Cash back bonuses


A cash back bonus is a certain percentage of the money lost in the casino that is repaid to the game account. Usually, it varies from 5 to 25%. Sometimes the bonus is repaid with real money, but in most cases as a credit. In order to convert the bonus into real money you need to wager it. Unlike free spins or deposit bonuses, you need to wager a cash back bonus not more than 10 times, but each casino has got its own conditions. Also pay your attention to the maximum bonus amount.

Let’s consider some examples. Let’s suppose that a casino gives a weekly cash back bonus in the amount of 20% (not more than €50). dream casino

Gambler А ― last week lost €200. It means that he will be repaid as a cash back bonus 200×0.2=€40

Gambler B ― lost €400 and must be repaid €80 (400×0.2), but as the bonus has limitations, the gambler will get back only €50 on his account. red stag casino

Other types of the cash back bonuses

TOP UP bonus is a type of bonuses that is given when you win and not lose. It means that along with the winnings you will get some bonuses. As a rule, the bonus sum varies from 3 to 10% of the winnings amount. bovagas

Even less frequently the bonuses are given for the bets. In this case they are accrued no matter you win or lose. If any casino offers you this bonus, you can use it confidently.

The same thing refers to other cash back bonuses. If you have a chance to take a cash back bonus, just do it. It’s rather easy to convert it into real money, and this is a great advantage when choosing a casino. captain jacks casino

Cash back bonuses Updated: November 29, 2019 Author: Damon