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You deserve to have the happiest and most successful week and it all begins with Uptown’s Easy-Win Bonus worth 500% Match on your first deposit!

How Does it Works?

  1. Simply login to your account and redeem coupon code 20EASYWIN100 with your deposit of $20+ 
  2. We will match it with $100 Bonus (500%) 
  3. You will start playing with $120 bankroll!
  4. Promo holds 40x slots roll over and no max cashout!

Redeem $50 Free After!

Once you complete your first deposit with your preferred welcome bonus or cashback, you don’t have to stop there as you will be immediately eligible for $50 NEW Member Token!



500% Match on your first deposit at Uptown Aces Updated: November 8, 2018 Author: Damon

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Try your luck with Uptown Aces bonus

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