addition to encouraging your guests to also be good sports. Again, the silver screen should serve as your best source of inspiration in picking your casino party ensemble.

Some character options for ladies include 50-style tray-toting cigarette girls, Hollywood femme fatales à la Sharon Stone in a slinky white evening gown, or sharp-dressed croupiers in bow ties.

Gentlemen may want to dress up as suave casino bosses with slicked-back hair and tailored suits, croupiers complete with green visors, or even hotel and casino bellhops in their red and gold uniforms and pill-box hats.

Throwing a casino themed party is loads of fun and with these tips you should be well on your way to having a really good time!

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Playing live dealer games is all about having fun and enjoying chances to win that have a real casino feel about them. At Spin Palace, you can play Live Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette, using your computer and an active Internet connection.

Don’t Forget Chat Room Etiquette

One of the first things you’ll notice when you play live dealer games is a chat room window in which players can chat to one another. It’s incredibly important that you do not forget chat room etiquette in the midst of all the fun.

Some pointers to remember when chatting to other players include:

Don’t Be a Chair-Hog

In the live dealer casino games you can play here at Spin Palace, you’ll always have the option to not play for a few rounds. This is especially handy if you want to make a cup of coffee or need to make a quick trip to the bathroom.

If you do decide to take a bit of a break, don’t keep the chair occupied, as there may be other players queuing for a place at the table. Instead, give up your seat at the table, and let another player try their hand at the game.

Don’t Be Rude to the Dealer

The main attraction of live dealer casino games is undoubtedly playing a game that’s run by a real person with whom you can interact via video streaming. It’s important to remember that, whether you’re winning or losing, you should always be polite to the dealer.

Like you and the other players at the table, the dealer is a human being. He or she is simply doing their job, so don’t forget to treat them with respect.

Don’t Forget to Tip

If you win when playing table games in land-based casinos, you’re expected to tip the dealer. The same etiquette holds true at online casinos such as Spin Palace.

Don’t forget to tip your dealer when playing live dealer games, especially if the dealer has made sure the game has been a good one.

Now you know what not to do when playing live dealer games, give them a try and ensure you enjoy the best in authentic and realistic gaming!

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