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€90 Guaranteed Games Special

€90 Guaranteed Games Special

Guaranteed Cash Prizes

Join in the nonstop bingo fun and excitement between 3:00AM CEST and 4:00AM CEST every TuesdaySaturday and Monday in the Seasonal bingo room as we play for fantastic cash prizes in our exciting €90 Guaranteed games.

Playing nonstop between 3:00AM CEST and 4:00AM CEST there is a whole hour filled with incredible bingo fun as we play for guaranteed cash prizes of €90 every game. Cards for our €90 Guaranteed games cost just 0.45 per card.

Never miss out on your chance to be a winner by preordering your cards for our €90 Guaranteed special games from your PC, tablet and mobile device.

€90 Guaranteed Games Special Updated: July 30, 2018 Author: Damon

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