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Fair N Square Bingo

Fairest Bingo Games

Our Fair N Square bingo games play every day of the week between 12:00AM CEST and 1:00AM CEST in the Seasonal Bingo room.

What makes these games the fairest bingo games? Each Fair N Square game has a set number of cards to purchase, no more and no less, which means that every player has exactly the same number of cards as every other player

Fair N Square games will play in the following order

  • Fair N Square €3 / €9 / €36 with a card cost of 0.15 per card (Players must purchase 15 cards per game).
  • Fair N Square €3 / €9 / €45 with a card cost of €0.21 per card (Players must purchase 12 cards per game).
  • Fair N Square €3 / €9 / €60 with a card cost of €0.30 per card (Players must purchase 9 cards per game).
  • Fair N Square Starting €30 + players wagers with a card cost of €0.15 per card (Players must purchase 12 cards per game).

Make sure to join us for the fairest bingo games every day in the Seasonal Bingo room!

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