Top 10 Slovenian Online Casino Sites

Slovenia may be a small country, but they are big when it comes to online casinos. As a matter of fact, they have one of the highest number of casinos per capita in Europe! So what made online casinos in Slovenia so popular? Here, we will talk about everything you need to know about online gambling in this Central European country, including the best online casinos in Slovenia and most popular games available. If you want to learn all of this and much more, just read on.

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About Top 10 Slovenian Online Casino Sites with a HUGE bonuses!

A Novel Experience: Slovenia

Not a lot of people think of visiting Slovenia. But they definitely should. Located in the south side of Central Europe, Slovenia is crowded with mountains and forests. It used to be with the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Since 2004, it has been part of the EU and since 2007, part of the Eurozone. Yugoslavia did not take part in the Warsaw Pact and so it encouraged visits from foreigners. As a means to attract more of them, you saw many casinos being opened. This was in the 1960s and 1970s. They were a huge success with the tourists and were a greatly needed way to get foreign income into the country. The only issue; most of the casinos were not owned by locals so the currency went back out of the country. The Portorož resort is home to Slovenia’s oldest casino. This was saw the light in 1913 and its name is Grand Casino Portorož. It was the first ever Slovenian casino to obtain a Slovenian license to set up a web casino.

Rules Concerning Online Gambling

Like many other EU countries, the laws surrounding online gambling in Slovenia were a bit warped as it seemed that these countries did not support the free trade principle. These laws have been revised though. These revisions have made competition possible and we know that even more are coming as they are still under the review of the European Commission. Right now, you would find plenty of online casinos that operate under a Slovenian license. We quite love these casinos and we have noticed some kind of pattern with them– most of them have Novomatic as software provider. The only issue we think you night encounter is knowing which of the casinos are actually native of Slovenia. Another thing we have noticed is the absolute lack of marketing from these online casinos. The information you find is either wrong or outdated. A lot of review websites and blogs present Slovenia as being a home to many online casinos. This is not the case at all. It is not easy to know how many casinos are Slovenian. And you cannot count on the government website to find out either. It is a long and complicated process.

Best Online Casinos in Slovenia

Once a part of now dissolved Yugoslavia, Slovenia is now a member of the European Union since May 1st, 2004. Gambling was illegal in all forms until 1989 and the industry has grown and thrived since then. The implementation of the Gambling Act, which took effect in 1995, has changed things for the better.

Over the past 30 years, brick and mortar casinos operated by hotels took advantage of Slovenia’s proximity to some other popular tourist destinations. That said; the border regions have many casinos and players are likely to find all their favourite games in those areas.

Tourists flock to Slovenia for a thrill, with plenty of options accessible to them through hotels and stand-alone casinos. Whether you are a punter who is looking for a fun weekend away or you are a high roller that likes to bet high, Slovenia is a great choice.

You have to be over eighteen years of age to legally gamble in Slovenia. The country takes regulations seriously. So much so that databases are in operation to capture the identities of those who are not permitted to play.

Online gambling was a grey area of sorts until 2013. Before this, it was neither legal nor illegal. But, since 2013, it is legal and the government goes to great lengths to provide players with a safer and better-protected experience.

An updated Gambling Act is in the works, but progress to fully regulate this market has been slow. That said, those that wish to take part in online betting are free to do so but it does come at a price. Players should expect to pay a 15% tax on winnings of €300 or more.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Slovenia?

Before the government took action to specify the laws around online gambling in Slovenia, they put heavy restrictions in place. Back in 2006, they blocked players from accessing many websites. What’s more, until the new Gaming Law came into effect in 2013, local Government refused to grant licences – even to Slovenia-based online gambling websites.

Things have moved forward considerably and, as noted above, it is legal to gamble online in Slovenia once you are over eighteen years of age. The same rules that govern all member states of the European Union are now in place.

It is fair to say that Slovenia is catching up with other progressive EU states and the government is now focusing on updating the Gaming Act.

Once the changes come into law, applying for a licence to operate in Slovenia will be mandatory. Those that do not comply with the new rules will face considerable fines and they run the risk of getting banned from playing.

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