Top 10 Sri Lankan Online Casino Sites

Sri Lanka, known initially as Ceylon, is a country in South Asia which sits just below India in the Indian Ocean. You can play casino games in Sri Lanka, and in its capital city Colombo. Sri Lanka’s population currently stands at 21 million, and the local currency in the country is the Sri Lankan rupee.

The proliferation and expansion of the internet and technology has turned online casinos into a vast gambling industry. Every day, more and more gamblers are getting attracted to online casinos, and they have made several people millionaires. By 2022, the online gambling industry is expected to be worth around $80 billion, considering the latest trends.

One of the most-enjoyed advantages of online casinos is the fact that you can play from anywhere. You only need an internet enabled device. The gaming options are also more extensive, and the tables and slots are unlimited, unlike in land casinos. They are also cheaper and offer huge bonuses and discounts.

Top 10 Sri Lankan Online Casino Sites with a FRESH bonuses!

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โ‚ฌ1000 FREE

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100% bonus, up to โ‚ฌ200 + 100 Twin Spin free spins

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200% Up to โ‚ฌ350 Welcome Bonus

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Total Bonus โ‚ฌ350

100% up to ยฃ100 Slots

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Total Bonus ยฃ100

$1,500 Bonus + 300 Free Spins

Payout 98.29%
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$/โ‚ฌ200 + 200 Free Spins

Payout 97.81%
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Up to โ‚ฌ500 + 30 Extra Spins

Payout 98.35%
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$1000 Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins

Payout 97.65%
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About Top 10 Sri Lankan Online Casino Sites with a HUGE bonuses!

When scouting for an online casino to join, make sure it’s a licensed and regulated casino. There are so many illegal online casinos, that favor the casino, and cheat players. You also don’t want to fall prey to the online fraudsters, who use unlawful online casinos, with huge promotions, as the bait.

One of the worst disadvantages of online casinos is the addiction. Many players turn into compulsive gamblers, because the casino is easily accessible, and depositing methods are straightforward. Gambling addiction is something that destroys lives, so take care not to fall into the trap. Above all, never gamble amounts you can’t afford to los

Current Situation on Gambling in Sri Lanka

Today, there are several land based gambling houses in the country, most of them are situated in Colombo. Both locals and tourists are allowed to enter and play, if they are 18 years old and older. Tourism is booming here, so these venues are rather popular. However, it is still tourists who are the most frequent visitors. You see, the main three religions in Sri Lanka are Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam – and none of those takes gambling lightly. So, locals are less frequent guests at brick and mortar venues. They prefer gambling online.

Sri Lanka online casinos are wildly popular. However, there are two main issues to keep in mind. Firstly, internet connection is not very good in Sri Lanka. Every year, the quality of the Internet increases, but generally, you have to be sure in your Internet connection. Secondly, while residents are free to access any foreign online casinos, not each and every foreign online casino welcomes players from Sri Lanka happily. This is because of the unclear legislation, mostly. So, finding a fun and reliable real money platform can be a trouble if you do not have a list of the best online casinos like the one provided above.

The best option is to look for platforms run from the neighboring countries. Online casino India legal may be a good idea. Another place to look for welcoming site is Vietnam casino.

While for now, the situation is rather gambling-friendly, some legal changes are on their way. Make sure you keep an eye on the laws, in order to always be on the safe side with your gambling fun.

Sri Lanka Gambling Laws

There are generally no laws on gambling in the country, the market was neither banned nor regulated properly. The operators abide by few rules, while players are free to gamble where they desire.

However, recently a major change took place in the legal landscape of gambling in Sri Lanka. Previously, local Sri Lanka casinos paid around $1 million fee annually to the government as a license pay. However, the government started to take efforts and regulate the niche properly, which may lead to decreasing trends. We are talking about the so-called โ€œsin taxโ€.

The new law applied demands the annual license pay would double for the operators. Moreover, every casino in Sri Lanka is to pay 15% tax fee on their turnover. The Sri Lanka casino operators are not happy at all, but the gamblers are to be affected also. The law suggests that an obligatory $50 fee is to be paid for entering a casino. This new laws will most likely force the operators to boost their prices for the players.

The main reason for this new law was to cut down the popularity of gambling, and also to generate money for niches that are underfinanced in the country.

Regulatory Authorities in Sri Lanka

As for today, there is no regulatory authority for the gambling niche whatsoever.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Sri Lanka

According to the laws in place, all players are to pay 10% tax on their winnings. Moreover, you have to confirm the winnings sum, and the tax paid, by contacting the casino customer support, and the lawyer.

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