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€4700 No Deposit Bonus Casino Updated: December 24, 2011 Author: Wes Kalinowski
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Responses to “€4700 No Deposit Bonus Casino”

  • Noah Ybarra
    Noah Ybarra

    “Hoping to recoup is what ruins the gambler.”

  • Erin Collado
    Erin Collado

    If you lose money, never try to get it back by going over your limit. This usually leads to even bigger losses.

  • Ken Kawakami
    Ken Kawakami

    I hope you had a good day with lots of winning games and tournaments.

  • Logan Anzalone
    Logan Anzalone

    I understand your feelings @anneke but the number of members here just keep growing. They don&’t talk much, but they are still registering members. I get the feeling that admin does not mind the multiple postings of comments and I feel they kind of encourage it in a way by splitting up all those codes that could go on one post, it seems they want us to keep this place moving. In the end, the codes are posted on the main post and available for any and all people to use without having to view the repetitive posting of comments, which is the main reason they would come here. It&’s just a choice if they enter inside the comment area. I kind of feel that if all these members that sign up would have been coming in and commenting and asking questions and sharing information to begin with, it might not have gone this far with multiple posts because for myself, I would rather carry on a conversation than post multiple comments, but ya know, it&’s still a contest, and as you know, if you want to be up in the money, you got to be competitive and keep up. (yea, that&’s right, I am competitive and I like money) Old timers have shared their info, how many times are we supposed to keep putting that same info in hoping a new member might catch it? Then that would just appear repetitive too. There is no way the few members that do comment on this blog can fill in information on casinos each and everyday and no one wants to just shut up either, lol. If change is going to take place, I feel it takes many people to start sharing their experiences, asking questions, being seen through all the multiple comments, if there are enough of them, then those multiple comments would be much more spread out on each post if the other members would start to dominate it with casino talk. I&’m all for it, so start talking casino talk, let others grab onto that, lets get it moving, I&’m more than willing to comment, but after years of being here, I really have no new experiences/knowledge to share, not to mention, I limit myself to only the BOS/Saucify casinos and have no desire to play anywhere else. But, I&’m more than willing to add to any comment regarding casinos where I feel I can share some information. I mean look at dhan, he has shared some of his casino experience, even shown screenshots, and so have others including myself, and yet, for the most part, no one other than the regular members here each day say anything, no one. Other people could have added on to that, or even acknowledged it, but nope, they don&’t do it. So here is what we got. My opinion of course. Hey, did ya get this far? LOL

  • Ralf Doubrava
    Ralf Doubrava

    Thanks for your sharing this to us

  • Kory Cirelli
    Kory Cirelli

    Thanks for sharing this bonus code